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  April 15, 1975                                                         15-75
___ ___ ___ ____ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ____ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ _

COCOS - TI9DX  The plans for the Cocos operation had to be set back a week and it is 
  now rather solid to open April 19th and run until April 24th.  The group will be
  signing TI9DX.
  An update on the operators now shows that the crew will include Carlos Fonseca,
  TI2CF; Jose M Arias, TI2J; Salomon Weinstok, TI2WC and Rodrigo Madriz, TI2WD.
  All QSLing will be handled by the Radio Club de Costa Rica, Box 2412, San Jose,
  Costa Rica.
  The usual DX frequencies and the operations via OSCAR 6 and 7 will probably be
  c.w. only efforts.
  There are additional reports that the license that the HB9ers had for Cocos was 
  canceled by the Minister in Charge of Communications Controls because of some
  alleged defects in its issuance.  If all goes well and things do look rather solid
  at this point, TI9DX should be on this weekend.

EASTER ISLAND  Wayne Warden, W9MR, passes the word that he expects to be on Easter 
  Island by this Thursday, April 17th.  Wayne says that he expects to open no later
  than April 18th.
  QSLs for this CE0-Easter Island effort will go to INDXA.

BICENTENNIAL CALL SIGNS  The FCC last week announced that amateurs within the area
  of the FCCs jurisdiction would be permitted to use special callsign prefixes during 
  calendar year 1976.  Actually the authority runs just over a year, it starting at
  0001 on January 1, 1976 and ending at 0500Z on January 1, 1977.
  No prior approval from the FCC is needed for the use of the Bicentennial prefixes and 
  their use is voluntary.  There is no charge and all existing suffixes do re-
  main unchanged.
  The ARRL has prepared a chart which will give a quick reference for checking out
  what call-sign might be coming from where.  There is a large number of possible
  prefixes and you will find the chart inside this bulletin.  This chart should be
  the answer to most questions.  You might note that there is nothing shown for a
  number of familiar places such as KG4-Guatanamo Bay, KZ5-Canal Zone plus several
  others such as KA/KC6/KG6-Marianas and KX6-Marshalls.

  that he will make three DXpeditions sometime during the summer months and most
  likely in the June and July period.  He plans operations from all three of the
  three spots listed above.
  Jose reports that on Fernando de Noronha he probably will be signing PU0YS, at
  the Atol das Rochas it looks to be PR0YS and from St. Peter and Paul it possibly
  will be PS0YS.  At this point these calls are tentative and more should be coming
  on the calls as the trips near.
  The Fernando de Noronha effort will run a week, covering all bands and all avail-
  able modes including some 160mtr efforts.  The other two spots probably will only
  be two-day operations.  A FT-101B, VFO and Eudgert 400-14 will be the gear.  The
  antenna a 14AVT/WB plus inverted Vees.  QSLs will be handled by PY7YS himself.
  Jose notes that he made the December 1974 effort on Trinidade and QSLs for this
  PY0YS operation go to him.  He is also the QSL source for CR8AG and CR8AL presently
  active from Timor.

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   SUNSPOT LOUIE  Another week has passed without any
   significant sunspot activity.  Two observations
   at the W8ZOK observatory were made on the date of
   this chart, both under ideal conditions and both
   failed to reveal any sunspots.  At this point              
   there has been a period of approximately eight
   weeks without any sunspot activity.  On this
   date, WWV handed out some `3's in their forecast
   of radio quality and the index had been
   slipping for a couple of days, sliding from
   `6' on April 6th to a `5' on the 7th and then 
   some `4's and `3' on the 8th.  The drop on
   April 8th was the start of a geomagnetic
   disturbance, this one showing up about 48 hours
   later than expected.  It had been looked for on April 6th.
   Boulder also expected conditions to be disturbed through this last weekend
   and then some improvement up to the 14th, conditions being what is called `normal'
   by the 15th.  Solar activity is expected to continue low and the next period of 
   unsettled radio conditions being expected in the April 23-26th period.
   On the 12 month moving average Zurich sunspot number, they look for a 22 average in
   April and then 20 average in May.  It may be interesting to look at the turn of the 
   year where the projected sunspot numbers go something like this:

