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Welcome to the updated site of Youth Choir Zottegem. On this site you will find everyting you ever wanted to know about us. This Engish version is still very limited. For a full edition of this site, choose the Dutch version.

This site started on april the 18th, 1998. As far as we know, we were the first Belgian youth choir to be on the Internet ! As we are still working on this site, and updating in regulary, we advise you to come back from time to time, and to add this site to your bookmarks.

This is an index of what you can find on this English version of our site. You're just one click away !

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What are we doing ?

This might seem a silly question. A choir is singing, what else ? Well, a lot ! We are doing more :

  1. Every month we prepare a youthconcelebration. We study the bibletexts, we choose a theme, we write our own texts, we choose the songs, we prepare a visual support ... .

  2. We sing marriages, Taizé-evenings, concerts ... .

  3. We have our own members magazine : a booklet which appears every two months, full of nice articles.

  4. And above all, we have those extra activities which make our choir to be more than a bunch of people singing apart together. We are a real group, and we are proud of that. Our choir is unique, the strenght of the group is bigger than anywhere else !

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Who is in our choir ?

These are the members of our choir :