Development here is limited to just one resort, some purpose-built cottages and rooms in local homes. The camping resort, beside the beach, is expanding to include cottages as well as tents. Nearby is the Tondridge Royal cottages, which are the closest thing to some luxury in the area, though quite primitive nonetheless. The Bismarck Hotel is only for day-trips from the resorts of Colva. For rooms, either ask in local houses or speak to other travellers. South east, over the rocks, is Colomb beach which has one bar and some rooms.
There are comparatively few places to eat in the area. The resort has a large restaurant open to non residents. Opposite is the Drapachi R. on the sea front. The few shacks on the beach serve standard fare. Jackson’s and Rosies appear to be popular travellers’ hangouts.
Canacona Island, beaches to the north (accessible by boat).
Buses in the area are irregular though there is one to Chaudi and another to Betul. When the Konkan Railway starts there will be a station at Chaudi.
Chaudi 4km, Agonda 8km.