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A concert date has been set for a PARKER BENEFIT CONCERT (Warren Parker Memorial) presented by friends of P3

APRIL 1, 2006

BAYFAIR BAPTIST CHURCH - 817 Kingston Road, Pickering, Ontario


adults $20 / children (under 12) $10

a limited number of tickets will be available at the door so order tickets early as this will most likely be a sold-out evening.




CALL OUR OFFICE TODAY TO SECURE YOUR TICKETS via VISA or Mastercard (tickets will be saved at the door)

all concert proceeds will go to Parker Outreach International ~ a special love offering will also be taken during the concert providing the opportunity for tax deductible contributions to be made




Toronto Mass Choir / Ruth Ann Onley / Kevin Pauls / Marlene O'Neill /
Mark Masri / Rena Gaille / Yemisi / Pat Russell / Nicole Anderson
BevAqua / Londa Larmond / Carrie Guse / Kelita / Craig Douglas / Hiram Joseph Aileen Lombardo / Ginny Bridle

for more information visit, email or call 905-426-1816


[1/8/2006] TRAGIC NEWS... Tragically in South Carolina late Saturday night, January 7th, 2006 Warren Parker of the Parker Trio was struck by a truck and died from his injuries. Warren, along with his family, are all close friends of the O'Neill's both personally and professionally. Warren is survived by his best friend/partner in life and ministry, Shannan. Please uphold Shannan in prayer along with Warren's parents Brian and Edna, his sister Julie and her husband David, nephews Ryan and Matthew. Remember also, the other trio members Angie and Brandt White.

Donations (if desired) can be made to:
Parker Outreach International
P.O. Box 296
Pickering, Ontario L1V 2R4

Although it's hard to understand the why's - may God's glory and presence be evident in the coming days.

Absent from the body and present with his Lord and Saviour, who Warren so faithfully loved and served!

Brian Warren Parker
July 16, 1971 to January 8, 2006

For Immediate Release: October 15, 2005

O'Neill Ministries is pleased to present a brand new CD !

the Collection-MARLENE O'NEILL

An anthology of 13 of your most requested songs from Marlene's first seven recordings. All digitally re-mastered and compiled on one fabulous disc! Including the hit single, "Praise His Name"

Available in compact disc only $20CAD / $15USD plus s/h



Have your VISA or MASTERCARD ready and contact:

phone: (905) 275-8580


or print a mail-in order form right here

"Twatotela Lesa!" ("Praise God!" in the language of Bemba)

ZAMBIA, AFRICA -Mission's Trip August 11 to September 01, 2005

A Brief Mission's Trip Overview: Briefly, in close affiliation with the government of Zambia and the local Chingola Health Department, a team of 13 of us conducted 8 medical clinics that were free to the local people there as well as conducted a One-Day Women's Conference and several Youth Rallies and Concerts.

Following a flight schedule that was a little mixed up and mass-confusion as we headed towards the gate, 6 pieces of luggage (two personal bags of luggage and 4 hockey bags full of medical equipment) as well as two of our team members in Canada did not make the flight. All bags and persons followed seven days later and met us in Zambia safe and sound. As well, we were to meet two registered nurses from the UK along the way who would join us but they were detained due to a British Airways strike (…or so we thought…). To our surprise, they actually arrived at the Retreat Centre on the evening of August 15th following a series of events, miracles and answered prayers. These miracles included departing England on an airline other than a British Airways flight, missing their connecting flight in Kenya, but sitting down in frustration at the Kenya airport beside someone to whom they shared their plight to find out that he owned his own private plane and offered to fly them to Chingola, Zambia where he lives! He and his family were hosting a birthday party for their daughter that night and invited the two nurses to stay for a meal. Long story short…a guest at the party heard their story and as it turned out he and his family lived next door to the Musenga Retreat Centre! He drove them directly to the front door!! Wow, talk about miracles. This is exactly what the team needed to bind us together and prepare our hearts and spirits for the work ahead.

Travel time was about 3 days including several time changes and finally landing in Lusaka, Zambia, Africa (6 hours behind Ontario time) on Saturday, August 13th. We were stationed at the Musenga Baptist Retreat Centre. This is a large piece of land purchased and hosted by missionaries from Germany and occupied by several local African families. Our quarters there were comfortable and complete with all amenities (except for the occasional power outage). We had four African cooks who took time away from their families and lived there with us for two weeks preparing our meals. Our final week was spent in Lusaka and Livingstone.

