Al-Qaeda's moved from Pennsylvania to Texas -- April 10, 2002
Islamists == Neo-Nazis (from the Southern Poverty Law Center) -- Mar. 19, 2002
Bush ordered the FBI to "back off" investigations of Saudis -- Nov. 7, 2001
Clinton axed terror-fund probe -- April 2, 2002
CIA trained and equiped Yasser Arafat's security forces with US tax dollars -- April 7, 2002
U.S. Knew of Suicide Hijack Threat in 1995 -- Mar. 5, 2002
Was the US government alerted to the September 11 attack? -- Feb. 23, 2002
Texas Web Connections and the IAP -- April 10, 2002
The American Connections to Islamic Terror -- Feb. 1998
Azzam's Fatwa

Islamic Terror Web  

Made in the UK and USA!

Know your enemy.

You may have done nothing to them -- but some people have declared war on you, your family, and your country. Because you live in the UK or USA and you pay taxes to support the British or American governments they want to kill you. Because you are Christian, Jewish, or 'Polytheist' (Atheist, Agnostic, Buddhist, Hindu, moderate Muslim...) some Muslim clerics have issued 'Fatwas' saying it is an absolute requirement that other Muslims around the world rise up and fight and kill you or they are 'sinning' against Allah. Most Muslims would not do this (but some will and have).

You can read it for yourself on the Islamic Terrorist web sites. It is interesting to note that after the World Trade Centre attack a lot of the most offensive hatred has been removed -- but you can see what was on the web sites before Sept.11 at You would have seen the calls for radical Muslims to join paramilitary training camps in the Europe, Afghanistan, and the USA to prepare for the coming Jihad. If your local law enforcement, MI6, CIA, or FBI had been studying these websites, they would have had prior knowledge too.

America's CIA helped Osama and the Taliban overthrow the Soviets in Afghanistan. Maybe Osama bin Laden is still on the CIA payroll? And perhaps they arranged for him and the higher-ranking Taliban to escape .

It is interesting to see the opposite side view of the war in Afghanistan. According to them, 1000's of Brits and Americans will soon be shipped back home in body bags.

There is a strong connection between Neo-Nazis, white supremacists, the American KKK and the Islamic terrorists. Here's an article by David Duke on the Tanzeem website (mirror ).  Note Duke's prophetic comment on Sept. 17th, weeks before the first anthrax death appeared in the media: " The next horrific occurrence might be ... the silent mass death of a biological attack. ".  How did he know? A Florida-based neo-Nazi group, Aryan Action, features an Arabic inscription on its Web site alongside the English message: "Support Taliban, Smash ZOG," (Zionist Occupied Government) "Either you're fighting with the jews [sic] against al Qaeda, or you support al Qaeda fighting against the jews."   Is the world preparing for another holocaust?  Are American Nazis hijacking Islam to do it?

Also interesting is the pro-Iraq propaganda (even on bin Ladin's former web site). Who is paying the bills for these web sites?

But most interesting, the Islamic Terrorist web sites are mainly based in the UK and USA.

The United States is the most preferred and easiest place in the world for radical Islamic groups to set up their headquarters to wage war in their homelands, destabilize and attack American allies, and ultimately move against the United States itself.
- Oliver Revell , former Associate Deputy Director of the FBI, 1998

 Site    IP
 Owner  Owner
 Aug.8,2001   Osama bin Ladin's Original Site
Note comment: "New website changes coming soon!..."  
( Aug.8,2001)
Not in operation   Not in operation
was: Louisville, Kentucky  
SOS   London, UK  
 Apr.10,2002  Supporters Of Shariah   Fasthosts Internet
Gloucester, UK  
Ali Hasan   London, UK  
 Apr.10,2002  Jihad and the Mujahideen
(current entry portal, see my research on structure of Al-Qaeda web pages ) Everyones Internet
Houston, Texas
Azzam Publications   London, UK  
 Apr.10,2002  MAIN server for Al-Qaeda   Pasifik Satelit