                    Sept      Oct    Nov     Dec     Jan     Feb
                     15       14     14      13      12      12

   All of this might be indicators that something might be touching bottom.  There are 
   some indicators that things have slid off a bit faster than expected and the bottom
   of the cycle may be close at hand.  Rejoice!!!
   When things do change and the cycle turns up, it does move a bit faster than it did
   in declining and conditions should be showing improvements before long after the
   turn.  All of this is aimed at keeping your flux up.  Things could be worse.....but

   Updating W4UMFs DX Racing Form, things should be a bit like --

              April 14th  Low Normal                    April 22nd  Low Normal
                    15th  Low Normal                          23rd  Below Normal
                    16th  Low Normal                          24th  Disturbed
                    17th  Low Normal                          25th  Below Normal
                    18th  High Normal                         26th  Below Normal
                    19th  Low Normal                          27th  Low Normal
                    20th  Low Normal                          28th  Low Normal
                    21st  Low Normal                          29th  Low Normal

   Things may surprise and go to a High Normal on April 28th...but don't count on it.

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Call sign prefixes
within contiguous
WA X . . . . . . . . . . .
WB . X . . . . . . . . . .
W . . X . . . . . . . . .
K . . . X . . . . . . . .
WD . . . . X . . . . . . .
WR . . . . . X . . . . . .
WN . . . . . . . . . . X .
Call sign prefixes out-
side contiguous U.S.
. . . . . . . . . . . .
KB6 (Baker, Canton,
Enderbury, Howland)
. . . . . . AG2 . . . . .
KC4AA-ZZ (Navassa) . . . . . . . . . . . AL4
KG6A-H (Guam) . . . . . . AG6 . . . . .
KH6 (Hawaii) . . . . . . . AH6 . . . .
KJ6 (Johnston) . . . . . . . . . AJ7 . .
KL7 (Alaska) . . . . . . . . . . . AL7
KM6 (Midway) . . . . . . . AH7 . . . .
KP4 (Puerto Rico) . . . . . . . . . AJ4 . .
KP6 (Palmyra, Jarvis) . . . . . . . . AI0 . . .
KS4 (Serrana, Roncador) . . . . . . . AH4 . . . .
KS6 (Samoa) . . . . . . . AH3 . . . .
KV4 (Virgin Islands . . . . . . . . . AJ3 . .
KW6 (Wake) . . . . . . AG7 . . . . .
Special Novice call
sign prefixes outside
contiguous U.S.
. . . . . . . . . . . .
WB6 (Baker, etc.) . . . . . . AG3 . . . . .
WG6 (Guam) . . . . . . AG5 . . . . .
WH6 (Hawaii) . . . . . . . AH1 . . . .
WJ6 (Johnston) . . . . . . . . . AJ1 . .
WL7 (Alaska) . . . . . . . . . . . AL1
WM6 (Midway) . . . . . . . AH2 . . . .
WP4 (Puerto Rico) . . . . . . . . . AJ8 . .
WS6 (Samoa) . . . . . . . AH5 . . . .
WV4 (Virgin Islands) . . . . . . . . . AJ2 . .
WV6 (Wake) . . . . . . . AG1 . . . .
All this comes from the ARRL.  It was felt that this would be the easier way to reproduce
and give the information rather than trying to explain the special prefixes in words.
Amateurs will be permitted to use these special call sign prefixes during calendar year
1976 as part of the Bicentennial observance.  All this is completely voluntary and requires
only the exchange of the existing prefixes for the specified prefix. 
Complete details will be in the May QST.  The use of these prefixes will not be permitted
until January 1, 1976 and caution has been called for in not using them prematurely.

