MARGAO (Madgaon)

Margao is the capital of Salcete Taluka, the main population centre (and Headquarters) of South Goa and an important shopping venue for visitors staying in the Colva area. The town is centred on the Municipal Garden (Aga Khan Park) and dominated by Pajifond Hill and Monte Hill on the east. On the south side of the park is the Municipal Building and library— a portugese colonial structure. Across the road is the Tourist Hostel and the Tourist Office. On the south-east side are the markets of Margao (the most interesting of which is the covered market) and the railway station. On the north side of the park is the Post Office on the corner of Abade Faria, the town’s main street. Half way up is the ’Institute of Feminine Arts’ and on the other side the Temple of Damodar. Further on is the Court and Prison beside which is a concrete bullet (a surviving portugese police post). To the west is Church Square and the Baroque style Church of the Holy Spirit (1675). On the hill above is Monte Church (rebuilt in 1820) which is a quiet relief from the town and affords fine views to the sea. The main bus station is 500 metres north of the town though there is a local bus stand on the left of the park. When the Konkan Railway opens Margao will be a major junction which will provide easy access to the whole of the coast.