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Welcome to the home page of the


S.V. Jockslodge

The purpose of this site is to keep family and friends appraised of our whereabouts and let them know we are still causing trouble somewhere in the free world. For those of you who stumbled across our site or linked into it feel free to browse. An email button & a guest book will soon be added for those silly enough to want to contact us. We will reply to all contacts if return addresses are included. It may take us a while if we're away sailing or out of reach of an email machine but we will reply.

Pictures will soon be added to the site

Of particular interest to our cruiser friends will be our "cruiser page" & links off. Please let us know if we've screwed up badly with our  modifications or if any of them interest you.


This page was last updated on 04/20/05.                                       

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