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                                                                15 April 1975

NEW COUNTRIES  Something may be developing out in the Pacific and some new countries 
  may leap up to warm the patient DXers, patiently waiting out the decline of the 
  sunspot cycle.
  It appears that last January 1st there was a split of the administration of the
  Gilbert and Ellice Islands, this action by the British Insular Affairs office.
  Ellice is considered as detached from the Gilberts and their prefix is to be
  VR8.  Two amateurs are said to be in the Ellice Group at Funafuti but they are
  not expected to be heard on the air in the immediate future.  VR1AA is reported to
  be the issuing authority for licenses for VR8-Ellice Islands.
  The other area which should shape up to be a new country is the Northern Line
  Islands, to the north and a bit to the west of Tahiti.  These islands are also
  supposed to be on their own and will be signing VR7.  No clues to any resident
  amateurs in these islands could be found.
  There are also some recurrent inquiries about Jarvis and its administration.  It
  may be a possibility.

SHORTLY NOTED  There is word via the Vatican to W6KNH that Father Moran at 9N1MM
  may be back on the air shortly....if not already.  No details but Clyde got the
  good word from friends there in Rome.  3C1AGD (SM0AGD) will be in the Miami area
  in a few weeks.  After the twenty-hour effort at Fernando Poo, Erik may take a
  look at some Caribbean areas where the operations can go for a couple of days.  
  Maybe some on the needed lists.
  UR2AR who has been hardly heard at all since his return from Franz Josef and
  UK1ZFI a few years back, says that he decided to rebuild everything....shack,
  gear, antenna.  A week or so back Enn was waiting for some good weather to finish
  the overhaul on the quad.  UR2AR has been reported a couple times in recent weeks
  by Red Eyed Louie.
  That HS3MJ may be okay after all.  The station is in there consistently, says the
  name is Greg George and QSL to Box 963, 7th RRFS, APO San Francisco.  While on that
  APO San Francisco, it should be noted that the correct APO for KM6EA is 96614
  and not 06614 as our high-speed and erratic typing put it last week.
  HR6SWA will be leaving Swan Island right after the end of this month and the re-
  placement, an operator named 'Jeep' will take over then.  QSLs for Jeep will go
  to W3LLL.  VK9RH on Norfolk has been showing ad some of the eastern shore stations
  have managed to work him.  That KS6SFA was a special call to commemorate the 75th 
  Anniversary of something there in Samoa.  QSL to Dept of Education, Box 1618, Pago 
  Pago and 2 IRCs will bring you a special certificate to mark the QSO.
  Some of the people presently at Palmyra went over to Kingman a week or so back to 
  check the scenery.  To their surprise the platform on the high spot which was the 
  operating site for the KP6KR effort last July was still in place.  Some had thought 
  that heavy storms would find waves sweeping clear over the area but apparently not.  
  Martin, OH2BH, was in JY-land during the CQ WPX effort though no reports of anyone 
  working him surfaced.  Karl Gamper, VE8RA, was also in Jordan during the WPX and
  was signing JY8RA.  Some Europeans who were listening say they did not hear the
  Tunisian operation which was planned.  8P6FW is reported as finished plans for an
  DXpedition to Palm Island....but even W5ALA acknowledges he has no idea where Palm
  Island might be.
  There was a report that Wim/PA0IWH had been kidnapped by some guerillas.  There has 
  been no confirmation on this from any other source.
  Jim McCook, K6GLC, who hangs out a shingle was a `painless' type dentist when he's
  not taking a couple of years off for scuba diving, has decided to reopen the bus-
  iness down in the San Diego area.  UA0FGM, Walt, is also relocating back to Moscow
  around the 1st of May and he will be signing UV3GM there.
  The Northwest DX Convention will be the 2nd and 3rd of August at the Doubletree Inn
  just south of Seattle.  Make your vacation plans now.
  WA7OBH is now handling the QSLs for VE8RCS, this being the Polar Amateur Radio Club
  at Alert in the Northwest Territory.

