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  April 25, 1978                                                         17-75
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IRAQ  The long wait for Iraq to come on the air ended about 0800Z on April 14th when 
  YI1BGD came on the air.  The station has been active most days since.  It is not an 
  easy one to work.  That did not keep many of the Deserving from sticking close to 
  their rigs and hopefully waiting everytime YI1BGD came on the air.  Marty Laine, 
  OH2BH, was in there helping to push things along and Marty had a thousand friends.  
  Maybe a couple thousand.
  Last week YU3DM, Zlatko Krec, passed along some late information.  Zlatko has been in 
  close touch with the YI operation and noted that YI1BDG had even been heard on 
  occasion calling `CQ' at the 14230kc frequency.
  Zlatko reported that the current operation by the YI-operators is restricted to twenty 
  meter SSB but the station definitely is operating.  The low power of the ATLAS 210 has 
  made the station difficult to hear and there has been work to improve the antenna.
  The operation by the YI operators has been slow and meticulously correct.  Some 
  impatient to work them have not hesitated to voice criticism and several European 
  amateurs have pointed out that this will not help things and excessive carping could 
  be detrimental at this time to the operation.  Many have considered the beginning 
  It is expected that the operation will continue on a regular basis on the low part of 
  twenty SSB, sometimes just above 14200kc....other times around 14230kc.  There has 
  also been a report that the station is located within a public building there in 
  Baghdad and may only be available during the hours the building is open.
  OH2BH has joined with YU3DM in urging patience and restraint while waiting for the 
  YI1BGD operation to learn operating techniques and some of the problems are worked 
  out.  The expectation is that noticeable progress will come.  Marty noted that he 
  appreciates the anxiety of those wishing to work Iraq and he remembers the times when 
  he has been in that position.  He is working to help and there have been discussions 
  aimed at having the Finnish government request permission to have an amateur station 
  within the Finnish Embassy there in Baghdad.
  There are also discussions and offers to get more equipment into the YI1BGD station, 
  this including some directional beams and linears to boost the signal.  As of this 
  last weekend it was no long list of W/Ks who have worked the YI1BGD.  The line of 
  those waiting was not diminishing.
  In recent months while there were doubts and hesitations that a YI station would come 
  on the air, the steady faith of the Deserving was finally shown to have been well-
  It was also noted that the Iraqi operators would be relatively inexperienced and there 
  would have to be a period of learning.  Eventually most everyone will work Iraq..... 
  but this is the time for patience.

ST PAUL  The Canadians are looking to put St Paul Island on the air again, this coming 
  in the latter part of May.
  VE1AI indicates that they will start operating from St Paul signing VE/VY0 on May 18th 
  and will operate four days to May 22nd.  They plan to work all bands, ten through one-
  sixty, both c.w. and SSB.  The c.w. frequencies will be 5kc up from the lower edge.
  There probably will be a bit more on this before the date arrives.

DESECHEO  There are indications that this one may come zipping out of the dawn once 
  there is a decision by the DXAC on the matter of country status.  This also presumes 
  that the DXAC would again vote that Desecheo be accepted as a DXCC counter.  The 
  latest report is that the call probably will be KP4AM and that the whole thing is 
  ready to roll once the word of approval is heard.
  Watch the pile-ups.  You can never tell who might be under all the noise and certainly 
  Desecheo might be found under one before too long.

BOPTHUTHATSWANA  Sid Coosner, ZS4MG, and Dick Brummer, ZS4JB, and Mike Sherman, ZS6IW, 
  will be in Bopthuthatswana from May 3rd to 7th and will be signing ZS4MG/H5 and, if they 
  can get the other station going, you will also hear ZS4JB/H5.
  Sid says to look for them 20kc up on 10/15/20 and 5kc up on 40/80.....maybe a bit 
  either way to get out in the clear.  If the QRM is not bad, they will work inside the 
  American phone band at 14210kc/21260kc and 28600kc.  If it gets bad, they will 
  split....a big split.  Otherwise they will be listening 10kc up from those phone 
  ZS4MG and ZS4JB were in Bopthuthatswana over the New Years and racked up a couple 
  thousand QSOs.  This time with conditions even better they are going to up the total.
  Sid is also looking at the Southern Province of Bopthuthatswana located 220km from the 
  main portion of this African homeland.

