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"take me home, country roads"

Welcome to John's World

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I was born in West Virginia in 1953 in a very humble setting. Many generations of my family were coal miners. I even worked in the mines for awhile myself. I haven't always lived in WV but my heart has always been there. After many years of traveling with my family in the Air Force, I returned to WV and in the quiet solitude of nature,where I met my God.

In finding God in nature I wanted to learn all about His creation. I studied about all the plants of the fields and their benefit to mankind. That led me to collecting herbs for their medicinal purposes.



God's Holy spirit was working in me and maturing me in His Word. At that time He sent me my wife who too was a military brat. She had a love for nature also.


She said I had too many hobbies: photography, backpacking, caving, hunting, fishing, gardening, herb collecting, beekeeping, but I said I had only one.....


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After a year of marriage, the Lord sent us to Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas.

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After graduation, we returned to WV and were involved in multiple ministries in the area. My wife sang and I shared the gospel in local churches. She was also involved in the local summer musical at Pricketts Fort.

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There we raised our family of 3 children. We enjoyed alot of venison, vegetables from our garden, fruit from our orchard and honey from our hives.We now live in the Central Florida area but you still can't keep me out of the woods. I now enjoy canoeing, fresh and salt water fishing.My vegetable garden has changed to oranges, bananas, pineapples, and papaya.
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I now have a hobby of researching my fathers ancestrial home, Croatia. I enjoy communicating with my friends there. I am struggling to learn the language, which my friends have been very patient with me.
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