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                                                                 15 April 1975

REPORT FROM RED EYED LOUIE   .....A whisper and then a silence.....


CO5DM   7007/0030/Apr  9w   HK0BKX  7002/0520/Apr   4e  UO50WB  7015/0350/Apr   4e
CP5GK   7010/0445/Apr  4e   HM1IJ   7026/1350/Apr   2e  UK1AAG  7014/0430/Apr   4w
DM2CYG  7033/2330/Apr  6e   JD1AJZ  7011/1335/Apr   1w  UR2TAX  7005/0320/Apr   3w
DM3YBF  7016/0340/Apr  4e   KS6F    7031/0630/Apr  10w  VK1F    7005/0445/Apr   7w
EA8IQ   7001/0045/Apr  2e   KS6SFA  7032/0555/Apr   9w  VK2AJ   7005/1400/Apr   2w
EA8FJ   7030/0405/Apr  1w   LZ2AW   7009/0350/Apr   1w  VP2KX   7004/0550/Apr   4e
EA9EO   7005/2330/Apr  1e   LZ1YY   7033/2350/Apr   6e  VP2SAI  7010/0240/Apr   2w
FB8YC   7011/1135/Apr  2m   OA4AHO  7015/0440/Apr   3w  VP5CW   7028/0325/Apr   1e
FG7AN   7012/2320/Apr  8m   PZ1AH   7009/0450/Apr   1w  ZE1JV   7002/0340/Apr   4e
FY0BHI  7012/0225/Apr  9m   PZ1AW   7002/0050/Apr   1w  ZE2JS   7014/0430/Apr   3w
GB3RN   7005/0505/Apr  4e   OE5KE   7009/0430/Apr   4e  ZL2JA   7004/0440/Apr   1w
GC2LU   7005/0610/Apr  3e   OH1KA   7009/0420/Apr   4w  ZS6ABO  7010/0445/Apr   4e
GC2FMV  7006/0400/Apr  4e   SP1ALK  7033/0010/Apr   7e  ZS1A    7005/0530/Apr  10w
HA1XR   7033/2320/Apr  6e   SP2AX   7038/0230/Mar  31m  4X4CJ   7007/0345/Apr   3w
HB0AFI  7093/0415/Apr  5e   SP8GQU  7022/0030/Apr   4m  5L2FT   7002/0025/Apr   3m
HB9AYO  7033/2255/Apr  6e   TF3IRA  7004/0225/Apr   2w


CN8HD   3768/0435/Apr  2e   GI6VU   3799/0110/Apr   7e  VR4BS   3794/0750/Apr   7e
C6AEM   3786/0455/Apr  2e   GC3XBN  3798/0130/Mar  31e  VP5CW   3525/0205/Apr   1e
CE8AA   3797/1145/Apr  6w   GC4BUE  3798/0135/Mar  31e  VS6DO   3795/1315/Apr   2w
CT1MK   3767/0640/Apr  2e   JA1KXY  3801/1015/Apr   6e  YN1WB   3795/0445/Apr   5e
DL0VT   3799/0110/Apr  7e   JA1EOD  3801/1355/Apr   2w  4X4NJ   3796/0310/Apr   5e
DU1GF   3795/1400/Apr  2w   KM6EA   3805/1135/Apr   5e  8R1J    3506/0330/Apr   1m
EA8CR   3794/0730/Apr  6e   TG8KT   3802/0725/Apr   5w  8R1AG   3802/0930/Apr   6e
F6BKW   3767/0600/Apr  2e   UA0FGM  3620/1300/Apr   8w  9M2DW   3795/1410/Apr   3w
FM7WE   3795/1025/Apr  4w   VP2AA   3789/0440/Apr   5e  9J2WR   3505/0445/Mar  31m
FP8DH   3778/0615/Apr  5e   VP2SG   3797/1030/Apr   4w
G3FJW   3786/0435/Apr  2e   VR4DX   3806/0910/Apr   6e


