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JWF vs Mikefed1

This was JWF's first official invasion. Mad Dogg, the owner of Mikefed1, came up to Joe behind the scenes and asked him for a favor. Aparently the Mikefed1 didn't look like it was going to end anytime soon. Mad Dogg wanted out of there to create the XWF. So he asked Joe to take the JWF and kill it. Joe did just that, but it wasn't easy. It hurt Joe to have to invade this company, for this is the company his career began in. Durring this invasion we whitnessed Justin Asshole's debut. His debut match was against none other than a former Pepsi-Holic, within the Mikefed1, Kid Wikked in a deathmatch. Not only did the rookie win this match, but ended the guy's career. This was just the begining of Justin Asshole's career ending streak. Papa Joe and Crazy Rob were the leaders in this invasion. Joe felt it was his duty to lead them, for the Mikefed1 was his home. Crazy Rob also began his career in this company and joined Joe in leading this invasion. It was a long and hard fight, but the JWF eventually came out on top. Crazy Rob even got in a match where at the end he suffered a temporary paralization. He eventually faught through it and returned to the ring a while after the invasion was over. The invasion also whitnessed guys like Original Prankster turning on the JWF & The Pepsi-Holics to aid Mikefed1. By the time it was over JWF came out on top. Several guys came back to the JWF, but mostly they moved onto the XWF.