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Natalie Von Ewert
Natalie Von Ewert(also known as Natamon),was born 1975 in southern Alabama(U.S.),and was doing her art from the early age of 3 years old.
                She was always attracted to the strange and unusual,so it was only natural that she would adore the style and music of the New Romantic and New Wave movement.
               Recently,she incorporated this into her work,in a group of drawings called,"The Musician Series",where she portrays New Wave and New Romantic musicians that she has greatly enjoyed and admired.Of these,she has created, David Sylvian,Gary Numan,and Marc Almond.
              This list of artists will continue as her future projects will present the band,"The Sparks",and John Foxx of the british band,"Ultravox!".
             "I love the wonderful music and fashion that the late 70's and early 80's presented.And in my mind's eye,I see these great talents in all sorts of ways,as if I got them to pose personally for me.It's truly alot of fun to place them in my work any way I want,and share it with other fans of that era and music."
              Natalie currently resides in southern California,and is a freelance artist/illustrator who's been featured in the mystery magazine,"Futures",as well as the gothic magazine,"From Dust".She has also created album covers,and is always looking for a new challenge.

Natalie Von Ewert Official Site Here