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Today, as the sun rises on Eagle Rock Reservation and the 9|11|01 Memorial, we are compelled to meditate in silence for a moment on the wonder of God's creation and the gift of our life here on Earth as well as the eternal legacy that we create individually and together.


As we meditate upon the tragic losses on September 11, 2001 and the numerous casualties since then both in America and around the world with the subsequent war on terrorism and the related wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, I pray that Gabriella the young girl representing the children lost in 9|11 remembered in a statue here at the Memorial assist us in softening our hearts and renewing our innocents. For it is only with a living innocents that we may find the wisdom to elevate the true meaning of Independence. Let us celebrate our freedom with the realization, enthusiasm and knowledge that democracy is forever in its infancy. The peoples of a democratic nation spend much of their time pursuing the rights and privileges of a democratic nation not through war and policing, but through the democratic process wherein citizens take on the responsibility and faith to evolve the well-being and safety of community for themselves, their families whatever form that takes and their neighborhoods which together represent the character of a democratic nation. Let us remember in our wars against alleged enemies of democracy that the most powerful armor for our youth, our leaders and ourselves is truth, faith, self-respect, adventure, compassion, forgiveness, economy, quality of life and peace. Without these arsenal any effort to conduct war no matter how massive are at risk. Freedom of information is the first step toward democracy, but we must discern with wisdom how to use the information we have gleaned to evolve freedom as non-violently as possible. Freedom is a complex balancing act.

Mockery, degradation, depravation, and ridicule along with physical, mental and psychological abuse breeding fear will never be so powerful an elixir in gleaning truth and evolving democracy as are compassion, comfort, sustenance and personal safety. If we could only have the strength, God, to remember that the real ongoing struggle is beyond the wars to achieve the climate to evolve democracy. Winning wars does not constitute democracy. War is only really won where it is used to provide humanity the opportunity and means to democratically evolve less violence and crime in the world for the citizens of a nation. Help us, God, to use our strengths in Divine grace to be more compassionate, humane and democratic in all our activities and relationships.

Ironically, God, this Journey by Horseback for Peace and Photovoltaics began on Easter Sunday 4|11|04. The theme of this Journey is Information= Freedom = Information. A primary goal of this effort has been to bring the historic 30,000 SF building-integrated photovoltaic [BI-PV] solar roof at Georgetown University into the public purview for its 20th Birthday and to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the founding of the Solarex Corporation by the fathers of the photovoltaics industry Dr. Joseph Lindmayer and Dr. Peter Varadi. The unique solar array at Georgetown University has successfully generated an average of one-megawatt hour of electricity daily since 1984. With Pepco's recent 16% increase in electric rates that translates to electricity generation for each year valued at $57,000 in Washington, DC. The same roof would generate $70,000 of electricity or more a year in sunny Southern California where we allegedly had an energy crisis due to air conditioning demand. God, let us give thanks for this wondrous technology you have shown us and help us to more readily use it to make life safer and healthier for life here on earth.

A recent article indicated that the United States was lacking 30% of our alleged goal in rebuilding Iraq's electric supply. It is a known fact, God, that Photovoltaics is made from sand and it generates the most electricity during the highest demand for air conditioning with the light of the sun. Photovoltaics is the most economic, aesthetic, humane and democratic form of electricity generation available to evolve the electricity market, today. It is renewable and it is made from sand, which makes up the largest portion of the earth's crust. Let us learn to assist our enemies and as well as our loved ones to turn on our lights and air conditioners with the wonderful light of the sun you have created, God, to fill our lives with comfort. Help us to use your gifts of nature, science and technology wisely, God. Amoco Oil made a brutal and unwelcome takeover of the Solarex Corporation in 1984 the year the solar roof was completed at Georgetown University. For many years Georgetown University told people in their official tours that the 30,000 SF roof that graces their Intercultural Center did not work. They insisted that when it generated electricity it reflected differently and made planes crash and thus they had to paint it over. If all of the people responsible for this fraud were to be aggressively convicted as they should be; a new prison would have to be built to house them, God.

