Board of Liquor Control(BLC)

The Board of Liquor Control (BLC) was established in 1924 under the Alcoholic Liquor Act, which revoked Prohibition. Under the previous system there were many abuses as government was directly responsible for purchasing and distrubuting alcoholic beverages.The BLC, which consisted of a chairman and two members, were also given the right to bottle liquor products for domestic comsumption. They existed until the formation of the Newfoundland Liquor Commission in 1968 and were as know as "the controllers".

Photo 1 Oval-shaped liquor flask embossed in a circle "B.L.C". Aqua in colour, 20.5 cm in height. Post 1924.

Photo 2 Oval-shaped liquor flask embossed in a circle "B.L.C". clear-coloured, 21 cm in height. Post 1930. .

Photo 3 Liquor bottle embossed on shoulder B.L.C." Clear-coloured, 29.5cm in height. 1