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'Jupiter's Darling' is my webpage dedicated to two of the greatest singer/songwriters in the business, Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart. When Ann and Nancy broke out onto the music scene the realm of rock n' roll felt an earthshattering blow and everyone knew they were going to be huge! Ann had (and still has) a voice like nothing anyone had ever heard before. She is one of the greatest singers in rock, ever. And Nancy. Throw her in with some of the greatest male guitarists and she can hold her own and then some. Together; the harmony, the poetry, everything about them was (and is) just amazing. They were two very feminine, very beautiful girls thriving in a male dominated industry. They weren't as fragile as females were portrayed back in the '80's. They were tough as nails. They could baffle you with their looks, wow you with their talents and personalities and then take you to the back alley and kick your @ss, just as easily. That's one of the reasons they've stayed in the business for so long. That and of course their amazing music. On this webpage you will find photo's lyrics, links to other Heart sites and much more. To begin click on any one of the links on the menu at the top of the page. If you have any questions, comments or anything you would like to submit to this site feel free to email me anytime:
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