When I think of this unbelievable, massive and ongoing energy industry fraud perpetuated by irresponsible regulators and lack of consumer intervention, my thoughts turn to Martha Stewart and the extremely offensive attack against her by Federal administrators and most importantly, the press wherein she allegedly traded stock on learning from a friend that the business he ran was having problems. The money she saved was less than one year's generation of electricity from a solar building like the Intercultural Center where it is located in California where many people were put out of their homes and businesses due to the price gorging causing Energy Crisis 2000. While Enron, Duke, Arthur Anderson and Governor Davis were the most celebrated culprits of this fabricated energy crisis; regulators, utilities, investors and consumers all contributed to the circumstances that led to this disaster. Deregulation of a monopoly market cannot realistically be expected to facilitate a competitive market. Many consumer-investors were privy to the potential of income in spiking prices to discourage a competitive market and they made fast money.

Averting these disasters begin by knowing that our behavior, yours and mine, makes a difference. The fraud knowingly committed at Georgetown University by faculty, staff and students the last twenty years claiming the solar array did not work is compared to a ghost story in an E-mail from the editor of the Hoya News. Even when CNN tried to interview Georgetown University administrators they refused to provide an interview. God, even when CNN attempted to get to the bottom of it, Georgetown University, the oldest Jesuit University in the United States would not provide an interview, God. Prominent alumni from Georgetown University have attempted to have the solar roof removed. The University has allowed trees to grow and block the array distorting the data of this solar demonstration paid for by taxpayer dollars. Please heal this wrong and free the world from the bonds of photovoltaic oppression evident in this misrepresentation and misuse of government funding. God, bless facilities maintenance that as they have shared the truth and are attempting to rectify this wrong. Provide them the grace and the strength to evolve the truth.

Jeffery Skilling, the CEO at Enron and his wife claimed to the press that they will not serve more than ten months for their crimes, because they have children. God, we pray that Martha Stewart who is a parent to many people in assisting us beautify and make the world a better place be provided Divine mercy and protection from harm. Where she is a single person without children social prejudice has made unwarranted attacks against her. May her healthy and generous example in teaching millions of people tips on how to create a beautiful and healthy environment be provide an example for Jeffery Skilling and Mrs. Skilling and their children. God please remind all those who are married and with children that they cannot misuse their children to hide behind crimes. If they were appropriately caring for their children they would try harder to reduce the crimes they commit, God and they would take responsibility for them without using their children to shield them or to use their children t abuse those who do not have children. God, let us remember that married adults and those who have children are not always the best example for their children even though they are certainly the strongest bonds for their children. Many parents are serving far more time for far less crimes than those committed by the Skillings. God, we pray that you would heal all those entrapped in crime-perpetuating situations and drug abuse. Help us to realize God that these conditions plague the wealthy as well as the poor. And, give us the strength, God to discern what is healthy and what are unhealthy behaviors God and protect us from those that are truly oppressed.

God, we would pray that those charged with the responsibility of managing the energy industry would find a deeper commitment within themselves to reduce their addictive and oppressive behaviors perpetuating fossil fuels market power tyranny. We pray that the wrong within energy agency proceedings furthering the illegal manipulation of data to evolve insider trading happening now as an everyday occurrence cease from this time forward. We pray that the addictive obsession with fossil fuels be better understood in relation to the vacuum of energy commerce and that our efforts be better developed to address this new understanding. We pray that the fraudulent misdirecting of billions of dollars of energy agency funding from renewable energy into fossil, nuclear and large hydro remote-site utility-dependent investments while lining the pockets of administrators, energy cartel executives and non-profit agencies paid $100 to $350 an hour becomes distasteful and strongly discouraged in our society and in our nation, God. Such unethical business activities plague every nation on earth, God because the tremendous vacuum of energy commerce is out of control and many people don't realize this, God. Provide us the strength, insight and determination to make the small steps we can to redirect energy commerce by working together to protect ourselves, our families, our neighborhoods and all of humanity. God, help us to progress spiritually as fast as we do technologically so that we can manage the gifts you have bestowed upon us.

