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My name is John Yarzagaray. If you're curious about the last name, visit
Buber's Basque Pages to learn a little about it and other Basque surnames (and lots of other things about Basque culture). However, I am not from the Basque country nor have I ever visited the region. I am from Chicago, Illinois, city of the big shoulders, hog-butcher to the world, where even the feast of St. Valentine is associated with bloodshed (that was from one of those NFL Films specials about the '85 Chicago Bears, the most fearsome and dominating team..nay...force of nature in the history of our planet). Anyways, that's where I live. I am a 30 year-old medical student in my fourth year of school. Let's see.....what else. My interests and hobbies used to be working out, playing guitar, movies, and surfing the web.