On our first day designated for rest and relaxation myself and a few other team members played ball with the children who live on the property. They sang Sunday School songs for us and I truly enjoyed their laughs and playfulness. An eye-opening moment came about an hour later when their playfulness started to die down and I asked, "OK, what shall we do now?" One of the 11 year-old boys said, "We are hungry." I didn't know how to respond. I was quiet and then others joined in with, "Yes, we are hungry…we are thirsty…we would like some juice..." I asked the Lord for strength as I responded honestly with, "Well, I can't give you that right now, but let's sing some more!" It broke my heart and brought me to tears. They were so bold (or comfortable) with me that they openly asked for food.

Basically, we held eight (8) medical clinics at local Hospitals and Medical Clinic facilities administering general medicines. The morning started with a short devotional, during which I sang, and concluded with an invitation for people to give their hearts to Christ. Many responded! Praise the Lord! Hundreds of donated medications included topical creams, eye-drops, Advil/Tylenol, anti-nauseant, muli-vitamins, anti-worm meds, etc. 'We' were 1 OB/GYN Doctor, 1 Pediatric Doctor, 5 registered nurses, 1 pharmacist, 1 computer teacher, 1 Doctor of Theology, 1 singer and 2 other volunteers. We also administered the Word of God, as situations would allow in the clinics. Men and mothers with their children were attended to. Most walked for several hours and then waited in the hot sun for several more hours to be seen. Roughly, 5000 patients were seen in all with several different ailments including unbelievable open sores, Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, STD's, malaria, yellow fever, malnutrition, hypertension and general aches/pains and respiratory diseases associated with their life style there. I did all of the adult patient registration in addition to music ministry before the clinics and at the concerts. The responsibility of patient registration gave me the chance to get to really know the people, their stories, their ailments, as well as their humor. There are so many individual stories and to tell them all would fill many pages!

In addition to a wonderful One-Day Women's Conference, there was a strong emphasis on Youth Evangelism this trip as we joined alongside several Youth Leaders of the different communities. They helped us with interpretation and hosted the rallies/concerts. Hundreds attended each Rally and Concert (all in different locations including the cities of Chingola and Lusaka). With the use of interpreters, (and our meager attempt at Bemba-their local dialect) the positive message of Christ rang out loud and clear in addition to practical teachings on the basics of personal hygiene, and general health issues. Because of the donation of several new NIV Bibles, I was able to bless many of the Youth Leaders and young adults with their very own copy! I sang at all of the Sunday church services, was featured at the evening concerts along with local church choirs who sang too. What a tremendous joy! I was thrilled to see that they still remembered some of the songs that I sang there 2 years ago like "I Lean On You Lord", "So High" and "How Great Thou Art".

Again, the singing of the local church choirs and congregations was something to behold! Most choir members and attendees arrived late - something we learned how to get used to as the weeks went on <smile!>. Some mothers had their babies strapped to their backs as they stood and proclaimed God's goodness to them through heart-felt singing. Again, no background music or accompaniment, but rich, 6-part harmony full of emotion and musical expertise! It's a good thing they don't depend on musical accompaniment (as their music guest from Canada does!). The church in Lusaka rented a beautiful sound system for me complete with CD player for the concert. But, you see, parts of the country of Zambia have a problem with the local energy system and the electricity seems to go out without warning sometimes for hours at a time! No streetlights or emergency generating systems makes it very difficult to see at night out in the street. Not to mention put on a concert! But we went ahead anyways. By candlelight I sang a full concert accapella! The electricity came back on during our closing prayer. I think there is a valuable lesson in there somewhere about the fact that a musical concert must be about the Message of the songs and not all of the other things put together to make it sound 'nice'.

I hope to share more stories and recounts of this trip to you soon. I returned from a 3-week mission's trip to Zambia, Africa a little battered by the elements there along with adverse reactions to some of the food and travel. But, none-the-less, a person who has again been impacted by the experiences that God allowed me to witness. This experience again has affected me personally and spiritually. It has given an even greater depth to my personal music ministry as well.

From the bottom of my heart I want to say "Thank you" to those who provided me with encouragement, monetary support and much-needed prayer.

"Lesa amipale!" ("God bless you!")

See a 'Face to Face' article on Marlene O'Neill - A 'getting to know you' page, meant to be a fun, informal look at women connected with the Canadian-based Women Alive organization .

