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re-plugged = good music

1999 saw the release of "Replugged" album by a group of music-lovers who were mainly performers in music lounges. 11 March, they were heard on FM 93.3 with their group of instrumentalists. Their LIVE deliverance of the songs was superb. And that did not come as a surprise as many of them are performers at min ge can ting like Mu Chuan & Ai Qin Hai. Thus, their professionalism in performing Live was indisputable.

re-plugged = acoustic + elecctric

Reviewing the album, I personally think that this is a very listenable album. Some of the songs were previously sung by other singers, but the replugged singers managed to give these songs a fresh outlook and a new touch. There are also 2 Cantonese tracks С and ԸҲin this album.

Personally I like ƭԼûаsung by Cai Li Lian. and ˡ are also recommended and most would have heard these two songs over the radio.

re.plugged = All must be 'LIFE'! --> p/s : LIFE > LIVE

Xinyao is never forgotten. Y.E.S. 93.3FM Local Youth Concert featuring Mavis Hee, 2 Girls, Replugged and Shirley Yee was held on 13 Jul 1999 [Tue] at World Trade Centre Auditorium. The singers gave their own rendition of early xinyao songs as well as some other local compositions.

In Jeff Chang's album "Please Come Back", you will find many compostitions by Singaporean musicians such as Liang Wenfoo, Li Si Song, Xu Hua Qiang and Jimmy Ye. Furthemore, Jonathan Koh is also the guitarist for many songs. More attention is given to the works of Singapore musicians nowadays. They have really come far from the early days where little attention was given to Singapore musicians. That is something applaudable. We can expect more in time to come. Let us wish them luck and give them our fullest support.

Singapore musicians got 6 nominations for the 12th Taiwan Golden Melody Awards. The nominees included Li Si Song, Li Wei Song, Sun Yan Zi, Wu Qing Long and Martin Tang.

  • Goh Kheng Long was the keyboardist for a band - Jive Talking performing at Hard Rock Cafe in the past.
  • I am sure you will not find Li Weisong and Li Si Song unfamiliar as they have been in the Chinese pop music scene for a long time. Also, they are the 'men' behind the most recent local pop sensation Stefanie Sun.
  • Sun Yan Zi was awarded the Best Newcomer award.
  • Martin Tang was awarded the Best Music Arranger award. He was in a music band - "Culture Shock" in the 80s with Douglas O.

    In the article found in Streats [4 May 2001 Friday], Karen Chen speaks about the rarity of male musicians in the current music scene. "Think of Singapore's pop sensations and names like Stephanie Sun, Kit Chan, Mavis Hee, Stella Ng, Tanya Chua and Fann Wong come up - all pretty, and yes, all girls." Reasons cited for this situation included local guys' demand for stability, lack of looks and NS.

    The article also mentioned that "the closest thing to a male talent showing here comes in the form of the group Dreamz FM. But though they are talented and can sing like birds, they failed to create a flutter in Taiwan when they released an album there two years ago." Well, on one hand it is true their first album two years ago did not break records like what Stella and Stephanie did but it is also unfair to judge them upon that as their first album was released when Taiwan had a major earthquake. No one was in the mood to rush to the CD stores to buy albums. Furthermore, though their first album failed to top SPVA charts, they had gained positive reviews from counterparts in the music industry both in Taiwan and Singapore.

    One last word from me, lend them your ears and listen to them. I am sure you will be touched by their powerful yet smooth vocals. They may not have the best looks but they are sincere singers giving their best. So what if they "failed to create a flutter in Taiwan" as mentioned in the article, are we Singaporeans not willing to show our support too?!?

    I also strongly believe that Singapore has no lack of talented guys. They just need to be given a chance to showcase their talents. Go down to any min ge can ting, I am sure you will spot talented male singers and some with good looks too. "Hype Records director Mr Ken Lim said that as long as you're 'musically driven and willing to put in time and effort regardless of the result', you're the guy for him."

    Local artistes performed well at the 12th Golden Melody Awards with Sun Yan Zi grabbing the Best Newcomer award abeit keen competition from other new talents like Jay Chou. Li Wei Song was awarded the Best Music Award for his composition - Tian Hei Hei. Martin Tang's music arrangement for Wo Yao De Xing Fu also brought him the Best Music Arrangement Award.

    Xinwei [Brenda Tan] is another local singer who has just entered the Chinese pop music industry. She released her very own album- Xinwei's Hidden Poems and received pretty good response in the Taiwanese music market. At the moment, I have inadequate knowledge about this new artiste and her songs. From the article by Diana Ser, we are told that Xinwei is currently persuing her Masters degree in Engilsh Studies at NUS.

    Her songs are all very simply arranged with guitar accompaniment but it brings out a very clean and touching feeling. Some listeners commented her voice sounds a little like Karen Mok. "You Yi Tian" is frequently aired over the radio and it is really a very soothing song to listen to. Try listening to it at night when it's all quiet, it's a great song and personally, I think it's quite a thought-provoking song. Listen to lyrics carefully and you might be inspired.

    The article from zbNOW July 13 2001 speaks about the performance of albums in the first half of 2001. Stella and Stefanie scored well with Stella's album "Deng" at No.8 and Stefanie's "Wo Yao De Xing Fu" topping the Best Selling Chart!

    2 December 2001 ~ Mandarin Music Nite

    Singers from Muchuan sang several xinyao songs. Most of the songs sung that day, like "rang ye qing qing luo xia", "tai duo tai duo", "ji zhu ni dian hua hao ma de fang shi", "pai pai zuo" were written by Liang Wen Fu.

    Several local Chinese jam bands also performed. Dasmond Koh of FM93.3 also made a guest appearance. This event was organized in conjunction with the Speak Mandarin Campaign.

    Our ever lovely Cai Lilian also delivered several Jazz songs. One of the songs she sang was Fan Xiao Xuan's "Ka Fei"

    7th Composers And Authors Society Of Singapore (Compass) Awards



    English Pop Song

    Stoned Alleycat (by Stoned Revivals) by Esam Bin Salleh

    Chinese Pop Song

    Zuo You Shou by Jimmy Ye

    Malay Pop Song

    Cenderawasih by Zaidy Nandir

    Serious Music

    Overture by Phoon Yew Tien


    There's No Why by Ken Lim Chih Chiang

    Instrumental Contemporary

    Mind Trip by Tan Paul Hwa, Tan Paul Guan,

    Case Michael Woo (Quadmix)

    Composer of The Year

    Dick Lee

    Young Composer of The Year

    Tanya Chua

    Publisher of The Year

    Touch Music

    Artiste of The Year

    Tanya Chua

    Artistic Excellence Award

    Eldee Young, Liu Bin, Professor Shen Ping Kwang

    Meritorious Award

    Lee Wei Shiong, Wandly Yazid, Billy Koh, David Lim

    Wings of Excellence

    Lee Shih Shiong

    * Familiar Names In The Chinese Pop Music Scene