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Justin Asshole:  Man it's great to be back in a JWF building. Though I love retirement I will always love this place.  I feel it's only neccessary that I present this award.  Seeing how I was so dominate in the hardcore division that Papa Joe had to bring in a second hardcore belt.  I'm the only man who has won both the JWF Hardcore and the JWF Xtreme Championship.  Over the past year however I have seen some truely hardcore individuals.  Jack Krome even defeated yours truely.  As for this years winner.  Well he came to the JWF and not only dominated as a hardcore competitor.  But also created the most brutal hardcore match I have ever had the experience of participating in, the Dynamic Hell Match.  So for the most hardcore of 2007, OU SOONER!

That is when Courtosy of the Red, White, & Blue by Toby Keith hits the sound system.  OU Sooner comes walking out wearing a red Oklahoma t-shirt and a black cowboy hat.

OU Sooner:  The first thing I would like to do is thank Clazzik.  If he didn't take me under his wing and train me I wouldn't even be here.  Second I would like to thank the fans, because you supported me in college football, and you have supported me as a professional wrestler.  I created the Dynamic Hell Match, because I wanted to give you guys the best possable match.  I know those who step inside that cell risk their lives, but they do it so they can show the world that they are here for you.

Sooner tips his hat to the crowed as Rise Today hits again and Sooner exits as Papa Joe makes his way back out on stage.

Papa Joe:  It's now time to announce the next Hall of Famer.  Two men couldn't be here tonight.  So I thought it would be best to take care of them now.  The first man started out in Mikefed1.  He is an original Pepsi-Holic and then moved over to the JWF.  He ended up leaving the JWF when we went into an invasion with Mikefed1.  I don't hold that against him, because I too started in Mikefed1.  So the next indcutee for the Hall of Fame is none other than Original Prankster!

The fans erupt in cheers and Papa Joe continues on.

Papa Joe:  Our next hall of famer started his career inside the JWF.  He's already been named an ECWF Hall of Famer with his brother.  He helped lead team JWF with a victory over the IWO.  Ladies and Gentleman, put your hands together for Fat Foley Version 2.0!

The fans erupt in cheers for Fat Foley and then Papa Joe continues on.

Papa Joe:  It's now time for the Wrestler's Choice Award Winner.  This is a new award, only one given out so far.  Part of the new tradition of this award is that last years winner will present this years award winner.  So for the second time tonight, ladies and gentleman, welcome back Justin Asshole!

Cocky hits again as Justin Asshole makes his way out on stage for the second time tonight.

Justin Asshole:  The fact that the wrestlers voted me as the Wrestler Choice Award Winner, was a shock to me.  I couldn't believe that they enjoyed seeing my asshole ways.  I'm even more shocked that they voted for this prick.  But if the wrestlers enjoy seeing him.  I will give him the award.  I do have to say that he knows how to get things heated up.  So for the man that the fellow superstars voted for, Blagdon!

That is when Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana hits the sounds system as Blagdon walks out on stage.  In his hand his black bat as he begins to speak.

Blagdon:  First I just want to say that the fact that you all voted for me tells me something.  That you all deep down agree with me.  Sure I may have a questionable way I go about things.  But Katya Flair doesn't belong here, the monster in Justin Asshole did tame, and Backdraft is just another idiot thinking he's some deadman.  I will win both my matches next month.  With you all voting for me, that shows that even though you don't want to admit it, you agree!

That is when Rise Today hits again and Blagdon heads off stage.  Before he can finish getting off stage he gets taken out by a spear by Justin Asshole!  Just gets back up and spits at Blagdon as he leaves.  Papa Joe then steps over Blagdon's body as he makes his way back out on stage.