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Welcome to Agent Starling's Jodie Foster Fan Page. Much as I would prefer not to have (mis)appropriated the name of the "Silence of the Lambs" law enforcer who was played to perfection by Ms. Foster, I find that no celluloid character personifies my idea of a modern-day hero other than FBI Special Agent Clarice Starling...Thus, the name of this Web site and my choice for a cyber pseudonym.

This site is actually a work-in-progress, so please do drop by from time to time to check on the updates and changes that I get to make on the site. Got some comments and suggestions? E-mail them to me at agentstarling70@hotmail.com, and I would be most happy to read them. In the meantime, enjoy this site, my fellow Jodie Foster fans!

'Panic' Watch

"Panic Room" breaks the U.S. box-office for an Easter weekend opening, raking in an estimated $30.2 million! It also marks Jodie Foster's biggest opener, easily beating out her own record for "Contact," which debuted with $20.2 million in 1997 (see the news below for more details). Wonder what Dino DeLaurentiis has to say about that?

Our favorite girl seems determined to bring "Panic Room" to as many audiences as possible, having gone to Tokyo, Japan, and Syndney, Australia, during the first week of April alone to promote the movie. We can only guess where Jodie will turn up next. My best bets are the UK, France, and Spain. Keep your senses sharp if you don't want to miss out on the rare opportunity of seeing her in person.

As usual, procrastination and sheer lack of time got the better of me. Which means I won't be able to post all "Panic"-related articles on this site (and believe me, there are many). There's also the problem of not having enough space left on my Geocities site to host added content. Thank heavens there's always Leeloo's Jodie Foster Message Board to give us the latest on anything Jodie-related. It's simply the best Jodie board on the Net!

If you missed seeing Jodie chatting up a storm on several U.S. talk shows (including Rosie O'Donnell and Jay Leno), you can thank your lucky stars that Talie's Panic Room : Home Safe? site is around. It has an intensive collection of video files of Jodie, including Jodie wearing an orange-colored Chinese outfit, Jodie demonstrating to Rosie how pregnant she was while filming "Panic," etc.

Whether you actually believe what critics say or not, I'm pretty sure you're still curious to find out what Ebert & Roeper think of the David Fincher-directed thriller. Henrik's Jodie Foster Site promises to bring you as many reviews of the film as possible. You can also read a collection of film reviews on Rotten Tomatoes' Panic Room section. The film's still rated as fresh, the last time I checked.

The marketing suits at Columbia and Sony Pictures finally got their act together to update the Official Panic Room Website. The site has added a script-to-screen breakdown of one thrilling scene from the movie, a photo gallery, character analysis, and information on the cast and crew. I only wish they had posted the new stuff sooner.

'Altar' Bound

People have been asking me why I don't have a separate movie-watch for The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys. Well, I initially thought of putting one up but this film encountered more delays that the Big Dig, so I decided to concentrate on The Panic Room instead. But when the movie finally premiered at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival on January 18th, I realized that we may actually get to see this film within this century.

Ah, where do we start? There is a rather unflattering review of the film on the Ain't It Cool News site. Basically, the reviewer says that after watching an advance copy of the film, he was "convinced that Peter Care should not be directing feature films and that Jodie Foster is, despite her best intentions, a lousy judge of material. This is a coming of age story that moves at a glacial pace, padded by lousy animation, and featuring a young cast doing uninspired and even embarrassing work at times." Ouch!

In the interest of fairness, let me now direct you to noted film critic Roger Ebert's initial reaction to the movie. Mr. Ebert thinks Ms. Foster has hit the homerun with the coming-of-age drama about a group of Catholic school boys who get into trouble after pulling one prank too many.

Latest News

"Panic" Time at the Movies

excerpts from an E!Online article
Mar 31, 2002, 6:45 PM PT
by Marcus Errico

Audiences stormed into Panic Room this weekend, as the Jodie Foster nail-biter easily led the box office derby with an estimated $30.2 million.

If studio estimates hold, the R-rated Columbia Pictures release, starring Foster as a mother holed up with her daughter in an impenetrable secret room/bunker as a trio of crooks come a-calling, will go down in the books as the biggest Easter opener ever, topping the $27.8 million snared by The Matrix in 1999. It also will establish a new personal best for Foster, whose previous top debuter was Contact, which raked in $20.2 million in 1997. (Final figures are due Monday.)

Panic Room, directed by David Fincher (Fight Club, Seven), appealed to all demos, drawing an audience evenly split between men and women, young and old. It averaged $9,892 per screen at 3,053 theaters--tops among the quartet of new releases in wide release.

Second among the rookies was, aptly enough, The Rookie. The Dennis Quaid baseball flick about a high-school teacher turned big leaguer opened in third place with $15.8 million. The G-rated Disney flick averaged $6,292 in 2,511 cinemas.

Clockstoppers clocked in at third among the newbies, fifth overall, with $10.1 million. The teen-skewing sci-fi flick, about a watch that can stop time, averaged $3,976 at 2,540 theaters.

The week's final major release, Death to Smoochy, appears headed to an early grave. Despite considerable star power--Robin Williams, Ed Norton starring, Danny DeVito directing--the dark comedy about a psycho kiddie TV host out for revenge on the purple rhino that replaced him only managed $4.3 million to open at number seven. The Warner Bros. release averaged a paltry $1,980 at 2,164 sites.

The Jodie Foster Fan Page by Agent Starling was launched on May 9, 2001. Some images and content used without permission.

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