God, it took six long years of pleading from the year I discovered the solar roof on the Intercultural Center in 1994 and the fraud going on at Georgetown University to finally get an article written in the HOYA News student paper explaining that this was untrue and that the solar roof worked quite well as it had from the year it was completed in 1984. God, please help me to be more effective in persuading people entrapped in theses crimes of the importance of their bringing the truth to the people and how healing this simple act can be God. God, protect me from these crimes and from the intolerance of those who do not understand what is really going on in the energy industry. Much of Energy Bill 2004 was passed June 16, 2004 without the Renewable Portfolio Standard [RPS] mandating 10% renewable energy by 2010. On the other hand, God, $200 million a year until 2010 was appropriated for research and development to allegedly produce 'clean coal' for electricity generation in the United States and around the world. 55% of our electricity in the United States is already generated by coal. God, why would we pay for research and development expenses for clean coal where they are making such dramatic returns dominating such a large portion of the industry generating more electricity than any other technology. If coal is so much more affordable and potentially cleaner than renewable sustainable energy technology then why would the energy cartels involved need any money from the government to develop clean coal?

God, these people must know on some level that if we spend this money to allegedly create clean coal, the coal product will be very costly and sparse. This yearly investment should be split down the middle with $100 million of the $200 million wrongfully slated for coal production be spent to begin production of photovoltaic-grade silicon that would reduce the cost of photovoltaic manufacturing nearly 900%. God, with your wisdom, guidance and strength, we can get this legislation amended and have this rational change instituted instead of those that speak out against this wrongdoing. Building-integrated photovoltaics [BI-PV] is the most economic, humane and democratic electricity choice providing many benefits including personal safety and increased national security. God, provide us the wisdom to understand that it will take a massive effort on the part of consumers to begin to redirect the energy industry.

God, protect us from the criminal persona perpetuating misappropriations to technologies that are already making profits enough to perpetuate their own industry. God, protect us from the pendulum of partisan attacks that mesmerize many citizens of this nation into a trance of paralytic dysfunction.

David Townley with New Energy regularly met with Enron associates during the California energy agency Rulemaking on Distributed Generation. He was allowed to officially moderate Systems Planning and Operations Management workshops. David Townley insisted, off the record he said, that coal is less polluting than photovoltaics. He would not put this in writing and would not verify his sources. Photovoltaics is made from the same materials as computer electronic boards and is no more hazardous than film development chemicals. The chemicals used in coal deployment are much more toxic. The sludge and pollution are known health hazards as is the mining of coal. The distribution network needed to support remote-site electricity blights neighborhoods and endangers people. Where fossil fuel monopolies choose to withhold resources or slam the market, the price of coal could dramatically increase while the supply is withheld.

God assist us in establishing consumer-based Neighborhood Energy Watch Solution Groups to protect consumers and the sovereignty of this nation by monitoring and officially intervening in energy agency proceedings. God be with the members of these new Groups as they challenge the coal legislation and bring $100 million of the clean coal funding legislated for each year till 2010 into better use to facilitate more electricity using renewable technologies that are far more economic, safer and environmental than coal. This money will be far better used invested in silicon semiconductor manufacturing resources like the production of photovoltaic-grade silicon to evolve a more competitive market with small business financing for solar, wind and fuel cell products.

God help us to find the strength to face and address the most critical issue we must embrace. Give us the faith needed to bring peace as we consider the fact that the Intercultural Center at Georgetown University houses the oldest Foreign Service training center in this nation. A large majority of the students, faculty and staff that work in the building are not aware it generates electricity. We pray that an educational exhibit be constructed, God for the lobby of this building explaining what photovoltaic solar electricity is, what it is made of and how it works with a computerized monitor summarizing the output of this 30,000 SF building-integrated photovoltaic [BI-PV] array that can be printed out by visitors for a quarter or less. We pray this taxpayer funded solar demonstration be provided a public easement to assure the public has ongoing regular access to visit the roof and exhibit during regular business hours. We pray that the trees allowed to grow and block the array are trimmed or removed to allow an honest assessment of the demonstration output.