Pasifik Satelit Nusantara   Indonesia  
 Apr.10,2002   Taliban Everyones Internet
Houston, Texas  
Halal Flowers   Staten Island, NY, USA  
 Apr.10,2002   Chechen Mujahideen Cogent Communications
Washington DC, USA  
Udug, Movladi   Orlando, FL, USA  
 Apr.10,2002   Islamic Jihad (Palestine) Hostway Corporation
Chicago, IL, USA  
VeriSign  (Technical Contact) Dulles, VA, USA  
 Apr.10,2002   Eritrean Islamic Jihad
(Ethiopia/Somalia) Abovenet Communications
San Jose, CA, USA  
DNS Solutions  (Technical Contact) Midway, UT, USA  
 Apr.10,2002   Islamic Resistance
Martyr's Brigade SkyNetWEB
Baltimore, MD, USA  
Baydoun, Hussein   Beirut, LB  
 Apr.10,2002   Cyber-Terrorism:
Muslim Hackers Club BandLabs Limited
London, UK  
The Ummah Trust
Ahmed, S. H.  
Harrow, Middlesex, UK  
 Apr.10,2002  Tanzeem   MaximumASP
Louisville, KY, USA
P & H Virtual Computing   Fairless Hills, PA, USA  
 Apr.10,2002  Laskar Jihad
Indonesian Jihad   Time Warner Telecom
Brookfield, WI, USA
Arif Rahman   Indonesia  
 Mar.06,2002   Islamic Association
for Palestine   Sprint
Reston, VA, USA
Kazem, Rawhi  Mississauga, On, Canada  
 Apr.10,2002   Islami Jamiat Talba
(Kashmir Mujahideen)  
Ready Hosting
Kenosha WI, USA
Badruddin, Shoib  Karachi, Pakistan  
 Apr.10,2002   Hizbullah   SkyNetWEB
Baltimore MD, USA
Mohamad Hejazi  Beirut, Lebanon  
 Apr.10,2002   Hizbulla
(Arabic news from Hizbullah)
San Antonio, TX, USA
Mohamad Hejazi  Beirut, Lebanon  
 Mar.06,2002   Hamas
Milford, CT, USA
Sadaqa, Ziyad (billing, administrator) Orlando, FL, USA  
 Apr.04,2002   Al-Qassam Martyr's Brigade
(Military wing of Hamas) Everyones Internet
Houston, Texas, USA 
Aljazirah Net   Saudi Arabia  
 Mar.06,2002   Markaz Ad-Da'wah Wal Irshad
(Lashkar-e-Taiba) Kashmir Mujahideen   Brain Computer (Pakistani company but server is in
Department of Super Computing and Defence Automation (no longer in operation, but website is still up)   Qabul, Afganistan  
 Mar.06,2002   Ummah News Qwest Communications
Denver, CO
Osman Muhammad   London, UK
 Mar.06,2002   ININ Pacific Interactive Honolulu, HI Islamic News and Information Network   Longueuil, QC, Canada
 Mar.06,2002   Maktabah Vibus Ltd. Belfast, UK Maktabah Al Ansaar   Birmingham, UK
 Nov.29,2001   Jihad Islami
( Nov. 29,2001)  
(Not in operation) was Chicago, IL, USA aljihad
Palestine, LB
Chicago, IL, USA

Why, if Britain and America are having a war against terrorism, have these sites not been shut down months ago? In which war has the enemy ever been allowed to set up propaganda broadcasts on British and American soil? It is possible to hide encrypted messages in images using a process called steganography to allow terrorist cells to communicate world-wide.

The US Government is breaking it's own rules by not enforcing Executive Order 13224 (blocking Terrorist Property AND PROHIBITING TRANSACTIONS WITH PERSONS WHO COMMIT, THREATEN TO COMMIT, OR SUPPORT TERRORISM). ( ) Every ISP on the above list is in violation.

