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1.) The most important rule of them all.  The reason is, because it's the most broken rule.  I will try as hard as I can to make the matches fair.  This means NO whining after losing a match.  The first time you will receive a warning.  If it keeps happening you will be removed from the JWF roster.

2.) The JWF is not the WWE, nor is it WCW or TNA.  This means everything from wrestler name, stable name, etc. has to be original.  You can however take a character and change his name.  Still having him act the same.  The reason for this is people like to use past matches in their roleplays.  How can you say you beat the Undertaker when you haven't even faced the same Undertaker you're faceing now?

3.) Selecting your pic base is a first come first serve situation.  Also if you become a life time achiever, then your picture gets retired.  Which means only that person may use that picture.  So when joining, take a look at the roster and the Life Time page in the history section of the site. Also when you become a hall of famer your theme music is retired and no one is allowed to use it except for that particular character.

4.) All roleplays will be based on a mixture of quality & quantity. Quality is not just the over all appearance of the roleplay.  Though adding pictures, music, and even a layout will help toward choosing the winner.  It will also be judge off of what you write.  If someone has a boring roleplay, and they face off against a against a very well written roleplay.  I'm obviously going to choose the well written one.  Quanity will play a small factor as well.  If someone posts 10 roleplays to their opponants 2.  I'm going to have to choose the person that roleplayed 10 times, because they tried harder.

5.) Also the deadline for roleplaying will be midnight the night before the event.  So if you are roleplaying for Monday Night Massacre the deadline will be Sunday Night at Midnight.  Also when it comes to roleplaying for pay per views.  The monday before the pay per view will be canceled.  This leaves you a two week period to get your roleplays in.  So only roleplays posted after the final Massacre, in that two week period, will be counted.

6.)  No racist comments, sexist comments, or making fun of people's religion.  This is not a place of descrimination.  People shouldn't feel that they are not welcome here.

7.) There will be no attacking anyone without their permission.  Nor will there be any using someone else's character without their permission.  I can't keep up with every character so if someone uses your character without your permission, let me know.  I will amediatly remove the message from the board. This isn't a place where your character gets ruined.  Unless you cannot live up to what your character is about.