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After a while running a company, Papa Joe started to miss the ring. He knew if he wrestled in his own company, people who claim he was cheating. So he found the NWF and started wrestling there. People started to talk smack about the JWF, and Joe let it go. That's when people started showing up to JWF shows and insulting the company and the fans. The entire company got so mad they invaded the NWF without Papa Joe's consent. This fight was long, but not hard. The JWF talent won pretty much every match. Once the JWF defeated the NWF, he hired a few on as wrestlers such as Chainsaw & Buzzsaw. With the rest he hired on as JWF's tough security. All the way into the final days of the JWF no one messed with the security. Whenever Joe needed to take care of stables like the nWo, he'd allow the security to do so. Joe then made the owner of the NWF walk down to the rings of both the JWF and NWF and apologize for everything that happened. He also made the owner admit that the JWF is far better than the NWF could have ever dreamed to be.