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For the four years the JWF was open it was getting harrassed by people all from the same company. Joe never even decided to invade these guys. They had a six year history and a lot of talent. Guys like Mike Rage, John Mole, and Lita continued to harrass the JWF. One day Eric Bichoff came to the JWF and asked for help. Aparently his company was receiving the same harrassement issues as the JWF was. So they decided to team up and put an end to it. Eric Bichoff's company eventually pulled out thinking we had no chance. Mike Rage jumped ship twice in this invasion. First over to the JWF and lead us into the fight. Eventually he turned on the JWF and decided to help the IWO. Papa Joe then appointed Mad Dogg's student Destroyer as the leader. With destroyer as the leader and gys like Jesse Jamester, Justin Asshole, and Fat Foley Version 2.0 we eventually came out on top. The six year company was finally closed down by a four year young federation. The perfect theme song for this invasion would be We're Not Gonna Take It by Bif Naked.