Barnz's Quill & Scroll Page
This is a page that I will use as an outlet for my thoughts, gripes, lists, quotes, and other random things that pop into my head.  Hopefully I will continue to update this in a regular fashion every couple of weeks.   So sit back, enjoy, and let me know any feedback about what I put down.  Thanks for checking it out, suckas.
My Biggest Pet Peaves
1.  People That Interrupt Me When I'm Talking
I'm not a BIG talker.  I am a great listener.  So when I do talk, why do you just sit there with baited breath getting the next thing you have to say ready in the on deck circle in your head and then blurt it out mid sentence?  Have some respect, pay attention if I am confiding enough in you to actually speak with you.  Interruputers I HATE.  I shouldn't, but I HATE.

2. Morons Behind the Wheel
If you drive this doesn't need explanation.  You've seen the stutterers who can't decide to go and hold up traffic, the left lane lazies who go 55 in the passing lane side by side a diesel up a hill for 4 miles, the jerk who is the only car coming while you are waiting and doesn't use a turn signal before he turns by you and gives you a dirty look, the truck straight off the farm, 18 wheelers, the elderly, middle age women, and people with their lights on during the day. 

3. Non Flushers
Your a human and you can't exterminate your own waste with a simple switch of a lever.  You are the lowest lifeform on Earth.

4. Oklahoma
Save a few good friends I have from there and the city of Tulsa, please nuke the reservation and send me the ashes to line my firelplace.

5. Space Eaters

The guy who siddles up to you at the urinal and tries to start conversation when there are 6 more empty stalls not right next to mine, the people who walk the same speed as you right next to you no matter where you are going, and movie patrons who sit right in front of you when you are the only people in the theater.

6. Critics
Not the paid ones, just the geniuses who are janitors by day, sports coaches and movie producers by night.  The guys who gripes at every play, every substituiton and swears he could do better.  The people in the movies that talk the entire time about every little detail and then give their 2 cents about it all.  These jokers have paid their price and are entitled to their opinion, just don't do it in my ear.  Also this covers everybody who gripes at most anything, but will never be creative and actually DO something, they just like to rip on everyone elses stuff.

. Pessimism
There is a bright side to EVERYTHING.  Believe Me.
My Christian Testimony
Why I Watch Professional Wrestling
The Legend Of Camp Ozark
When I say that I watch Professional Wrestling there are only 2 sides to the fence:.  "Sweet! Did you see....." or "Why do you watch that fake crap?"  Here's why.  Do I enjoy seeing sweaty muscular men roll around with each other like it turns me on?  No.  Do I think that it is REAL? (that the outcome isn't fixed) C'mon.  Am I a stupid slack jaw that is straight white trash?  Let's be serious now.  First off wreslting is a "guilty pleasure".  We all have them.  Donuts, Michael Bay movies, The Macarena, Britney Spears.  It is something I was sucked into as a kid and it hasn't left me since.  Many reasons could be counted, but why I still tune in can be made by these points:

Granted the outcome is predetermined, the moves and punishment the guys and girls put on their body is unreal.  Doing flips, splashes off cages, cutting themselves to bleed!, hitting each other with chairs and throwing each other thru tables is pretty entertaining.  Even without some of these high profile stunts, a basic technical match with intense moves and selling of the spots can keep you captivated.  It's not the destination, it's how you got there. Plus these guys are built like freaks of nature and it is pretty impressive.

The story is what makes the show go, and following what these guys go through and who is scamming on who keeps it interesting rather than just a bunch of guys just hitting each other. You have brother on brother, family redemption, good vs. evil, young vs. old, and any other combination of idea or storyline used in any situation in real life.  This keeps the viewer hooked in and coming back for more for what is going to happen to their favorite star.  I'll be the first to admit that they cross the line all the time with marriages, giving birth to a hand, and crucifying people just to name a few, but mostly they are the glue that holds it all together.

It's Good TV.
Characters. Story. Physicality. Colorful personalities. Hot chicks. Costumes. That is why you watch Seinfeld or Friends or any other show isn't it? Same here. This has it all, and then some. Wrestling is always changing, and if something doesn't work, they change it. Best of all is that it has NO REPEATS!  They have 3-4 shows a week with all new material. Plus they have commentators who sell what is happening like it is the end all of the world. With these guys calling the play by play your grocery shopping would be exciting.

The Show.
All of these elements added with pyro technics, thumping music, some of the best video packages you'll ever see, and the excitement of a live crowd who influences everything adds up to a great product.  There never ceases to be a Holy Sh*t moment in a wrestling show, and oftentimes you wonder if maybe that one move or one spot actually DID hurt them or was REALLY painful becasue of real life feelings. I went to
Wrestlemania X-7 and I have never been to a concert or play or conference that had that kind of excitement and reaction. 67,000 people were taken on a ride of there lifes for over 5 hours!  Wrestling fans (a wide cut of society too, of all ages and colors, and very unified) are very knowledgable and enthusiastic over there product and very honest too and will add very much to the show itself.

Wreslting has been around for many decades and is as popular as it has ever been.  It isn't going anywhere, and the old guard of wrestlers keep passing the torch on to the new breed.  A sports entertainment that is grounded with premise and industry secrets and legends make it all the more acceptable, not like it is just some flash in the pan reality TV show.

I know the Undertaker is really Mark Calloway from Houston.  I know that Stephanie never REALLY married HHH.  I know that Brutus the Barber Beefcake never put anyone to sleep.  I know that the match has been discussed and planned out very well before it happens, but
I don't know the outcome, so I watch.  I watch because for a couple hours each week, I am taken away to a land where I am simply entertained in many, many ways.
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The History of Hip Hop Music
      Through Barnz's Life
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