In 1938, the Foreign Agents Registration Act was Congress' response to the large number of German propaganda agents in the pre-WWII U.S. It's purpose was to insure that the American public and its law makers know the source of information (propaganda) intended to sway public opinion, policy, and laws. All of the owners of the Islamic terrorist websites should have been registered and the information must be made public.  

If you are an American, you should contact both your senator and your representative and make the US-DOJ follow it's own laws!   If you're British, contact your MP .

Prior  Knowledge

Many people had prior knowledge of what was going to happen and remained silent.  

Profits of  Death -- Insider Trading and 9-11

Someone knew that the airline stocks were going to drop and bought a large number of 'put' options shortly before the attack.  The investigation is now pointing to someone with connections to the CIA.  The major media is ignoring this story!

Islamic Calendar for Sept. 2001 -- Jet hitting lower Manhattan  --- Printed 5 months before.

Printed in Egypt, May 2001.

Texas Web Connections and the IAP

Aug. 22, 2001 -
"Palestinians call on fellow Arabs and Muslims to attack Americans in the Middle East and beyond"
Sept. 6, 2001 - Four days before the WTC attack the FBI searched a Texas ISP - Muslim leaders call it an 'Anti-Arab witchhunt'.

Israeli security issued urgent warning to CIA of large-scale terror attacks

Israeli intelligence officials say that they warned their counterparts in the United States in August that large-scale terrorist attacks on highly visible targets on the American mainland were imminent.

U.S. Knew of Suicide Hijack Threat in 1995

"We shared that with the FBI," said Robert Delfin, chief of intelligence command for the Philippine National Police. "They may have mislooked (sic) and didn't appreciate the info coming from the Philippine police." 

Instant Messages to Israel Warned of  WTC Attack

Sept. 11, 2001 - Two hours before attack Odigo instant message users received warnings.

CIA 'ignored warning' on al Qaeda

A former US intelligence agent has alleged that the CIA ignored detailed warnings.

MI5 knew for years of London mosque's role  

. . .more than two years ago that an Islamic cleric said to be Osama Bin Laden's 'European ambassador' was using his mosque in London to raise money for a Muslim holy war in Afghanistan and to issue decrees justifying the murder of women and children.

Was the US government alerted to the September 11 attack?

an extensive and excellent review of the evidence (from the World Socialist Web Site).

Clinton and Bush administrations blocked CIA & FBI investigations of Al-Qaeda

Why did the Clinton and current Bush administrations do every thing in their power to block CIA and FBI investigations of Bin Laden and his terrorists?

Bush ordered the FBI to "back off" investigations of Saudis

FBI and military intelligence officials say they were prevented for political reasons from carrying out full investigations into members of the Bin Laden family in the US before the terrorist attacks of September 11.

Clinton axed terror-fund probe

The Clinton administration shut down a 1995 investigation of Islamic charities, concerned that a public probe would expose Saudi Arabia's suspected ties to a global money-laundering operation. "Had the charities been shut down, they would have been unable to raise the millions that since have been used by terrorists in hundreds of suicide attacks,"

CIA trained and equiped Yasser Arafat's security forces with US tax dollars

On a visit to Washington a year ago, Palestinian security chief Jibril Rajoub proudly showed off an armor-plated limousine that he said the Central Intelligence Agency "always provides me when I am here."

Afghan Action Planned Long Ago

As reported by BBC's George Arney, former Pakistani Foreign Secretary Niaz Naik was alerted by American officials in mid-July that military action against Afghanistan would be launched by mid-October. At a UN-sponsored meeting concerning Afghanistan in Berlin, Naik was informed that unless bin Laden was handed over, America would take military action to either kill or capture both him and Taliban leader Mullah Omar as the initial step in installing a new government there.
Click here to listen (requires Real Player)

Why was the US military preparing war plans against Afghanistan months before the Sept. 11 attacks? Were they just looking for some event to propel the normally disinterested American public into a war?

