A Friend Is Forever
"A Friend Is Forever"
by Johnross L. Fandino III

Why do the times and distance so cruel?
To keep my sight and hearing away from you girl.
I still try to imagine the glistening of a jewel,
That describes the brightness within you girl.

I always think about the when and the where,
And the why and the how we'll be able to meet.
I stare at a lonely candle and imagine a melting care.
I question myself if my attention is in the right beat.

The beat of my heart is pure and true,
I just don't know whether you feel the same beat too.
I know it's crazy that we've connected only by a hunch,
Or even by fate, destiny, or by chance.

I just hope that someday we'll be able to meet, and put our mix feelings in order.
If you already found another, don't worry I won't compete.
I don't want to lose a friend like you forever.
With that, I just want to say that we are friends forever.