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Last Updated - December 8, 2008

Results and the card for Massacre are now up, on time this week. Lately the card and results have not been impressive.  That's do to the lack of roleplaying.  We don't have a lot of stars right now.  Also it's hard to attract more when nothing is happening.  So it's gonna take a lot of effort from everyone to get out of this slump.
In a week we only moved up one place to 44th place on the KCW top 100 e-fed list.  This will also take an effort from everyone to get further up this list.  Everyone make sure they cast their vote daily.

The award show is just around the corner.  To get us ready for the awards.  I have posted a few polls for you to vote on.  Everyone please let me know what you think on the OOC board.  If there is a question you'd like to ask the company, then let me know.  I will create a poll for you and post it on the site.

After a couple weeks on break, Alex Braun is now back in the JWF.  Hopefully he'll be able to lend a hand in pulling the JWF out of this slump.
Power Five
Jack Krome
Energie Schwarzung
Alex Braun
Who do you want to win the Wrestler's Choice Award?
Alex Braun
Jack Krome
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What is JWF's most hellacious match?
Extreme Hell Match created by Destroyer
Dynamic Hell Match created by OU Sooner
Annual All-Fed Royal Rumble
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What was the biggest event this year?
Race For The Championship Tournament
Annual All-Fed Royal Rumble
Return of Friday Night Inferno
Return of the Pepsi-Holics
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What was the storyline of the year?
Papa Joe, Alex Braun, & Katya Flair
Raven-Hawk's run for the championship!
Alex Braun & Preston Carter Stark
Jack Krome & Backdraft
Katya Flair, Blagdon, & Godzilla
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