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All the fans in the JWF's home arena, The Grays Harbor Pavillion, are going crazy for tonight's event.  That is when Jaded by Aerosmith blasts the p.a. system for the fans to erupt in cheers.  The official JWF video plays on screen as everyone awaits patiently.  Finally a new video plays showing clips of huge moments in 2007 & 2008.  Rise Today by Alter Bridge plays in the background.  When it's all finished a show of fireworks explode putting everyone at awe.  Papa Joe is now standing on the stage to welcome everyone to tonights event.

Papa Joe:  Over the many years of the JWF we have held an award ceremony. Tonight we will see all sorts of wrestlers and awards to bring you one hell of a show.  People say that we do this for the fans.  You hear that all the time.  Well it's absolutely true.  We do this for you guys, because without ya'll we'd have no show.  So let's get things kicked off with our first award of the night.  Here to announce the most improved for 2007, JWF's own Darwin.

Bodies by Drowning Pool blasts the p.a. system for JWF Head Announcer Darwin to make his way out on stage.

Darwin:  The JWF has debuted a lot of rookie stars who have pushed their careers to the extreme.  JWF superstars like Fat Foley Version 2.0, Rock & Roll God, and your own Justin Asshole have called this place their home.  Tonight a new star will join them as the most imroved man of the year.  Just like last years winner, this man started his career off in the ICW.  He's a two time JWF World Heavyweight Champion, "The Treacherous One" Jack Krome!

That is when King Nothing by Metallica blasts the p.a. system and Jack Krome makes his way out on stage.

Jack Krome:  It's an honor to win this award.  Last years winner, Blade, won the award because I took him under my wing and helped him pick his career up.  Now it's my turn to recieve this award.  I just want to thank the fans, because you are the reason why I do what I do.

Rise Today continues on and then Papa Joe walks back out on stage.

Papa Joe: Jack Krome certainly has shown a lot of talent this year.  I look forward to his continueance in the JWF throughout 2008.  Moving On, I wish we could have someone present each award tonight.  I mean every award is as just as important as the next.  But we lack the airtime tonight, so here are a few of tonights award winners.  For the most entertaining match, Justin Asshole & Blagdon at Untaken.  For the biggest dissapointment, Jamaal Owens.  And finally for the biggest return in 2007, Raven-Hawk!  Before we move on to the next award it's time for me to induct the first member of the class of 2008 into the Hall Of Fame.  This man started his career as part of the Midget Squad with Mr. T & Mr. Michael.  He then turned on them to become a Pepsi-Holic.  After having a successful career as a pro-wrestler he then decided to go onto announcing.  He's been JWF's star colered commentator throught the last five years of the JWF.  Taking care of the flagship show, Massacre.  not even that, but he even was made General Manager of Cyclone for a few months.  So let's give a round of applause to the first inductee of 2008, T-man!

How Do You Like Me Now by Toby Keith hits the sound system as T-man makes his way out on stage.

T-man:  It's been great working here in the JWF.  I really enjoyed watching the Diva's wrestle, I mean...  Puppie!  What else can I say?  I want to thank all you fans, because you are why I am still here.  And I look forward to continuing my career as your JWF announcer.

Rise Today plays some more as Papa Joe makes his way back out on stage.

Papa Joe:  Since the very begining of the JWF there has been a hardcore division here.  Most the wrestlers signed to the company feel they are hardcore.  It's now time to present the award for the most hardcore wrestler of 2007!  To present that award is none other than the most hardcore man I have ever seen in all of wrestling.  JWF's most dominate hardcore champion, Justin Asshole.

That is when Cocky by Kid Rock blasts the sound system as the life time achiever makes his way out on stage.