CN2AQ   14062/1800/Apr 6e   ZL1CO   14048/0440/Apr  2w  5Z4LW   14026/2015/Apr  2m
FB8YC   14020/0145/Apr 6m   5Z4PQ   14047/1900/Apr  1e  9J2BO   21040/1455/Apr  1e
ZE8JJ   14036/2020/Apr 1e   5Z4OM   14009/1835/Apr  1e


HS0HS   14215/0340/Apr 6yb  UA0BBI  14068/1230/Apr  2e  UK8MAA  14064/1440/Apr   5w
JT1AU   14031/1225/Apr 5e   UF6FAY  14067/1530/Apr  2e  UW9DA   14043/1245/Apr   2e
JT0AE   14015/0015/Apr 2m   UI8AAF  14009/1720/Apr  2e  4S7NE   14005/1755/Apr   2e
JY9CR   21007/1610/Apr 4e   UL7PBE  14007/0305/Apr  5m  4X4CJ   14025/1615/Apr   5e
KA2AD   14030/2250/Apr 4m   UL7OFD  14009/1730/Apr  2e  9M2FK   14027/1635/Apr   2e
UA0AU   14040/0110/Apr 5w   UL7EAM  14024/0335/Apr  5m  
UA0WAB  14032/0110/Apr 3w   UL7CAR  14010/1330/Apr  8e
UA0SDD  14027/0140/Apr 2w   UL7OF   14019/1940/Apr  3w


AP1RIL  14039/1445/Apr 1?   LU1SH   14071/0300/Apr  7w  VP2GLE  14039/2015/Apr   5m
CE8AA   21048/1735/Apr 6m   P29PN   28585/1020/Apr  4yb VP2VL   14025/2350/Apr   4e
FO8EH   14025/0200/Apr 1m   VK2EO   14033/2115/Apr  6m  YB7AAU  14022/1445/Apr   5e
FP8BR   14029/0040/Apr 4w   VK2QJ   14043/0400/Apr  7m  ZP5PG   14006/0105/Apr   6m
HK0BKX  14041/1310/Apr 8e   VK3BNF  14024/1255/Apr  1m  ZP8BE   14032/0200/Apr   4w
KX6XX   14011/1355/Apr 1e   VK2QL   14025/0440/Apr  2w  8P6BU   14027/2100/Apr   6m
KX6BB   14029/0225/Apr 6m   VK3MR   14035/0025/Apr  5w# 8P6FX   14076/2350/Apr   6m

                                    [page break]

                                                                 15 April 1975


CT1VX   14010/2200/Apr 2m   LX2HH   14062/2000/Apr  3m  UK2PBR  14020/1630/Apr   4e
DM2EA   14025/1830/Apr 7m   LZ2KWR  14038/1925/Apr  4w  UK4FAN  14043/1250/Apr   2e
DJ2KS   14004/1310/Apr 5w   OH1AJ   14033/1710/Apr  3w  UK4HAA  14034/1530/Apr   2w
DK8CR   14030/2005/Apr 2w   OH3XJ   14039/2250/Apr  3w  UK6LAZ  14028/1920/Apr   4w
E2XAS   14067/1710/Apr 3w   OH0JN   14005/1030/Often    UP2BAO  14039/1520/Apr   3w
FC2RC   14006/1935/Apr 2m   ON5FG   14026/2040/Apr  6m  UP2CY   14027/1630/Apr   2m
FC8TT   14007/1915/Apr 2m   OZ1VY   14030/1640/Apr  4w  UQ2HO   14033/1715/Apr   3w
G3SAX   14030/1630/Apr 4w   SV0VK   14013/1720/Apr  7m  UQ2IC   14044/1520/Apr   5w
GC2LU   14006/1635/Apr 6w   SM4DN   14036/1430/Apr  3w  UR2RHA  14027/1700/Apr   2w
I1YRL   14044/1510/Apr 4w   UA6LK   14038/1455/Apr  5w  YO3YZ   14068/1630/Apr   2m
JX2HK   14034/1520/Apr 8w   UC2WAN  14032/1430/Apr  5w  9H1DV   14019/1905/Apr   3w
LA3M    14037/2320/Apr 3w   UK2WWW  14038/2320/Apr  7w