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REPORT FROM SUNSPOT LOUIE  The solar activity continues to rise
and the mean for March was 73.5.  On a daily basis, the sunspot
count hit 103 on March 4th but generally was high during most
of the month. The lowest period was March 29-30th when it was
down in the forties.
For March there was one day with the count over a hundred,
five days in the nineties, six days in the eighties and
eight days in the seventies.  Of the other eleven days,
five were in the sixties, three in the fifties and     
three in the forties.  The count is high and probably  
is headed higher.                         
On the twelve-month running smoothed sunspot number,
Zurich figures out to 38.5, this centered on September
of last year.
Looking ahead, Zurich figures it will be the smoothed        No 1057    12 spots
numbers for the months ahead....                             N19o  W62o  250 millionths
       April 56          July 65                                1058    19 spots
       May   59          August 69                           S27o  W38o  150 millionths   
       June  62          September 73                        
Considering that many DXers are showing the signs of            1063     1 spot
lack of sleep because of band conditions, think of what      N18o  W22o   10 millionths
it will be later this year.  Unbelieveable!!                 
1978 so far has been an exceptional year and band con-          1064     1 spot
ditions have been very good.  Clipperton has been erased     S27o  W04o   20 millionths
from the most wanted lists and Iraq is being heard.  And        
DXers everywhere are capering in the street shouting:           1066     1 spot
"Bouvet, Burma, South Sandwich and China!"  Are they the     N15o  W34o   10 millionths   
happy DXers?  Hardly ever.  Often when you see a DXer        
with the corners of his mouth turned up, it is gas.  As         1069     7 spots
one often says to the local political sachem: "Don't         S33o  E69o   20 millionths
tell me what you did for me yesterday, what are you going
to do tomorrow?"  And tomorrow will bring more DX!              1070    32 spots 
And even some Ans will be showing. We don't like to talk     N16o  E40o  330 millionths 
about the BNs....But Ted, peering into the bright Spring
sunshine, says it will be:                                      1073     4 spots
                                                             N17o  E53o   80 millionths  
        April 24th  Low Normal       May 1st  Below Normal
              25th  Low Normal           2nd  Low Normal        1074     1 spot
              26th  High/Low Normal      3rd  High Normal    S45o  E69o   10 millionths 
              27th  High Normal          4th  Above Normal
              28th  Above Normal         5th  Above Normal
              29th  Above Normal         6th  Above Normal...may
              30th  Below/Low Normal           drop to LN as another
                                               storm possible

Once in awhile you run into a dead band.  Nothing last longs and generally the 
WWV report is up.  K6EC watches to make sure that they are doing right ad Ev says the 
flux and stuff was.....

               Solar Flux   Ap Index                  Solar Flux  Ap Index

April 10th          155        17        April 14th        138        34
      11th          180        35              15th        140        14
      12th          155        23              16th        137         7

Remember when the flux was down in the 70s.  You should not see those days for some 
time.  DX is here to stay....

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                                                                  25 April 1978

MALDIVES  Rolf Salme, SM5MX, is reported as having left Tokyo bound for the Maldives a 
  week or so back.  About April 15th or so.  If you have not heard him there may be some 
  problems.  But he did head that ways.  Listen if you need this one.

ICELAND  A good handful of TF3 operators will operate from Kirkjubaejarklaustur from 
  July 20th to July 23rd signing the special prefix of TF6M.  The group will be working 
  both c.w. and SSB.
  CW frequencies will be generally 5kc up except on ten where it will be 50kc.  Fifty kc 
  up is also alternate frequencies for twenty and fifteen c.w.
  SSB will be 3790/7090/14190/21250/28600kc with split operation possible on twenty.  
  All the frequencies may be eased a bit up or down to get in the clear.  OSCAR, while a 
  possibility, has not as yet been decided on.
  Special QSLs will be available for this operation close to the largest glacier in 
  Europe, Vatnajokull there in eastern Iceland.  Operators will include 
  TF3CW/TF3JB/TF3KX/TF3SB/TF3UA/TF3US/TF3YH and TF3-033 will also be in on the 
  Be prepared!  They expect to run up a lot of QSOs with TF6M.

NAVASSA  The planned operation for late this year from KC4-Navassa is looking solid.  
  N0TG reports that the Coast Guard has granted permission for the landing and that the 
  plans are firming for the operation.
  The current schedule calls for the group to be on Navassa from November 26th and to 
  operate to December 4th.  More will be coming on this.

