1. The assistance from family, friends and associates not mentioned here.
  2. Ecumenical Ministries in Lawrence, Kansas = 30 days Accommodation 2003
    For Book Writing + Pre-Journey Preparation + New Year's Eve Dinner & Dance
  3. Marci & Joe = $30 New Year's Eve Dinner & Dance
  4. KU Swing Dance Group = Entertainment for New Year's Eve Dinner & Dance
  5. Georgetown Christian Science Members = $80 Accommodation Sponsors
  6. Mt. Vernon Place UMC = Storage, Phone, Computer & Mail Assistance
  7. Union UMC Church of Washington, DC = $30 Accommodation Sponsor
  8. Great Falls, VA Fire Department = General Assistance and Information
  9. Kevin from Great Falls = $100+ Sleeping Bag + Night Camping at Fairfax Lake
    Meals + Rescue Mission I & II + Transportation [Pray his knee surgery goes well!]
  10. Susan from Leesburg, VA = Home-cooked Dinner and Suggestions
  11. Victoria and Family from Leesburg, VA = $50 Tent and Information
  12. Bear's Den Rob, Craig & Dave = REI Frame Pack [donated new fishing vest to Bear's Den] + Campsite 3 Nights for Planting Oak Trees + Clearing Fallen Trees + Laundry + Cleaning
  13. Rosie & family Harper's Ferry for Sharing Their Home = Transportation + Food Supplies + Accommodations + Sharing Church + Contacts
  14. Numerous Libraries & Churches: Photocopy Press Release & Post for Public
  15. Appalachian Trail Conference Center in Harper's Ferry, WV
  16. John Fletcher: Lasagna Dinner, Camp Site, Transportation, Video-taping
  17. Ride from Lance & Gary to Merry Mount Riding Academy of Martinsburg, WV
  18. Merry Mount Riding Academy ~ Marie and Doug: Work Exchange, Phone, Contacts, Accommodation, Nicky the Tenessee Walker for Ride & Videotaping
  19. Dorothea ~ Bel Conte Opera Concert in DC, Transportation
  20. Nancy & George in Gaithersburg, Maryland: Work Exchange+Church Concert+$20
  21. County Road Assessor ~ Ride into Mountaindale, MD for Supplies+Rain Relief
  22. Prayer from Kelsey & Hanna for Journey by Horseback for Peace & Photovoltaics + Comfort during intense thunderstorm that blew transformer
  23. Ride back to trail to camp for the night from young couple on a date
  24. Ride from near Mountaindale to Cunningham Falls from two young men when I became ill from drinking spring water on the Cotoctin Trail.
    They also shared snapping turtle stew recipe. Didn't sound so good with stomach ache! We had snapping turtle races as youngsters, but didn't eat them.
    Battlefield visitors trivia question: What officer of the Civil War was nicknamed "Old Snapping Turtle"?
  25. Fred a hiker provided ride from the National Park Service Center near Cunningham Falls to Gettysberg Hospital
  26. Gettysberg Hospital for exceptional service to check out source of nausea.
  27. Rosemary for providing potatoe soup, phone book and use of phone
  28. Sherry for encouragement and work assisting her for seven days. $300 for major housecleaning and waxing floors of her home last week. We did a variety of organizing activities including sorting her three hundred pairs of earrings and doing about thirty loads of laundry. The five dogs and four cats were quite pleased as was Sherry. Hopefully, the tile floor will be completed in her kitchen ASAP!
  29. June 5, 2004 Alison at the Blue Parrot and sister Holly at the Yellow Canary for lunch and tea.
  30. June 4, 2004 Gallery 30 for sharing the beautiful children's book published in 2003 entitled: "The Man Who Walked Between the Towers" by Mordecai Gerstein. It is about Phillippe the young Frenchman who walked a tightrope between the two towers of the New York World Trade Center in 1974. It is a GOOD NEWS story!!! Find the $18 book at Common Sense MEDIA:
  31. June 5, 2004 Thanks to Lady the special white German Shepard who is a therapy dog for the fun time during the Gallery 30 open house on Friday in Gettysburg. Read about the children's book about Lady at: Thanks to Lester for providing some media names for me.
  32. June 4, 2004 Thanks to Emily at Off the Cornered Market for making her wonderful artwork so affordable. She is a young artist that does colorful interesting artwork.
  33. June 5, 2004 Chuck Williams $20 donation. He and his buddies Christine, Chris and Liz official bike trip managers gave me a ride as I was traveling in the pouring rain this last Saturday on the way to York, PA.
  34. June 5, 2004 Nice GI who provided me Eclipse gum, a brief ride and a rain cape on his way home from work. He left me at the Oregon Dairy Farm store that was unfortunately not too helpful. They forced me to spend $15 on a taxi to the train station. The trains had all gone for the night so I was stranded.
  35. June 6, 2004 Neptune Diner was recommended at the Pizza place across the street. It is an alnight diner and I had a great time to listening to old rock 'n roll while dining on their wonderful food. Their Greek salads are great!!! Blueberry icecream for a midnight snack and then breakfast before taking the train into Philadelphia. The backpack belt broke in the Cotoctin Mountains and I have too much weight to just hike the trail at this point.
  36. June 6, 2004 Teresa at a $1 store off of Market Street and 2nd in downtown Philadelphia for assistance in getting camera and briefcase at great prices. Teresa is discussing the possibility of establishing the first official Neighborhood Energy Watch Solutution Group right here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Establish your N.E.W.S. Group, TODAY!!!
  37. SEEKING FLAG MAKER AND SPONSOR TO PRINT UP 8" x 10"FLAGS OF 30,000 SF BUILDING-INTEGRATED PHOTOVOLTAIC [BI-PV] ROOF AT GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY FOR 4th OF JULY CEREMONY AT GROUND ZERO IN MANHATTAN NEW YORK CITY! 1,000 around $2 each using my photograph. Also need to make small USA flags available for public and energy consumers who attend ceremony!
  38. Chamounix Mansion in Philadelphia is a wonderful place to stay at $15 a night for Hostelling International Members and $18 for non-members. It is in the beautiful Fairmont Park setting on the Schulykill River.
  39. The Chamounix Stables (previously known as McCarthy Stables) are nearby. You can take a lesson for $30. If you are traveling by horse they also board horses. Watch the Journey Journey for photographs of the numerous visitors to the stables one afternoon. The facility needs support and resources.
    Philadelphia Weekly wrote an article about the facility.
    There are opportunities with the parks and recreation center to assist.

