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In the Beginning
When Justin began to travel down the journey of Muscular Dystrophy, I wanted to do something for Justin as well as his family, to ease the stress of financial obligations that soon would accompany Muscular Dystrophy. In the beginning we did not know what type of MD Justin had, other than they suspected either Duchenne or Beckers, but no concrete diagnosis. I went to Justin's grandmother (nana) and his aunt and said, "Lets have  a dinner to raise money for his  medical bills, medical equipment and other things associated with Muscular Dystrophy. Everyone agreed and then we asked Justins mom, and she said that would be nice, and our journey started.
In the latter part of February 2001, we finally recieved word on Justin's diagnosis, what all of us didnt want to hear and had prayed to not happened, had happened, Justin was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.
Out of grief and love I focused my attention to the dinner. It is devastating to hear a doctor tell you that your child has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy The journey that now followed at times was an up hill struggle but through prayer and determination we have managed to overcome all the obstacles that have came our way.....and the story continues......
One of the first thing that the foundation did was acquire a federal tax id to register as a non-profit organization. When we got word back, smiles as well as tears transpired. Now we could begin. Armed with a small army of friends and family we began to strategically plan how we would create the dinner. Nana gave us the name for the dinner, it fit so perfect, and was what everyone wanted to happen....
A Miracle "Just In" Time.
Our Foundation was created yet we had one problem....No money to begin what we wanted to start, so we sat down and began planning a fundraiser to raise money so we could rent a hall for the dinner. A car wash, and Justin was present. IT WAS A SUCCESS!!! And soon another fundraiser was planned, this time a yard sale/ bake sale/ hot dog sale...all of us armed and ready to go, ANOTHER SUCCESS....Now we had the money for the hall, but there was no stopping us.....another fundraiser....a hot dog sale...and ...SUCCESS !!!
The Justin Woods Foundation Miracle "Just-In " Benefit Dinner
September 29,2001, starting at 5 pm, in Chowchilla, Ca.
We could have not gotten this far without the love and devotion of all the committee members,
as well as the community and the people that have donated for our cause.

The foundation acquried a logo
....a child's handprint...
A child's handprint has so much meaning....
an impression that a child leaves on every life that it touches.

MADERA, CA. 93637

The Justin Woods Foundation
is committed  to work for  a cure.
Through hopes, dreams, and determination
we will make it possible.
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written by Gina Kerby : chairperson
The Justin Woods Foundation