GIBRALTAR  W1JQ/4 will be on Gibraltar within a few weeks and plans to operate as 
  ZB2AV from May 10th all the way to the 11th.
  This will be a c.w. effort and Ron says that he will be found about 30kc up from the 
  bottom of the twenty meter band.  He will be especially looking for the Western 
  Reaches, the Pacific Ocean Area and Alaska.  He plans that on each hour he will tune 
  up and down 3kHz looking for stations in these areas.
  Ron, who says he will be going with the Royal Navy to Gibraltar, says that QSLs go to 
  Box 292, Gibraltar.

SOUTH SHETLANDS  A quick, fast CE9AT operations shows on twenty SSB most evenings.  
  CE2BSA and WB2AYP run a short list operation around 14240kc from 0000Z or thereabouts.  
  Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 2330Z might be a time to watch but Victor may show 
  on other days.
  The list operation came after previous efforts drew raucous pile-ups which flattened 
  out the operation.  QSLs go.....Sase with 13 cents U.S. postage.  Send to CE2BIO, 
  Antarctic Department, Naval Post Office, Valparaiso, Chile.  Your card will be sent 
  back via WA2NHE.  About thirty QSOs get through each night but the time of Victor to 
  operate is limited.

%  WEST COAST DX BULLETIN  Second class entry and postage paid at San Rafael, Calif. %
%  Published every week by the Marin County DX Group at 77 Coleman Dr., San Rafael,  %
%  California 94901                                                                  %
%  By second-class mail, $14.00 a year in the U.S.  By first-class mail, $18.00 a    %
%  year to the VE/W/XE areas.  $20.00 per year for airmail to all the DX lands, all  %
%  those beyond the dark mysteries of the night and into the red flame of tomorrow's %
%  dawn.  All the way beyond the edge of tomorrow and back of yesterday.             %

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                                                        25 April 1978

DXAC....DXCC...  The DX Forum at the California International DX Meeting provided a 
  few clues to what may be coming down the pike for the Deserving DXers.  Some of this 
  confirms what has been suspected, some is new information and there is even 
  continuation of the present African policy.

  The report is that another look is being taken at the Southern Sudan decision and the 
  portents this time are favorable...or would appear to be.  This would affect the 
  ST2SA/ST0 operation by Bill Rindone of July 1976 and the ST0RK by Frank Turek, DL7FT 
  and friends.  Hold on to your QSLs!  The feeling is that they will be true-blue before 
  too long.

  On the WG3JFK operation, there has never been any submission for DXCC status on this 
  one and the feeling there is that there probably will never be one.  This one has 
  always been some sort of a mystery and while nothing was said directly about future 
  operations from this monument, other thinking in the DXAC might be relative to this 
  4U1UN may get some serious consideration and this one may join 4U1TU as a DXCC 
  country.  Hold on to your 4U1UN QSLs....

  On Desecheo Island, there in the Mona passage, as previously noted, this one was 
  approved by the DXAC and everything was `Go' when the signals were reversed.  A 
  protest on this one because of the acceptance of Desecheo while at the same time 
  turning down Water Island got the whole thing back before the DXAC.  After more 
  consideration, there is a good possibility that both will be accepted for DXCC.

  On the African homelands, these probably are and will continue to be in a suspended 
  status until after the completion of WARC 79.  This means that it may be 1980 or 1981 
  before there is hope for these but at the same time there is a possibility of 
  retroactive approval.  What you work now will be credited then.  Walvis Bay currently 
  is in a holding status.

  Some effort was made to get some expression of opinion from the DX Forum but the 
  response was not exactly clear-cut and tended to be inconclusive.  Some indication of 
  whether more or less DXCC countries was desired...whether changes in the country 
  criteria was desired for autonomous, dependencies, monuments or neutral zones found a 
  lot present sitting on their hands.

  There was some discussion of phone operations and the question of lists. Some 
  expressed a feeling that list QSOs should not be accepted for DXCC.  Others came on 
  strong to point out that often the DX station desired list operations to cut down on 
  the impact of the impatient and howling DXers.  Others noted that where language is a 
  problem, list operations are often the only way language barriers can be handled.

  Generally the group was united in turning thumbs down on list operations where any of 
  the information is relayed....signal reports or call letters especially.  Apparently a 
  sub-committee of the DXAC is currently studying the matter of phone operations in DXCC 
  and if you have any ideas, this is the time to express them.