    See Journey Journal for more information.

  40. Two homeowners in West Philadelphia contributed $7 and $13.
  41. Megan and her family in Princeton contributed a place to camp for free two nights. $20-$25 value times 2 equals a total contribution of $50.
  42. Bill of Megan's family contributed $25 for groceries and transportation. He provided a night in the cabin valued at $25. This contribution totalled $50.


  43. A Princeton homeowner donated $10 for photocopy expenses.
  44. A young man with New Jersey Public Interest Research Group assisted me in carrying my things across the street when I stopped to visit Rutgers University in New Brunswick. He forwarded my information on to NJPIRG who indicated that they were quite busy, but were glad I was doing important work. They indicated that New Jersey has some of the best incentives for renewable energy in the nation. They said that Neighborhood Energy Watch Solution Groups would likely be very helpful in providing support to consumers and in transforming energy agency decisions. They indicated that Neighborhood Crime Watch Groups were quite successful in reducing inner city crime.
  45. A nice man on the bus directed me where to get off the bus in West Orange.
  46. Shortly after I arrived in West Orange, NJ a nice man and his wife directed me to Eagle Rock Reservation to camp. It is just down the road from the Edison Historic Site. The first electric plant was actualy at Pearl Street and Fulton just up from the Pier in Manhattan. I saw the plaque where the plant used to stand on Independence Day.
  47. A nice lady and her daughter assisted me up the mountainside to Eagle Rock Reservation to camp and visit the 9|11 Memorial. They provide a bottle of water to assist in getting up the hill on a hot evening.
  48. The next few weeks I worked on getting horses or riders to facilitate and/or join the Ceremonial Journey from Eagle Rock Reservation into Ground Zero. However, due to a variety of issues, we decided not to ride horses, but to hike into Ground Zero.
  49. Thank you to Montclair College and Upper Montclair for the great library service and research assistance. It is a lovely community. The train from NYC stops about fifty feet from the recreation field. It is a great location and a beautiful town filled with historic homes and interesting people. One of my favorites is the Yogi Berra Baseball Museum at the College.
  50. Thanks to the anonymous assistance of a place to stay while in West Orange, NJ and for taking me out to eat. I met these people at Eagle Rock Reservation.
  51. Mike the groundskeeper at Eagle Rock was a great inspiration. They are working hard to preserve the natural beauty of the area.
  52. Sorry I missed meeting the prominent instructor who offered $20, but we never seemed to meet up. She sounded quite interesting.
  53. A nice bus driver donated $10 which I used for breakfast at the Pioneer Diner on July 3rd, 2004. The other $5 was used for a camera to record the Journey. The photos are featured in the Epilogue of my book ElectriCity BEYOND THE CURVE OF DEREGULATION featuring Neighborhood Energy Watch Solution Groups and the Ethos of Commerce" Order your copy, today! Publisher's SPECIAL RULE 21 Discount $21 plus $3 S&H. Buy three get one free through December 31, 2004. Shipping last week of November.
  54. Thank you, again to assistance from Ecumenical Christian Ministries in Lawerence with special thanks to Rev. Thad, JoLinda, "T", Rick, Ben etc.
  55. Thanks to Marci and Joe who have worked with me while I have been in Lawrence, Kansas since August first when I rented 938 Rhode Island for a month and worked to help prepare it for students this fall. Now, I am doing work in exchange for a room. Their flexibility and encouragement have been quite helpful. Congratulations to now Senator Marci! Elected to 2nd District in Douglas County on November 2nd, 2004.
  56. Special thanks to Rick who helped me get over the major hurdle when everyone else had given up. It was his effort and encouragement that provided the resources to get "ElectriCity" completed. Thank you for believing!!!
  57. Thank you to all of those that are working behind the scenes to assist and those that have ordered a book and/or who have taken the time to VOTE SOLAR 2004 by sending a letter at the website to Congress with a copy to me. The goal is 300,000 consumer letters to introduce THE S.T.O.M.P. ACT for Solar Technologies of Mass Protection via consumer sponsors without a legilislative sponsor. I appreciate every bit of interest and support. Thank you!
  58. For those that still have the VOTE fever, you are needed to VOTE SOLAR 2004 The news indicated that this year's election had the most voters in the USA in history. Now, if they would all VOTE SOLAR 2004, we could breath easier. It is a non-partisan effort.
  60. Contact me for a Speaker ~ Solar Workshops ~ BI-PV Seminars ~ Design Services









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