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Papa Joe:  It's now time to announce the next Hall of Famer.  This man was actually a protege of mine.  It was a real pleasure teaching him about the business of professional wrestling.  He even suprised me at times.  When he won his first championship, I had to admit.  Even I was a little suprised.  He then went on to become the first man to capture every title in the company.  He's our first Grand Slam Champion, and it's a suprise that he isn't already a Hall of Famer.  Everyone please put your hands together for "Mr. Untouchable" Mark McConnell!

That is when Burn In My Light by Mercy Drive hits the sound system and McConnell makes his way out on stage.

Mark McConnell:  Wow, I can't believe that I am here.  I was just sitting at home, back in Scotland, when Papa Joe called me up.  He said that I was going to become a Hall of Famer now.  He's been directing most of my career and I owe him a lot.  So first I would like to extend a big thank you to the founder of the JWF.  Secondly I would like to thank the fans.  You guys are why I joined the JWF in the first place.  If it weren't for you I wouldn't have been able to accomplish what I have.

That is when Rise Today hits again and Papa Joe walks back out on stage.  He and Mark give a big hug on stage as Mark leaves.

Papa Joe:  Well it's now time to present the award for Wrestler of the Year.  Hands down the biggest award of the night.  Throughout the year we have seen several names win this award starting out with M@T winning it three years in a row.  Though it looks like he dominated it, there were some other names in that time that gave him a run for his money.  Then come the fourth year he didn't win it, because Stone Cold was so dominate that year.  Then came Jesse Jamester, and then one year later Justin became the dominate name here.  After three years of winning that award we come to last year's recipiant Blagdon.  This year we have three names who were very impressive this year.  First we have for the second year, Blagdon. Though his way of going about things is questionable.  There is no doubt he's helped in bringing up the ratings.  Without a good enemy there is no show.  Secondly we have our World Heavyweight Champion and the most improved this past year.  Jack Krome has really suprised me.  Even defeating Justin Asshole at Royal Battle.  It just goes to show his real potential.  Then finally we have Jamaal Owens.  Though his time in the JWF was short.  There is no doubt he got the ball rolling.  But there can only be one winner....  And that man is "The Treacherous One" Jack Krome!

King Nothing by Metallica hits the sound system as Jack makes his way out on stage.

Jack Krome:  I can't believe this...  It just goes to show that anything can happen.  It's been a pleasure being your World Heavywight Champion and with this award I'm speechless.  Thank you all...  You are why I am here...  I know you hear that a lot, but it's true.  Thank you...

Jack then lifts the award up as Rise Today hits once again.  He leaves as Papa Joe makes his way back out on stage.

Papa Joe:  New before we get to the Life Time Achievement award we have one more Hall of Famer to get to.  This man everytime he's around he gets the crowed fired up.  He's definatly been a pleasure to work with, and it's a pleasure to induct him into the Hall of Fame.  Everyone please put your hands together for Danny "Romeo" LeFave!

Danny's music hits the sound system as he makes his way out on stage.

Danny LeFave:  Just like Jack Krome...  I'm speachless...  I came to the JWF to get my career started.  After working with the ECWF I felt it was time to come back to the JWF.  I furthered my career for you guys.  And now I'm in the Hall of Fame.  Thank you!

Rise Today hits and Danny leaves as Papa Joe walks back out on stage.

Papa Joe:  Well it's been a great night and you guys have been awesome.  We've only got one more award to present and here to present it is the co-founder of the JWF.  My best friend, and a hell of a wrestler...  M@T!

Whatever by Godsmack then blasts the sound system as M@T walks out on stage.