C5AM    14242/2200/Apr 6e   3B8BJ   28560/1125/Apr  5yb 6W8DY   14210/1740/Apr   5yb
CR6MX   14213/2125/Apr 3e   5L2FJ   14210/1855/Apr  1e  6W8FP   21415/1520/Apr   6e
CR7GR   28550/1120/Apr 5yb  5L2FT   14333/2325/Apr  4w  9G1JC   14217/2215/Apr   6e
TU2EP   14206/2225/Apr 8w   5L5c/7  14333/2330/Apr  4w  9J2BO   21270/1500/Apr   1e
VQ9R    14320/1230/Apr 4e   5Z4NH   14221/1910/Apr  1e  
WA6HNQ/VQ9  14278/1940 5e   6W8FP   14204/2110/Apr  3e


BV2B    14218/0035/Apr 5w   UF6DZ   14214/1745/Apr  5e  XV5AB   14225/2345/Apr 4w 
HL9VE   14206/0325/Apr 3e   UR6FZ   14201/1775/Apr  4m  XU1DX   14225/2315/Apr 3w
HL9TG   14225/0135/Apr 6yb  UK7GAL  14210/0155/Apr  5e  4S7PB   14202/1805/Apr 1m
HM1FT   14233/0020/Apr 3e   UK7LAH  14215/0320/Apr  5w  5B4AC   14263/1835/Apr 5e
HM2EA   14220/1030/Apr 5yb  UK9OAZ  14244/0400/Apr  5e  OE2SWL/5B4 14207/1900  5e
HS3MJ   14225/2310/Apr 2e   UK9CAE  14219/1355/Apr  8e  9M2DQ   14225/2340/Apr 4e
HZ1TA   14250/1545/Apr 5e   UL7YR   14207/0230/Apr  5m  9M2BU   14212/1715/Apr 4w
JF1XIB  14212/0325/Apr 5w   UL7NW   14214/0255/Apr  5w  9K2DJ   14210/1640/Apr 5e
UA9VH/JT1 14211/0005   5e   UL7YP   14207/0305/Apr  5w  9V1SI   14210/1605/Apr 6w
KA6SR   14214/1350/Apr 5e   VS6DO   14233/1355/Apr  1e
OD5FB   14266/1900/Apr 4e   XW8FA   14227/0025/Apr  5e
OD5IO   14210/0315/Apr 5w   XV5AA   14225/2315/Apr  3w


CT5AV   14332/1815/Apr 7w   LZ2LQ   14208/1430/Apr  1m  SV1DE   14215/1910/Apr 5e
DJ8RI   14218/1610/Apr 5e   OE3KPC  14187/2000/Apr  3e  SV0WKK  14263/1930/Apr 6e
EI6S    14208/2015/Apr 2w   OE2PZL  14218/1620/Apr  5e  SM2CEW  14220/1335/Apr 4e
G2ACK   14217/1710/Apr 5e   OH2HN   14230/1310/Apr  4e  UK5MAF  14215/1545/Apr 2m
GI3JIM  14216/1845/Apr 2w   OH7AA   14223/0005/Apr  5w  UO5OAK  14214/1410/Apr 2e
GW3AX   14207/1730/Apr 2w   ON6VN   14213/1823/Apr  6w  UR2AR   14204/1555/Apr 5e
CT1MT   14206/2125/Apr 3e   ON4FB   13183/2000/Apr  3e  UV3CE   14231/1330/Apr 4e
HB9AHA  14252/1735/Apr 2w   ON8WW   14202/1730/Apr  3e  UY5OB   14203/1905/Apr 2m
HA30KOB 14212/1540/Apr 3m   OK30KAG 14211/1625/Apr  3m 
IV0SSW  14245/2110/Apr 4w   OK6SFS  14241/1530/Apr  4e
(e = eastern states   m = middle states  w = western reaches  yb = indonesia etc )
(all time in gmt    # = longpath    ?? = Slim....active at AP1RIL this month     )

