This gives some of my computers mark and school work (like this web) This carries some links to some places that are SWEET!    This is a few of my art items that are cool!
 About Me  (Jordan)  My name is Jordan and I'm 4'9".I have brown hair and brown eyes. I'm a little chubby but have a good heart. I like to play hockey, football, soccer, karate, and, Xbox.  Hanging out with friends is the way I do almost all my sports. If you check out my links page it has my other two sites.
 My School (Pilot Butte School)  Now I know when people think about school they think it's a total bore. But this school has awesome extra curricular activities like P.O.E . P.O.E stands for Physical Outdoor Education. Even for those who are unfit among us it's an awesome way to get active and have fun. Some activities we do are  hiking, Skiing, canoeing, etc.