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Stella Ng was invited to be the spokesperson for Taiwan jeweler line - Xuan Li Jing. She also endorsed a limited edition guitar-shaped gold ornament. Stella also tried her hand at making her very own gold ornament.
She was also involved in the NKF Charity Show 2001.

Stella Ng made public appearances at the Hougang NTUC Mall and Lot 1 Shopping Centre. Stella, currently an NUS undergraduate, had her exams a day before. She commented that the Science paper was horrible but the human resource paper was better. Stella's fans gave her tremendous support. Diana Ser, the writer of the article, commented "she scored full marks for professionalism and a star for spontaneity. Being a star comes easy for her."



Her dressing, at the endorsement ceremony for Beyerdynamic, was simple but Stella shone in her performance. Apart from singing one of the songs from her album - Wu Liao De Yi Tian, she also sang another English song. [I dunno e title.. paiseh] She's the second local female singer to endorse the product. When asked by Dennis Chew [MC for the event] about her feelings about the product, she said that having her very own sponsored system felt like having her very own guitar. She could always rely on the trustworthy system.

In conjunction with the Speak Mandarin Campaign, a competition was held to promote the language. The song writing competition is opened to all and interested parties should send in their entries by 23/7/2001. The selected song will be sung by our local sweetie pie singer Stella Ng.

Stella was also featured in Harlem's MTV for "Qing Fei De Yi". Stella played the role of the dream gal that the male lead in the MTV fancies. Harlem also lent Stella his guitar for one of her MTVs in her first album. There was some mishap and the guitar was damaged accidentally, but this new collaboration between Harlem nd Stella showed that all had been forgiven.

She was dressed in a white evening gown and looked really gorgeous. Some commented that she overdressed and looked like a bride. But I guess she was only giving due respect to the event so I see nothing wrong with that.

Dec 01 ~ Stella was also involved in a Taiwan ż acting opposite Zhu Xiao Tian of Taiwanese group F4. Both of them are singers under Sony Music label. Recently, Sony has also came up with a compilation of all the top hits released by the label in 2001.

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