                                  [page break]

                                                                 15 April 1975

EASTER ISLAND         W9MR expecting to be on CE0-Easter Island April 17th
COCOS                 Set back one week . . . due to open April 19th with TI9DX
FERNANDO DE NORONHA   This summer . . . June or July by PY7YS
GLORIOSO              FR7AI . . . late May or Early June
PALMYRA               KH6EVM/KP6 presently there
BERMUDA TEST          This weekend . . . April 19/20th
FRESNO INTERNATIONAL  The Big DX meeting . . . April 19/20th at the Fresno Hilton
DAYTON HAMVENTION     April 25/27th . . . Next weekend


DU1REX  14217/1225/Apr 2e   KH6EVM/KP6 14293/0300   7e  VK8CE   14203/1240/Apr 5m
DU1DCC  14231/1400/Apr 5e   KM6EA   14203/0345/Apr  2w  VK9RH   14204/0830/Apr 6e
DU1LM   14214/1400/Apr 5e   KS6SFA  14295/0825/Apr  6e  VP2DH   14212/2035/Apr 7w
DU9FB   14238/0600/Apr 6w   KS6FD   14234/1310/Apr  4m  VR4DX   14210/1100/Apr 5yb
FG7AN   14206/2220/Apr 7w   KV4AD   14216/2030/Apr  7w  VS5MC   14225/1455/Apr 1e
FG0GE   14219/2130/Apr 3e   KX6BU   14268/0310/Apr  7e  YB9ABH  14214/1225/Apr 5e
FP8CV   14208/1800/Apr 3m   P29RAL  14208/0930/Apr  6e  YB0ABH  14225/2330/Apr 4w
FY7YR   14196/2150/Apr 2e   TI2AD   14265/2330/Apr  8e  YB0ABH/1  14213/1325   5e
HC1BL   14225/2355/Apr 8e   VE8MA   14210/2345/Apr  4e  YB0ABO  14221/1425/Apr 7e
HK0BKX  14204/0030/Apr 8w   VK2BHF  14208/1240/Apr  3m  ZL1KK   21287/1855/Apr 7e
KB6CU   14320/0845/Apr 6e   VK5ZU   14216/1300/Apr  3m  ZL1IBI  21268/0045/Apr 6w
KC6VE   14224/0025/Apr 5e   VK6CF   14210/2330/Apr  6e# 3D2AJ   14190/0835/Apr 6e
KC6QM   14232/0100/Apr 5e   VK8CW   14203/1230/Apr  5m  9Y4VV   14332/1755/Apr 7w

SIKKIM  Those thirsting for an AC3 probably will have to wait until next January
  when a multitude of them will blossom to mark the Bicentennial.  But those who
  look for one from Sikkim, the prospects are dimming.
  Last week the Sikkim legislature acted to abolish the monarchy, voting this and
  to seek full statehood with India.  The Associated Press reported that this was
  with the support of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.  A referendum on the
  two proposals, the abolishing of the monarchy and statehood with India, will be
  the subject of a referendum set for this last Monday.
  China and Nepal may not be exactly happy about this development, there being
  criticism previously from these countries over India's partial take over last
  year.  Sikkims Chief Minister predicted that the referendum vote would go over-
  whelmingly against the king.  A week back the Indian Army disarmed the Sikkim
  palace guards in a pitched battle that left at least one dead.

