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I was born in 1964,,,
= Blessed to be born in the greatest time in His-story
+ Blessed to be born at the end of the baby boomers
   - He allowed me to be growing up in an awesome time
   - I had the best music, in the 80s, there was a great stretch of new sounds
   - The world was not as crazy, when I spent my influential adolescence
      - Where there was still such thing as a right and wrong
      - And Satan had not yet been successful in turning society fully against God
+ Blessed to live in a generation with the greatest science and technology ever
+ Blessed to live in a time that will see Christ return
I was born in Canada
= He let me be born in one of the greatest, most loved countries,,, in all the world,,, I think
+ I was blessed to grow up in what I consider to be, the best village
   - With a name like Bible Hill, how could it not be blessed by God
   - It was right across the river from the best town that I know of,,, Truro
   - This included going to some of the nicest schools
+ In the province which was a big part in starting this nation, for both the French + English
I was (born again) in the late 80s
= The best blessing any person can receive
I have been blessed with a huge family
= Which has been truly blessed, with so many gifts and abilities
- A great educationally inviting environment
- They were, and are a very close-nit group of relatives
He blessed me with this body and constitution
= Which had-has the ability to survive many deadly incidents:
- A drowning, when I was pre-teen, but I was rescued and started breathing again, because of a watchful, caring, fast acting family member
o How I got here is not my doing, but the results of my gracious God,
o I give all the credit to God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
o As my Father has truly graced me, to be (blessed beyond belief)
o Even with all of my numerous screw ups
- Many personal and automobile accidents, which are from my carefree attitude, to experience all that life had to offer
- In my last automobile accident,
o This included my heart stopping, twice,
- But I was blessed enough to grow up in a patch of His-story timeline, which had adequate equipment, good techniques, and compassionate, knowledgeable individuals, to be able to resuscitate me
o My turmoil was not over yet though, as then they wanted to turn the machines off, that were keeping me alive,
- Because they considered me brain dead and a lost cause
- But my God brought me back from the brink
- Maybe to have my story told, as a display of how great God can be, to one of His children
My dream is, that the reason He brought me back, was because He has given me the ability to become a blessing to others,
o Maybe even this whole modern world,
o Like the old testament Joseph of the Bible,
o But for the modern day,,, right at the end of the last Christian age
I want to play a part, to help bring in His end time harvest of souls
o To be involved in the great revival of God, and His Spiritual blessing on this earth,
o Like this earth has never been seen before
Jesus said that man would be able to see His followers perform even greater miracles than He displayed
o - thou shalt see greater things than these.-  (John 1:50),,,
o Remember, He even raised the dead, and told us that we should do the same
o (Mat 10:8) - Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils:,,,
o Which has also been full of humbling experiences,
- driving me to gain a closer relationship with Him,
- as Father,
- Lord,
+ Eternal Companion
- I have learned many valuable lessons, in dealing with all of the problems associated with these hindrances 
o Lessons that made me humble
Making me more usable in His plans, and His children
I can be more empathetic, to individuals who go through similar trials and tribulations
I believe these are great blessings, both to be chosen, and be blessed with the abilities to endure, and become a better tool
- When it comes to physical abilities
o I was blessed with a very athletically blessed body
o I was even given an rather aggressively bold attitude,

Inclined towards trying new things
o I was given the dexterity + strength to be able to do and enjoy:
Things that involve endurance
Many acrobatics
The ability to enjoy doing many gymnastic flips
Including a back semi, (from feet to feet)
- When it comes to physical appearance
o He blessed me with better than average looks
o He gave me a height advantage, almost a 6 foot body
I was paralyzed in an automobile accident in 96,
= A blessing in disguise
+ It helped change my perspective on life
+ It made me think about just how short life could be
+ It made me realize just how selfish my life had been
   = (concerned about toys for big boys)
The accident left me on a disability pension
= Now I could concern myself with the greater things in life,
      and not just earning money in this rat race, for food + shelter
+ It gave me the ability to spend my days and nights, doing more
      of the things I want to do
+ What I want most,,, is to know more about God,,, our Creator
+ I have the free time to dive deeply into studying His Word
+ I even had the time and reasoning, to improve my writing skills


