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The Launch Of ----> The Justin Woods Foundation is created March 2001.
***************************************************************************************** First Fundraiser---->April 2001, Car Wash! Boy did we wash the cars that day!! It was worth all the sunburns that everyone received as well as the monetary donations we received.
Second Fundraiser---->May 2001, Yard Sale/Bake Sale/ Hot Dog Sale! How we worked our little tails off, what a great success!! We had so much items donated that after we were done with our yard sale we donated the remaining items to Hospice. A very big success!!
Justin Goes To MDA CAMP  ----> May 2001, Justin had a great time at camp. While he was there he canoed, made a t-shirt, swam, played pool, went to a dance, fished, and made lots of new friends.
Third Fundraiser ----> June 2001, Hot Dog Sale! Now this is the kind of fundraiser everyone should have...lol...Easy fundraiser with great rewards! Thank You Pak-n-Save in Madera California for allowing us to use your space!
Fourth Fundraiser ----> June 2001, Car Wash!! We worked from 9:30 am till 4:00 pm, with basically very few coffee breaks...lol...yes we had sunburns again, but it was worth it! Thank you everyone that participated!!
Fifth Fundraiser---> July 2001, Yard Sale II. We braved it again and woke up early and began haggling and bargaining with people all for the sake of raising money for a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy!!
The Big Shabang!!! ---> "Miracle 'Just In' Time" a benefit dinner, September 2001. We all were running around with our heads cut off wondering if we would be able to make this a success.  We had a wonderful time and the dinner was a great success!! Justin was presented with a go-kart from the Lions club of Chowchilla, Ca. Justin was so shocked when he saw the go-kart being rolled in. Williams Honda and Suzuki of Madera gave Justin a helmet so his go- karting experiences will be safe!. There were many other wonderful sponsors who out of the graciousness of thier hearts donated items that could be auctioned off as well as donating items for the dinner. Thank you to everyone that helped and donated items, your generosity was not overlooked. And we will see everyone next year!!

Boy were we tired after completing our first year of fundraising for a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, however, there was an incredible amount of work to be done....so we started our second year with as much enthusiasm as our first year...

50'S IN THE PARK--CHOWCHILLA, CA--->  We kicker off our second year by starting a campaign for community awareness regarding Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and The Justin Woods Foundation with high hopes of getting more people involved with working for a cure. What a great time we had at 50's in the park and met a lot of wonderful people who left our booth with warm regards, prayers and phone numbers because they wanted to help us in finding a cure.

JUSTIN GOES TO MDA CAMP FOR THE SECOND TIME---> Justin had so much fun the first year that he went to MDA camp that he couldn't wait to go again.  Once again, Nana went with him and what a time they had! Justin ate bbq ribs until he was ready to bust!!! Again, Justin enjoyed many activities while he was there and one of his favorites was going swimming, and movie night was something that he always looked forward to. Justin came back to us with a lot of wonderful stories as well as a list of new friends he had met while he was there.

JERRY LEWIS TELETHON--2ND YEAR---> We have so much fun every time we go and help out on the Jerry Lewis Telethon. Answering the phones and taking donations is one way the foundation works with MDA and raising money for Muscular Dystrophy. The highlight of the telethon was when Justin and the foundation presented the Muscular Dystrophy Association with a check in the amount of $2,000.

2ND ANNUAL MIRACLE "JUST-IN" TIME BENEFIT DINNER---> Well once again we were at our main event for the year, our second annual benefit dinner to raise money to help find a cure for DMD.