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M@T:  I first came up with the idea of the Life Time Achievement award when I was watching James Brown recieve the award.  I then noticed that Busty Saint Clair deserved to be held up higher than the Hall of Fame.  Further down the road Crazy Rob would join her.  And a little further so would Justin Asshole.  Now another man has stood out amongst the others.  Not just for his work in the JWF, but his creation of the JWF.  Many superstars from the JWF have gone on to run their own company.  But none of them compares to his.  The ECWF and the JWF have been the top two companies period.  I've preformed in the JWF and I have watched the ECWF.  Here to recieve the Life Time Achievement Award is none other than your own, Rock & Roll God!

Sweet Child of Mine by Guns & Roses then hits the sound system.  Rock & Roll God then makes his way out on stage as the fans chant, "Rocky!"

Rock & Roll God:  It is a real honor to recieve this ward.  Aspecially to recieve it from M@T himself.  I started my career in the JWF, and the JWF will always be home.  I consider Papa Joe my mentor and the Grandfather of the ECWF.  I consider him that, because if it weren't for him and the JWF.  I wouldn't be here.  I do this for you guys though.  I do everything I do for the fans.  That being said...  I don't think there is much else to say.  So thank you....  Thank you all...  For coming out and watching me.

Sweet Child of Mine plays as Rock & Roll God walks off stage.  The camera then pulls back to show the entire audiance.  The screen then slowly fades out as the night comes to a close.