God has always blessed me soooooooooooo greatly,,,
= I have been working to do my part, to help fulfill our commission,
+ Which is stated in (Mark 16:15)
"Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."
Hello, my name is Joe Lynch,
(I try not to use God NAME in vain = [Exodus 20:7])
Which is the 3rd Commandment,,,
I do not say (I am joe) because God told Moses His NAME in Exodus 3:14,,,
(Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.)

I find myself a middle aged Canadian, who also happens to be paralyzed. But I dont even consider, letting that, or anything else in life, detract from my experiencing the great joy, of His gift,,, the gift of LIFE. The joy of being so blessed,,, to get a chance to take part in the:
   Design of                          His Mind=(Father),
   Creation of                        His Hand=(Son),
   + getting to experience His Presents=(Holy Spirit),
Throughout this whole wondrous, eternal journey.
   = Yes,,, I do believe the Trinity is Truth
In short, I happen to be extremely thankful towards God, for being given this awesome gift of life. This can be most evident in my way of being very energetic, easygoing, adventurous, fun loving, and excited about life. Oh ya,,, there is one more very important thing about me,,, or should I say it is something that I was blessed enough, to get the chance to experience. This was something that changed my whole world,,, surely for the better. I became (born again), and I would have to state that it exponentially effected my appreciation of our existence, in this extraordinary space-time continuum. Which we call life,,, or it is reality. I had the privilege of meeting God,,, or should I say, I have learned to recognize His Signature. Which I learn is,,, fulfilled prophecy. I learned this from the book (Armageddon), by the Canadian author, Grant Jeffrey. If you are like me, and love math and logic,,, then I suggest you read this book, and learn the mathematics and logic of God, and the Holy Bible.

He has blessed me with so many things, that I only can hope, that He will show me how to use them for many good purposes,,, His purpose. One of the seeds, (gifts) that He has put inside me, is the ability to write, or so I have been told,,, lol. This is a blessing that I have only just recently been discovering, and trying to cultivate. He has granted me the ability to put my words together, in a way that others can adequately read and understand. It is amazing how He works in us, as before my accident, I detested writing, and most all of the things in my English class. Maybe that was my reason for failing it in high school, grade 11 + 12,,,, lol. This was because He blessed me with the ability to be a fair speaker, and I found great pleasure in talking,,, to much so, some would state,,, lol, You see, He graced me with the ability to think quick, quick enough that, while I was conversing with another, I could alter my wording, and delivery of what I was saying, with how they were portraying their understanding. I attempted to gauge their ability to follow my words, through facial and body expressions, as well as any verbal input that they might care to share with me. Although I rarely hear it, I even have heard, and quickly take the hint, when I hear (I am not interested),,, lol.

I was also given the talents to draw, another way of expressing myself. This was my favorite way of displaying and creating unique things on paper, so others could get a look at it. My only problem is, getting the ideas from the theoretical concepts of my mind, to the point of transforming them into a substance in the real world,,, lol. Changing ideas into a form with substance and practicality,,, that is where I seem to find the problem. I seem to have a problem with getting things off the drawing board, and into an item that you can hold in your hand. I always seem to be losing my steam, because of lack of sufficient resources and funds.

I have many things on the shelf, waiting only for His timing. Just a few of them are: I have a new type of joystick, with many,(7-11) times the activating mechanisms of the regular one, (which is only two= forward/back +side2side). This mechanism, in its fullest form, effectively measures the three-dimensional movements of most every motion that any part of your hand can make. I have done what I thought best, and put it in His hands, by giving it to my church. Where He can choose, when the time is, to inspire my pastor to patent it, thereby providing His body, with some of the funding to produce an end time harvest. I even have a few ideas on how to gain environmentally friendly, renewable sources of energy, from God,,, and His own creation,,, like gravitational, magnetic, and biophysics  as energy sources, because these forces that are free, and ever present. Unfortunately, I have no way of testing these out, or get anybody to take me serious enough, to test them for me.

