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The Journey Continues...

March 2001 ~
Mediacorp artiste Phyllis Quek released her debut album. The producer of the album is Lin Yi Xin [Jim] from Dreamz FM. "Freedom" found in the album is a very unique song. I especially like the introduction of the song and the way it is arranged which gives a very movie sound-track feeling. Although I am no great fan of Phyllis, some of the songs are really worth listening.

Dreamz FM also did backup singing for some of Stella Ng's songs.

I also found a flash movie featuring "bu zhi de". I am really impressed by the creator of the flash. Erm... so juz hope to share it with the rest of you. Hmm... have no intention of 'stealing' the flash so hope i won't be sued for anything.
Bu Zhi De

April 2001 ~ Top Fun

Dreamz FM appeared as guests in the Mediacorp Channel 8 Huan Le Dian Feng on the 9 April 2001 [Monday]. The trio were still as humourous as ever but sometimes they could be quite blunt too. When asked to comment on the participants during a game section which featured contestants who looked like famous people, one of the trio commented that the contestant did not look like Koh Cheng Mun but it was good that she did not look like the celebrity anyway. Ric was less harsh with his comments. During a game section where the guests were blindfolded, Ric was seen standing there waiting for further instructions while Cavin and Jim had already taken down their blinds. Comparing the three of them, you can see the stark difference between the married and unmmaried. =P
Maybe it is time to settle down Cavin and Jim!

May 2001 ~
Their newest song 'Tian Tian Hao Xin Qing' was composed by Yi Xin. It is a very lively song. So if you are feeling low, this song might be able to work wonders for you. I thought it was a music jingle for some advertisement when i first heard the song. It was in fact the theme song for a Mediacorp serial.

The theme song for the serial "He Ri Jun Zai Lai" [a war story] was also sung by Dreamz FM.

3 May 2001 ~
If you happened to tune in to Moonlight Express [Y.E.S. 933] on 3 May, you should have caught the 'bonus interview' of Ric and Cavin. Dennis Chew who stayed on till the midnight timeslot with Mary called out to Ric and Cavin in the middle of the night to test their reactions.

Firstly, Dennis impersonated a fan of Ric. Ric in his usual honest self was rather calm in his replies saying very few words. Obviously, he was quite taken aback by such a 'crazy' fan who called in the middle of the night. After the DJs identified themselves, he was asked to sing a birthday song and he did. At the end of the conversation, he then spoke in his signature Indian tone which was rather hilarious.

As for Cavin, Dennis impersonated a fashion consultant who worked with them in Taiwan (Xiao Di). However, Dreamz FM had always been in charged of their own clothes so Cavin was obviously perplexed. He asked whether the person on the line was Xiao Wei and Dennis continued with his joke. After Dennis and Mary identified themselves, Cavin said he had wanted to scold them *kb* [censored] but was still in the process of thinking who they were. Cavin ended the telephone call by singing "Bu Zhi De" and then asking if he sang better than Yi Xin. That was a good try especially in the middle of the night. Dennis actually wanted to call Jim and Elsa Lin but I guess he was not able to contact them in the end.

It's really nice to hear singers with no pretence and present themselves with the utmost sincerity. Good for them! They passed this spring test with full 10 over 10 plus bonus marks! =P

June 2001 ~ The V In U
Jim, Ric and Cavin were invited to perform at the UNV 30th Anniversary at New York on the 22 June. It was an honour for the trio as the performance was an international event. According to them over an interview on FM100.3, they were heard performing at a local performance at Instana whereby an International delegate got hold of their CD and decided to invite them to perform at the UNV event.

5 July 2001 ~ Press Conference at Muchuan



As I am not a super-loyal fan who attends every public appearance of theirs, this was a rare event where I got to see them perform LIVE. And, I must say I was truly impressed. If I was asked to rank my preference of the songs in their second album, the remixed oldie 'Deng Zhe Ni Hui Lai" would not be one of my top choices. But the LIVE rendition of that song was really great. The atmoshphere created by their performance was full of life. They also sang the theme song of 'Ah Chan Zheng Zhuan' - Tian Tian Hao Xin Qing. It was another song which could fully showcase their harmonised vocals and their LIVE performance skills. Another song heard at the event was 'Bu Zhi De'. Yi Xin delivered the song with great technique while Ric and Cavin did backup singing.
After the press conference, a few of us waited outside to catch a glimpse of them. It was an interesting experience mixing around with other supporters. The trio were rather approchable and agreed to our requests for autographs and pics. Heh~ I didn't come prepared at all; came with no camera and not even a pen. But other fans like Yu Wei and another guy (forgot his name) lent me theirs and I am truly thankful.

September 2001 ~ Music Happening

November 2001 ~ Dreamz FM 3rd Release

Stay With U

Ҫ ô
Should I Stay

α װ

The "V" In You

Live It Up

Personal Recommendations: 7.11 , Ҫ ô , Should I Stay...

Dreamz FM's 3rd album was finally released after almost one year of waiting. There were many pleasant surprises in the album. There were also a few English tracks. Personally I was greatly delighted by Track 7 - "Should I Stay" written by Ken Lim. The deliverance was great and they did not sound inferior to Western singers. In fact, they reminded me of Green Day. Haha.. but this was not the main point. Just wanna point out this is one of the plus points of local singers who are billigual. I really liked the intro and the guitar background. This was a song you would fall in love with repeated listenings.

Another song which I liked very much is Track 2 ~ 7.11 .The unqiue arrangement was done by Yi Xin. The song began with a phone call and a short conversation between a gal and a guy and ended with a message indicating the line was no longer in usage. The lyrics was also very well-written by Li Tong. The relationship between the two parties was described as a convenience shop whereby the guy was only appraoched when the gal needed something. The guy on the other hand was like a 24hr convenience store, being there all the time conveniently reached but never appreciated. This concept had nver been used in other songs and basically that's what creativity was all about.

The most highly publicised song in the album was . I liked the the bridge part which linked into the chorus. Actually it was not an easy song to sing. For each repeat of the chorus, the "Realise" had some variations. It was very easy to go on the wrong key and as you reach the end, you would not be able to reach the high notes.

Dreamz FM's full set concert at Downtown East was over. 22 Dec 2001 was a memorable day for many who attended the cconcert.There was no extravagant costumes or stage deco, but everyone present was treated to great music. I was certain the audience had a great night.

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