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Corn Husk Dolls
"Before the Hunt"
"The Peace Keeper"
contemporary corn husk dolls by Tina Chrisjohn-Wyant
photographs by Jessica Wyant
more about contemporary corn husk dolls
Many of the Chrisjohn's enjoy making corn husk dolls.
These types of dolls were made from corn husk (as the name implies) and were left without a face. The dolls can be simple or intricate, large or small, clothed or unclothed. Traditionally the Iroquois people made the dolls for their children to teach them not to be vain.
Doll by Rita Chrisjohn-Benson
The Legend of the No Face Doll
    Long ago there was a young Iroquois girl who was very vain. Every day, she would admire her own reflection in the lake, and tell everyone how beautiful she was. One  day the Creator came to her and told her to stop being vain or he would punish her. Days went by but the girl didn't change. The Creator came to her again and warned her but she still ignored his warning, so, the Creator came to her one last time and shrunk her to the size of a doll and took away her face.