IRCS  Ron Stockton, WB6LTJ, who operated from Wallis and New Caledonia last Fall
  has a bucket of IRCS he would like to liquidate at 20 cents each....batches of 15
  and sase with order.  Ron says all the QSLs for that effort have been answered.
  If you need IRCs...its Ron Stockton, 1134 19th St. Hermosa Beach, Calif.  90254
  Ron, along with Don Bostrom, K6YFZ, will be at the Fresno DX meeting this weekend. 

%%   MADISON ELECTRONICS SUPPLY 1508 McKinney Ave., Houston,Texas 77002 (713)224 2668
%%                                                          Nights      (713)497 5683
%%   CDE HAM-2 ROTATOR (New Price on these is 159.95 list)  $177.00 the Madison price
%%                      Belden rotor cable  12 cents a foot
%%   NEW RAYTHEON 811As  $15.00/pair                      EIMAC 3-500Z $50.00 each
%%   20% OFF LIST      ANTENNAS  HY-GAIN TH6DXX   HY-GAIN 204BA  MOSLEY `Classic 33'
%%   15% OFF LIST      TOWERS    TRIEX `W' and `MW' SERIES    Shipped FOB California
%%                               DRAKE TR4C and TX4C
%%        Max W5GJ         Don K5AAD      Mary W5MBB      Dave WA5ZNY     John W5AB

                                        [page break]

                                                                 15 April 1975

ARRL  Apparently some thought is going to be given to returning the Directors to one 
  meeting a year as Director Harry McConaghy of the Atlantic Division has advised
  the ARRL that he will make such a motion at he May meeting.
  The first meeting of the WARC-79 Working Group for the Amateur Radio Services will
  be held at the FCC offices in Washington on May 8th.  Dick Baldwin, W1RU, and
  D.G Sumner, K1ZND, will attend for the League.
  Some of the Board of Directors committees will be holding meetings at Dayton dur-
  ing the time of the Dayton Hamvention, April 25-27th.  This will include the
  Membership Committee plus (1) a special ad hoc committee to review alternatives
  and recommend procedures for consideration of Docket 20282 at the May Board
  meeting, and in addition (2) in the interests of long-range planning, a special
  ad hoc committee to study ways and means of including the proposed Communicators
  in the mainstream of amateur radio and League membership.


WEST COAST DX BULLETIN  Published every week by the Marin County DX Group.  One of 
  the local QRPers came by last week, this one not one of the regulars, and we sat
  and talked about a number of important things.....always DX.  "You know something",
  this QRPer says, "it took me nine years to get my first 100 countries.  Other guys
  seem to do it much quicker than that.  But I tried everything.  Stacked Yagis...
  full-bore linears...good QTH.  Everything.  I could work them but I could not get
  the QSLs.  Those stations I worked just would not QSL.  What do you figure was the
  reason it took me so long?", he asked and at this point we were a bit stumped
  ourselves.  Certainly this did not seem representative of the noble DXer breed. "You
  did send sase?", we asked and the QRPer nodded.  "SASE...fancy colored QSL...full
  information on my rig and QTH and always the 24 hour clock with Pacific Standard
  Time.  Always! And still those cards did not come".  Son of a Gun, we were getting
  a few vibrations.  "Ever think of using ZULU time?", we asked and the QRPer shrugged.
  "That may be okay for Zed Ess Sixes", he said, "but I couldn't see how it would do
  me much good".  We were silent for a bit for we were getting the story but was not
  up to the telling. "Why don't you try the West Coast DX Bulletin?", we asked.  "They
  tell you a lot of things there.....$13.00 brings it by 1st Class for a full year....
  $15.00 takes it any place overseas".  There was another QRPer shrugg:  "Who needs
  it?", he asked and at that point we were asking that question ourselves.


77 Coleman Drive
San Rafael, Calif. 94901

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