Some of my greatest enjoyments in life, are math, logic, science, and factually provable truths. I like things that you can work out for yourself, through logic and mathematical calculations, through laws of math, nature, chemistry and physics, to prove it for your own self. He has given us an amazing brain, which I heard that we only use ten percent of. I think that He would like us to use it more, instead of taking what we see in our textbooks as Gospel. Maybe we should be questioning everything,,, especially what we are teaching our children. Things that are not right, and are destroying our children futures,,, satanic things, like the theory,(lie) of us being created through evolution, and that abortion is ok, (instead of murder). God says that He has written His moral laws on our heart, (Heb 10:16) (,,, I will put my laws into their hearts, and in their minds will I write them). I believe this; internally we all know when we do right and wrong. How did these feelings, our morals, evolve? That is one of the problems with this evolution theory,,, where did emotions come from,,, and why does doing bad things, feel so bad.

My logical mind thought that if there was a real God, then there had to be a way to prove it. I found a book that changed my life,,, Armageddon, by Grant Jeffrey. This book held the proof that I needed, numerous fulfilled prophecies. All these prophecies are well documented. The greatest prophecy was the one that stated the time that the Christ would come to this earth, to save the Jewish people, and to the rest of humanity. (cant find the verse,, please check back) Jesus came into Jerusalem, on the exact day, that was a prophecy hundreds of years earlier, (sorry I do not have the verse, but I will retrieve later). It went further though, even to our modern day. You see God has a rule in Leviticus 26:18, and when you calculate this addition, you find out when Israel gets a second chance. You see, this same prophecy was predicting that the nation of Israel would come back into existence. It even predicted the very day, May 15, 1948. I had no more need to search,,, the Bible proved itself the True Word of God.

I know that you have heard that Christianity is all about faith, and I do not mind saying, that words like (blind faith) made my skin crawl. I lived in the real world, where if you were blind, somebody would be sure to take advantage of you, and lead you astray. Then I became born-again,,, and please let me tell you what being born-again is like,,, It is being excited about life, like never before,,, being full of peace, joy, contentment, comfort,,, and everything is new. It is truly like being born again, into the knowledge of what life is truly all about. You look at all things in a different way, your priorities change, and you can find great joy, and marvel, even in the littlest of things. It is truly a new birth, into an eternity of knowing for sure, that all things will work out for the best. (Romans 8:28) - And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

This is because we have His Word, which can always be trusted,,, fulfilled prophecy proves that. Now I have trust, and am gaining more faith as time goes by, and I can see that He is not capable of any lies,,, sometimes the truth hurts, but it helps our growth. Just think about it,,, the Bible has never been able to be proven wrong. Dont you think that this secular world, if it found some error in His Word, they would have run it on every TV channel and news paper, from here to Tim-buck-two. I can promise you, all the things that have ever been said are errors in th
--- Trust me,,, the world is in for a dramatic change, maybe before the year 2013, (I calculated this from the generation that sees all these things, shall not pass , [a 51.4 year generation, taken from the 14, 14, +14 generations leading up to the birth of Jesus]  including Jerusalem in Jewish hands, which happened in 1967.5 + 51.4 years - 7 year of tribulation = sometime in 2012 = the latest date for the timing of the rapture).
--- I wish to be a part of His factual war on this world system,,, under the influence of Satan. A war that has a mission,,, the mission of tearing down these walls, of all the lies that Satan speaks,,, especially the lies about there not being any flood. Satan's lies about evolution being the creator of man, and the false scientific studies about the old age of the earth. I hope that these will all be soon shown to be only flimsy theories,,, I only pray, that He will bless me, to have a part in destroying these theories.