God provide us the strength to face the truth of this deceitful and irresponsible mismanagement of energy resources. Let us not be hypnotized by the pendulum of blame from President Bush to President Clinton. This building is at President Clinton's alma mater and he did not mention it while in the White House for eight years. The distinguished Madeline Albright has an office in this building, but she does not mention the potential for peace inherent in using this technology around the world. President Bush installed three solar systems on the White House for security reasons in 2002, but the media won't report it. The Fall 2002 article about the solar systems at the White House are available on the Solar Energy Power Association website archives. Help us to observe and accept that both the democrat and republican administrations are heavily entrenched in nuclear, hydro and fossil fuel deployment as well as utility monopoly commerce furthering America's dependency on multinational energy cartels and related wars. God, help us to discern that consumers must get involved in energy agency proceedings to effectively redirect the energy industry. Coal consumption doubled during the 30 years of Earth Day. As we accept this truth help us to consider that many people in our nation have investments in energy and utility monopolies. They are fearful of losing retirement funds and related financing for their children's college education. Many among us are anxious to find a way to transform the energy industry and to free ourselves, our families and our communities from the massive electric wires overhead and the volatility of the present energy industry. God, yours is the way of beauty reflected throughout creation. Help us to guide the electricity industry to adopt stringent design and safety standards that go beyond the traditional mess we find in most neighborhoods. God, help us to discern the truth that money is worthless where we lose quality of life and endanger our loved ones to allegedly save or make money. God, provide neighborhoods the strength and protection to evolve the needed intervention skills that will free civilization from market power tyranny.

For those that want to generate their own electricity with renewable technologies, God please help them to find the beautiful way to evolve these technologies architecturally integrated within buildings of our towns. Provide them the insight, courage and strength to resolve related suppression.

As with every bad habit or addiction, the first step to recovery is our recognition of an irrational habit and the things we have done to ourselves and others to keep that habit alive even when it threatens our very existence. If we would not normally do these things then the habit is in control, not us.

God, help us to revive communications as the basis of our foreign service training and truth as the foundation of our mediations for peace. Let us dissolve the fear and degradation of oppression and tyranny from our hearts as it attempts to subdue freedom and democracy everywhere in the world. When we turn on our lights, God helps us to understand where our electricity comes from by singing this little song.

"When a light comes on
it's more than just a light,
it is a Journey . . . "

We know God that no matter what Journey is created to produce a generator or fuel, to actually generate electricity and to distribute it, electricity is still just wonderful electricity. If the Journey our electricity takes to glean fuels for electric generation and to store and distribute electricity is destructive, inhumane, criminal, exploitive and lacking in good judgment then we must ask ourselves "Is the Journey my electricity takes to turn on my lights one I would choose to take?" If not, help us to discern how to safely transform this Journey, God, to reflect the true values of democracy. God, we compel you to ever free us from our bad habits, weaknesses, from oppression, and to shore up our strengths in your ever-present Divine love, humane compassion and grace. Open our eyes, minds and hearts, God, to the truth of the various Journeys that bring us our electricity. God let us own our part in making the Journey and thereby take active responsibility in assuring it is a Journey we believe in.

Help us to demand to know the truth and to exercise our democratic rights in energy agency proceedings with an ever-increasing conviction that rejoices in the truth and exorcises the demons of deceit, destruction, crime, exploitation and lack. Let us remember, God, we cannot expect 'them' or some persons or party to accomplish this task alone. It is our legacy to heal this problem together, Lord. Strengthen our individual and collective ability to do so in order to retain democratic freedoms in our nation and around the world. God, give us the courage and faith to mandate solar electricity for the 30% we are lacking in our responsibility to Iraq. Let us use the atrocity of war to give birth to photovoltaic-grade silicon. It is true to your grace God that in healing our enemies we heal ourselves; and in healing ourselves we regain the strength to accept our differences. I remember speaking in Egypt on solar electricity in 1996. I included the Mennonite version of the following Psalm. My proposed abstract was welcomed with a hearty invitation to present a paper at the Egyptian Solar Energy Society Conference in April 1996.

The Bible : Psalms 19

For the Chief Musician. A Psalm by David.
19:1The heavens declare the glory of God.
The expanse shows God's handiwork.
19:2Day after day they pour forth speech,
And night after night they display knowledge.
19:3There is no speech nor language,
Where their voice is not heard.
19:4Their voice has gone out through all the earth,
Their words to the end of the world.
In them God has set a tent for the sun,
19:5Which is as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber,
Like a strong one rejoicing to run their course.
19:6 The going forth is from the end of the heavens,
The circuit to its ends;
There is nothing hidden from its heat and light.
19:7 Yahweh's law is perfect, restoring the soul.
Yahweh's testimony is sure, making wise the simple.
19:8 Yahweh's precepts are right, rejoicing the heart.
Yahweh's commandment is pure, enlightening the eyes.
19:9 The fear of Yahweh is clean, enduring forever.
Yahweh's ordinances are true, and righteous altogether.
19:10 More to be desired are they than gold, yes, than much fine gold;
Sweeter also than honey and the extract of the honeycomb.
19:11 Moreover by them is your servant warned.
In keeping them there is great reward.
19:12 Who can discern their errors?
Forgive me from hidden errors.