  Spanish Sahara probably will be deleted from the DXCC list before long.  The DXAC is 
  also looking for more input from overseas DXers to give their ideas and feelings on DX 

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                                                                  25 April 1978

HERE IT COMES!  We have to mention this but we would like it kept among outselves.  
  Everytime we groan we get a couple hundred pamphlets on Medicare, everytime we say we 
  have too many subscribers the faithful rush to tell their friends to get in before the 
  curtain goes down.  This time this is a routine notice and we need neither sympathy, 
  publicity or more subscribers.  There!!

  This issue marks the completion of ten full years of the West Coast DX Bulletin.  We 
  know that some won't believe this because of our attempts in recent years to go 
  underground.  But with this issue we have turned out an issue every week for ten 
  years, the first showing May 1, 1968.

  What are we mailing these days?  A few under the 2400 mark.  Who does the work?  A 
  couple of gray panthers.

  Mostly we look at awe at not missing an issue in ten years.  Even that startles us.  
  One of these days we may take a vacation.  But listening to the local two meter 
  repeater.....and hearing K6TX- and W6D- and a couple more trying to figure out how t 
  fill in their hours, we suspect that maybe we will keep plowing up and down this 
  pasture.  After all, there are still some who think we are not going to last..... As 
  DX bulletins go, we are well past middle-age.

  We did make it to Visalia and that in itself was an accomplishment....of sorts.

SHORTLY NOTED  CO2CF/ET3 goes to home QTH.....J Amador, San Nicolas 260 Havana, 2 

  HB9MX says that the demand for the First Day Clipperton cover was underestimated.  He 
  is pretty well cleaned out and only three are left.  A decision has been made to hold 
  these for bidding.  If interested, write HB9MX.  The others went for $25. The airmail 
  letters with the autographs are also gone.

  As of mid-April a couple of thousand letters had already hit Kurt, he figures about 
  9000 QSLs have been received.  The mail runs from no sase to some weighing 2.5 pounds 
  and containing but one QSL.

  HB9MX is holding the shoulder to the door.  If you are desperate and apparently a few 
  are, he will confirm by telegram for a $15.00 fee.  If you can stand to wait for an 
  airmail, $5.00 will get one to you in advance of the normal QSLing.

  HB9MX, Kurt Bindschedler, Strahleggweg 28, 8400 Winterthur, Switzerland.

  I2YAE, George Broggini, says he has been the victim of fate.....or Slim.  HH2TW and 
  M1C are non-existent as far as he is concerned and he cannot help with QSLs.  These 
  were c.w. operations.  George does handle FM7AQ/FM7AU/YS1SC and KM6EA.....but HH2TW 
  and M1C he does not.  The real M1C does not operate c.w. and the true-clue QSL route 
  is via I4EAT.

  HC5EE notes that many stations are calling a station they believe to be D2EA. Careful 
  listening may indicate that this station is actually in Central America and actually 
  signing TI2EA.  QSLs for `Ernie' go to Box 969, San Jose, Costa Rica.

  WB9OQU had NBC make a live telecast from his QTH a week or so back. This for a program 
  on amateur radio.  After they left he took down the beam and shipped it to 4S7EA to 
  improve the signals.  Ernie still being found Sunday to Thursday around 14215kc from 
  2330Z or so.  On Fridays and Saturdays check the action from 0000Z and Ernie stays on 
  as long as the band does.

  Come to think about it, there is a rumor about that NBC will do aprogram on Marin 
  County this summer....about July 20th.  Hard to believe what Marin is like.  Saturday 
  Evening Post a number of years back ran an article which said that in Marin....".... 
  it is always May 8th".

  We ran out of space again.  Son of a Gun!  We have notes piled knee deep around us.

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                                                                25 April 1978

REPORTS FROM RED EYED LOUIE  Oh, the years we waste and the tears we waste
                             And the work of head and hand
                             Belong to DX which does not know
                             And does not understand.....


