Bangor Ice Skating Club is wholly independent of any governing body.

What we offer
We provide a family atmosphere where adults and children of all ages can be taught how to skate properly to a safe and competent standard.

We attempt to use our limited ice time to organise as many activitys as possible to suit all ages and abilities.

What we do not offer
As a club, we cannot provide instruction in ice skating beyond grade 5, which is when a skater can competently and safely complete all
basic skating movements on ice.
However we have several coaches who will gladly offer guidance, independently, and will organise private lessons for any individual who wishes to progress to a higher level.

Child Protection is paramount at Bangor Ice Skating Club.
Our policy reflects our uniqueness and, as far as we are aware. covers every aspect of our clubs activities whilst adhereing to all possible regulations concerning child protection within our area of operation.
Downloadable Documents

Child Protection Policy

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