May the 228th Independence Day for the United States of America become a day of evolution and transformation evolving peace wherein we reconcile ourselves to cherish this earthly paradise. No matter what religion we are let us commune upon the precious twenty-one miles of earth's atmosphere as it daily connects each of us in our breathing of the air 14,000 times a day. In every breath let us commune with our brothers and sisters around the world and in every business decision let us make an effort that would honor us forever. Death and our reward in heaven are but an eternity. The life we live on earth and in the universe is our legacy, forever.

In closing this prayer, I would like to remember with you a parable about two villages located about 100 miles from each other. For reasons we can only speculate upon, maybe it was depletion of resources or a natural disaster; whatever it was each village almost simultaneously decided to relocate. As they walked, unbeknown to the other, the tribes came upon the same deep valley with a rushing river at its base. It was far too steep to climb down the valley wall. The villagers would have to create and build some method for all members to cross the ravine within a short time frame.

The first village began sketching various possibilities and debated about them for a few hours. They came up with some good possibilities, but they could not decide the best course of action. They were famished and getting tired. They decided to build a table and gather food for a feast. When they were rested they vowed to return to their problem-solving in a new day. The other tribe facing the same problem only 100 miles away was intent to develop a plan before retiring for the evening. They were tired and depleted and had not gathered resources to replenish their supplies. The more they continued to try to solve the problem, the more conflict arose. Before long violence ensued and by dawn the tribe had destroyed all but a few of their members. The few survivors were so taken back by grief that they threw themselves over the edge of the valley ledge. As the sun arose upon the horizon, it showed that the life of the first tribe was gone. The other tribe awoke under the same sun after a nice meal and a deep sleep, refreshed. As if they had been guided in their dreams and sketches, the discussion quickly began to form a plan for bridging the expanse before them. By early afternoon, the last villager had crossed the bridge and the tribe was on their way to their new home chattering and singing as they went. The earth is now our collective village home. At the very conference I discovered the solar roof at Georgetown University, I wrote poems and articles for the newsletter discussing our impact on the earth.


"When I was a child I traveled the earth like a feather in forests that towered over me and upon lands that went on endlessly under me. Now, that I have grown I make decisions that may produce a footprint large enough to destroy entire forests, nations and new technologies. God grant me the wisdom and breath to step gently and tenderly. Let me remember that though love is lighter than air, it is the heaviest thing I do." The decisions we make as modern peoples dramatically affects all others within our midst. It affects those that are known and those that are unknown to us. It is good to shore up resources, to relax and to renew ourselves in body and soul that we may rationally solve the challenges before us. Be content before reaching for more.

God Bless the spiritual feast of celebration of democracy and creation, bless the day and bless the world in every way as we commence this Ceremonial Journey for this segment of the Journey by Horseback for Peace and Photovoltaics from this sacred Eagle Rock Reservation 9|11|01 Memorial, by the origins of the electric industry found at the Thomas Edison's laboratory here in West Orange and into Ground Zero. May the wonder of your grace be with us.

God grant peace to all those whose names are etched here in this beautiful Memorial overlooking the New York City skyline, along with those known and unknown, mentioned and not mentioned who have been lost or suffered in the battle to evolve a humane sustainable electricity industry and a living democracy. God praise from the depth of your heavenly grace those who have gone before me to prepare this path for me and especially those who have assisted me in this Journey and in my work and who have joined us today for this early morning Prayer on the 228th Birthday of the United States of America. May all people be blessed with your overflowing and Divine love, grace and abundance. God, fill all peoples of the world with the peace that nurtures and restores innocents that we may each find the wisdom to evolve humane and rational solutions to our problems with your Divine guidance, and the Divine grace and guidance of your messengers the saints.

Be with us now, and forever, God.


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