Blind Eye

O ALLAH! Cause the authorities of countries to turn a BLIND EYE on retaliatory attacks by Mujahideen on their soils!

This could explain why western authorities were unable to see the obvious! Is Allah on the side of the terrorists and helping them out?

How Western intelligence missed September 11's '20th hijacker'

Is "Western Intelligence" an oxymoron? They also missed seeing the other 19 as well. However, the contention of this website is that the MI5 and FBI were NOT incompetent. ...

FAA security took no action against Moussaoui

.....they just turned a blind eye.

Fears of secretive codes on jihad website

We'd been telling the FBI and news media for months about this site....

Islamist terror still promoted on Web

U.S. called enemy by supporters of Osama bin Laden

Muslim websites in West defend bin Laden, call for '5th column'

AL QAEDA: Warning from A Web Site

from Newsweek, Dec. 17, 2001... Note that the major newsmedia doesnot reveal that the websites are located in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

What can be done?

There is a lot we can do.

We need to do a more research, collect it, and post it for the world.

We need to ask some hard questions of our governments, law enforcement, and news media:

Why are they all keeping this fact such a big secret?
We need to ask the ISPs:
Why they are harbouring terrorists -- and accepting money from them?

Why is it OK to promote international terror and murder from a website -- and do so for years? But if you get caught sending SPAM your account and your website is shutdown within seconds.

What can be done about on-line hate.

The Jewish Anti-Defamation League has long been concerned about the propagation of racism, anti-Semitism and prejudice on the Internet.

In the US -- "Practically and legally, combating online extremism is enormously difficult. The First Amendment's protection of free speech shields most extremist propaganda, and Internet Service Providers, the private companies that host most extremist sites, may freely choose whether to house these sites or not".  In Britain -- fighting criminally negligent ISPs is a lot easier.

Some say it's a question of "free speech" -- but no one has the right to aid and abet murder. If a newspaper openly called for murdering whole groups of people, how long would that newspaper be allowed to continue? The ISPs have no more rights than a newspaper and are just as liable for what is published on sites that they host.

ISPs claim to have a legal loop-hole by which they claim that they are not responsible for the damage these groups cause -- whether its just SPAM or all the way to incitement of murder -- they post "acceptable use policies" and that gives them the loop-hole. But that only works if the ISP enforces the policy! If they don't -- and they ignore us and we prove it with documentation -- then we can collect damages from the ISPs for the victims of terrorist attacks worldwide.

We need to get the ISPs into court so we can use the "discovery process" to gain a lot more information about the structure of the groups and why the ISPs are protecting them.

What we must not do about on-line hate.

Our purpose is to solve the problem - not make it worse.

The ISP of

Azzam is the queen termite of the Jihadi web sites. Burst.Net is the owner of their IP address and their host -- write them and ask why an American company is supporting and taking money from Al-Qaeda.


Jihad site closed after WND story

WorldNetDaily / WhistleBlower Magazine is a leader in the fight to bring to attention to these web sites so they can be brought down. Most ISPs (Internet Service Providers) have policies in place restricting hate speech on their hosted web sites.  However, unless the media brings attention to their existence -- nothing will be done.   With the exception of WND, the media is also a part of this vast conspiracy because they are helping to keep the existance of the Islamic Terror web hidden. Notice also that the site was based in   Chicago IL, USA However, the success is only partial. Hostway is still hosting Islamic Jihad (Palestine) . Please write a letter to Hostway and tell them about the site they are hosting.

You can help!

 We're open to anyone who's sick of terrorism and wants to see it exposed and stopped!  Contact me for details.

Here is a ZIP containing all of the information on this site Please download it, pass it on to others, and mirror the information on your own site.  

 -- Johnathan Galt

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