Just click here

Submitted February 01, 2005

is doing a Special Series of written articles highlighting some of today's most well-known Southern Gospel artists in Canada. February's focus is on Ontario-based artists (Marlene O'Neill included). Click the icon above to get to the site and find the Canadian flag for direct access to this very detailed and insightful interview!

How can you support Marlene and O'Neill Ministries? Our ultimate goal is to see hearts encouraged and lives changed by The Lord Jesus Christ.  We covet your already faithful prayers of support as we obey the will of the Lord in our lives.   O’Neill Ministries is completely funded through the generosity of people that we meet on the road.  We depend upon you to enable us to continue traveling in response to the Call of God. 

Please prayerfully consider financially supporting us. We desire to continue traveling, recording and simply bringing The Gospel to many that need to hear it.   “Lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path”.

For Immediate Release: November, 2004


O'NEILL MINISTRIES is pleased to announce Marlene, along with vocals by Andrew Craig, (jazz musician and music director for vocalist Molly Johnson) on a newly-released Jazz-Christmas CD titled:


Available in stores- a special promotion:

Go to any Home Hardware across Canada and buy your Christmas wrapping paper (a pack of 5 rolls). The CD is available for free with the wrap paper. It is packaged with the wrap paper -so you can only get the CD if you buy the paper!

Now you can accomplish two things at once. Purchase your well-needed wrapping paper and receive a free CD!

"Home For Christmas" is engineered by Gord Lemon and produced by Nick Peros containing 10 of your favourite Christmas 'tracks to wrap to' including: Joy To The World, Winter Wonderland, Silent Night, The First Noel, Jingle Bells, etc.

!!Make your paper purchase today and sing along while you wrap!!


For Immediate Release: October 01, 2004

"Marlene O'Neill has just signed a recording aggreement with record label HMS Records! In addition she has signed an agreement with Upright Management; a booking team who will assist Jim in booking Marlene for engagements.

Co-owners of HMS, Carmon Barry (multi-award winning record producer) and Oswald Burke (co-owner and producer for the Toronto Mass Choir) along with much sought-after music producer Roy Oomen will be putting their best stuff into place to produce an exciting project! It will be focused on Marlene's Christian music roots of Black Gospel.

She is currently in the studio working on her 7th CD which will be released in 2005. This recording will include your favourites like So High, Praise His Name, His Eye Is On The Sparrow. As well as I Wish We'd All Been Ready from the Revelation Movie soundtrack (of the Left Behind series). Other titles to be announced soon.

Your continued prayerful and financial support is very much appreciated as we take on this new project."




Marlene is proud to be an official Artist Associate for World Vision

A credible organization that for over 50 years has reached out to the poorest of the poor with help and hope in Christ's name.

Click on the icon above for more information.


For immediate release: June 2003

Marlene O'Neill has been cast as 'Anna' (Christian's wife) in..."Pilgrim’s Progress: The Musical" (Music, book and lyrics by Suzanne Rutherford; arrangements by Charles Cozens; directed by Anne Allen)

Suzanne Rutherford: An accomplished musician, received her Honour B.A. French Specialist from Trinity College, University of Toronto, in 1980, and then went on to graduate from The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto in 1995 with First Class Honours in Piano Performance. A professional songwriter, she served as a jury member for Canada’s 2000 Juno awards. Her work on Pilgrim’s Progress began in 1996.

Charles Cozens: Orchestrator-composer for Quartetto Gelato, Canadian Brass, the NYLONS, Hanaford Street Silver Band, and Swingstep, 2000 Dora nominee for Most Outstanding Musical.

Play Synopsis:
Playwright Suzanne Rutherford has taken this classic story of the search for faith, and fashioned it into a 21st century setting pop/rock musical that has the accessibility of “Joseph”, the dramatic power of “Les Miz”, and the sharply focused humour of "This Hour Has 22 Minutes". Pilgrim’s Progress combines a scathing satire of contemporary society with John Bunyan’s famous allegory to create a unique, daring new work of astonishing range and power that is totally relevant to the current day struggle of people trying to find spiritual meaning...

Marlene is thrilled to be involved in the Playwright's Festival at the Lighthouse Theatre in beautiful Port Dover, Ontario. Marlene will be part of a cast that is made up of professional actors, singers and directors. They will be conducting workshops from September 22 to 26, 2003 with a final performance reading on Saturday, September 27, 2003 at 7:30pm.

For more information, visit the Lighthouse Theatre's website.

"Our God is an awesome God. He reigns from Heaven above with wisdom, power and love."

Taken from 'Awesome God' by Rich Mullins

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