Barnz's Hall Of Fame
This is just some random stuff that brings the house down....everytime
Space Giants If you remember this show your a genius and may all good things come to you.  Goldar, Silvar, and Miko lived in a volcano and saved the world from rubber monsters and bad Japanese/English translation.  Simply beautiful!
The Big Wheel If you didn't have one of these as a kid, you didn't live.  There's no exitement better than flying down hill and jamming on your brake lever and wearing a hole in your front tire 1000 times.
Laff-A-Lympics  I know this is already on my top ten page, but the importance of this cartoon must be looked at again.  The Scooby Doobies, Yogi Yahooeys and Really Rottens competed in numerous competitions each week all over the globe for supremecy of the cartoon world.  Who was your favorite team and individual member even?
Ultimate Warrior I know he was a Hogan rip off that in real life is a nutjob and reportedly hard to work with, but for my money in the late 80's and early 90's no one man had a grasp on wrestling with his charges to the ring, painted face, and tassles blowing in the breeze than Jim Hellwig.  And when the Warrior starting ripping his power from the heavens, you knew it was over for the competition my friend!
Randy "Macho Man" Savage vs. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat from Wrestlemania III
The greatest match of all time.  The had a heated fued going into it in which the Macho Man crushed the larynx of The Dragon.  The battled for the Intercontinental title in an epic technical battle that raged for over 15 minutes.  In the end, The Dragon pulled the upset and popped the crowd of 93,000 plus like a cloud of thunder.  This match set the stage for wrestling today and made immediate stars out of the two men involved, prompting the WWF to even turn the Macho Man "face" in the following months.  If you love wrestling, this is required viewing.
DJ Q-Bert A member of the world renowned Invisbl Skratch Piklz, Qbert is a 3 times world DMC DJ champion and was asked to retire from the competitons to give someone else a chance.  Widely considered the greatest and most inivative turntablist in the world, Qbert stills performs and releases records today from his San Francisco home.
El Camino Half truck/half car?  Who thought of this? A freakin genius, that's who.  The slickest ride this side of Superman's cape, it has served as transportation for Mexicans for many a year.  If I ever get a chance, you WILL see me rollin in a Camino soon.....
Vince Carter's Dunk in the Olympics
If you saw this and didn't rise up out of your seat, yell out, and wanna slap your momma, then you must be on drugs.  The greatest dunk in a game use to be Dr. J's sweeping cuffing dunk over Michael Cooper.  It has been replaced.
Rex Chapman Growing up not being able to hit the jumper, I had to be a slasher and play "black".  No bigger compliment could be stowed upon a white boy like me than to be called Rex Chapman.  The flyest white guy of the modern age to lace them up. (respect to Pistol Pete)
The Ultimate Snack  Do remember the Marathon Bar? It was about a foot long, had braided caramel covered in chocolate and they stopped making it in the 80's.  Put that together with the 2 greatest drinks on the planet, IBC Cherry Cola and Stewarts Key Lime, and you have a slice of heaven on earth.  Add in Funyuns for the salty portion to wash your double fisted drinks down, and your on cloud nine my friend.
Stephen the Irishman  The potty mouthed sidekick and loyal friend to William Wallace in Braveheart.  My favorite character of all time in a movie, never has a man gone through such phases and complexity without being the main role, and David O'Hara was brilliant.  Plus I know that I am "prettier than this man".  Its my island.
Steve Buscemi  The best character actor in Hollywood is tremendous in each part he is given and steals the movie from other "leading" actors.  It shows true testament to his work knowing he is always in demand, even though he's hideous.
Nerf Toys  Why can you throw a Nerf Football 80 yards? Why can you do any dunk and make any shot on the Nerf Hoop?  Who cares as long as your having a good time.  The greatest small tyke sports equipment.  Period.
This page will continue to grow as I remember more cool stuff. Any me!
Canadian Half Pints  Are you serious?  A basketball team of midgets.  It's true, It's true.  These mini hoop stars play games and teach kids a lesson of not teasing others. Can life get any better?  I need a tissue.
Will Ferrell as Harry Caray  Heeeeeyy!
This is the funniest SNL character of all time, and that is saying something. I think more people remember his impression than the real life Cubs announcer.  Awesome!  If he was a hot dog would you eat him?  I would.
Mexican.  Cheap.  24/7.  Amen.