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22 Dec 2001~Dreamz FM in Concert

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The concert kicked off with Dreamz FM's newest MTVs.

Ric was formally a member of a local English local band "Lilac Saints".

They also joked about their hilarious experience in Taiwan where Cavin sang off tune when he was singing Harlem's "Rang Wo Yi Ci Ai Ge Gou" cos he wasn't in his peak form that time. The 3 of them also told the audience of their admiration for Harlem's talents.

Cavin tying his hair as he was feeling warm.

Ric & Lilian's marriage was announced formally. It wa a very touching scene. Li Lian also sang "Guan Huai Fang Shi" on the stage. Before she went down the stage, she also gave Ric a kiss and wished him all the best for the concert. That's really sweet.

Cavin & Ric showing off some dance moves. Nice try. [right]

Each of them are talented in their own ways apart from their singing profession.

They also sang songs of other singers like Harlem's "Qing Fei De Yi", Bee Gees' "Staying Alive", Collin Raye's "Love, Me", Jay's "Xing Qing" etc... It was really a great performance. They also recalled listening to Jay's "Xing Qing" in Huang Shu Jun's car during the period when they were producing their first album. They fell in love with this song but missed the chance to sing it at that time.

Dreamz FM having some interviews after the concert [right]

3 Jan 02 ~ Old Article on Lilac Saints
I went surfing around and finally found this article on "Lilac Saints". Ric was one of the lead singers of the band before he left to join Hype Records. It was an article from the NTU Chronicle! Yupz...Cheers to NTU publications! Anyway, it was in PDF format so I copied the portion and converted it into HTML.


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News Source: zbNOW 12 August 2002