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T.V. Championship Battle Royal

Winner: Jack Krome

(OOC: This was a tough decision for me to make, as the people who did roleplay, did a very good job)

Since this was a tough decision, There will be a fatal four way for the number one contenders spot for this title against Riley Snipes, Backdraft, Rock and Roll God and Tyler Draven in the coming weeks.


OOC: Letting everyone know, with the recent events that happened as the rp for the storyline was put up, and with major thought and still needing to talk with Joe, The storyline between Joe, Alex and Katya is being put on hold until Joe comes back and I have a long talk with him. I don't want this to be a repeat of a Lita/Edge/Kane/Hardy situation. So Blagdon, and everyone else, please refrain from making any comments about this in your rp's until we straighten this out.

Women's Championship

New womens champion: Layla Matthews

OOC: Since Daisy did not rp, and fyi Daisy is OU Sooner (Joe's brothers real life g/f) so she was affected by the tragedy which is one reason she did not rp.

Xtreme Championship Match

Winner: Blagdon

Main Event - World Heavyweight Championship

Preston stark was a no show therefore the title was stripped and Raven Hawk is crowned new World Heavyweight Champion.

OOC: Again all I am sorry for not posting full results but I had a death in my family as well and have been busy with going back and forth from the hospital with doing pre-operational stuff for my knee surgery next week. There will be no Massacre this week, but there will be Inferno. I will discuss a card with Blackman. Or Joe will if he is back. Thank you so much for all of you who did rp. You have no clue how much it means to Joe and myself.