A2CBW   28548/1355/Apr  8m   IT9LHQ 28605/1650/Apr 10m   TR8MG  28504/1445/Apr  6e  
C5AM    28570/1200/Apr  9e   IS0WON 28540/1605/Apr 15m   TR8AC2 28673/1705/Apr  9m
CN8CC   28525/1530/Apr  8e   J3AJ   28588/1755/Apr 16m   TR8GDC 28673/1115/Apr 15m
EI1CZ   28525/1900/Apr  9e   J28AM  28530/1910/Apr  9e   UA2FAL 28517/1450/Apr  8e
EP2TY   28502/1550/Apr  8e   JY4NA  28671/1540/Apr  8m   UA3QFO 28594/1230/Apr 10e
F6AOC   28605/1640/Apr 10m   JY9TE  28671/1540/Apr  8m   UA6LBQ 28564/1230/Apr 10e
FC2CH   28541/1345/Apr  8e   OD5IQ  28562/1330/Apr  8e   UA6AKB 28552/1505/Apr  9e
FO8EX   28517/2225/Apr  7e   ON5PD  28532/1945/Apr  9e   UA0LBY 28540/0214/Apr 11w
FY7BC   28515/1710/Apr 16m   ON6WU  28605/1650/Apr 16e   UA6LFA 28605/1555/Apr 10m
GM3CAN  28554/1945/Apr  9e   OX3AB  28595/1950/Apr  8m   UB5GBZ 28604/1600/Apr 10m
GW3AHN  28514/1945/Apr  9e   RA3DRB 28575/1245/Apr 10e   UI8LAG 28503/1400/Apr  8e
HK0BKW  28571/1945/Apr  9e   RB5FBX 28604/1600/Apr 10m   VU2KT  28577/1700/Apr  9e
HP1RXW  28616/1615/Apr 16m   RB5QAP 28605/1600/Apr 10m   VP8PE  28556/1900/Apr 16m
I8JH    28606/1605/Apr 10m   SV1IY  28600/1500/Apr  8m   U2BUP  28612/1730/Apr 10e
DF4ZD   28015/1705/Apr 13e   UA2FCB 28073/1700/Apr  8m   
DL3NY   28015/1720/Apr 13e   UA6IAI 28057/1550/Apr  9e
DK8NG   28016/1655/Apr 13e   VK4XA  28021/0150/Apr 14e
DM2DFL  28016/1740/Apr 13e   YU2QZ  28070/1550/Apr  9e
HG5A    28100/1550/Apr  9e


KZ5NW  50110/0300/Apr 10m   LU8DIN  50110/1940/Apr 10m
LU1DAU 50110/2205/Apr  3m   PY1RO   50110/0315/Apr 10m
LU3IX  50110/2150/Apr  3m   YV4BE   50110/0320/Apr 10m
LU8BF  50110/2210/Apr  3m   YV6ASU  50110/0325/Apr 10m


EA8BF  14009/0800/Apr 10w   ZE1FQ   14037/1530/Apr 13w
EL2ET  14030/0555/Apr 16m   ZE8JW   14039/1415/Apr 16m
SU1MI  14011/0115/Apr 17m   ZS5A    14030/1530/Apr  7m
WA7JRL/SU  14037/2215  5e   9J2BO   14021/0530/Apr 15m
ZE1FS  14055/1500/Apr  6w


C5ABK  14205/0020/Apr 17m   EL2BJ   14025/0550/Apr 12kh   WD9FCC/VQ9  14220/1600 12w
CN8CW  14316/1600/Apr 16m   D68DA   21294/1820/Apr 12e    WD9FCC/VQ9  21319/1750/10m
CN8AK  14201/2230/Apr 16m   FB8ZM   14225/1625/Apr 14m    WA4YVG/VQ9  21313/1500/17m
D4CBS  21300/1850/Apr  9e   FR7BJ   14202/1325/Apr 17m    ZS2MI   14115/1530/Apr 13w
D4CBS  14205/2215/Apr 15m   J28AY   14205/0330/Apr 17m    ZS2MI   21312/1745/Apr  9w
EA8LD  21315/1840/Apr  7w   S79MC   21319/1810/Apr 10w    ZS1Q    14201/1530/Apr 14w#
EL2BS  14236/0430/Apr 17e   S79DF   21292/1955/Apr  9e    ZS5WX   14217/1430/Apr 13m
EL2SM  14225/0155/Apr  6m   TR8AC2  14206/0215/Apr 15m    ZS6PB   14210/0610/Apr 12kh
EL2ET  14205/0550/Apr 12kh  WA3WAQ/TJ 21341/2135    8m    3B8CS   14215/1200/Apr  9m


A4XGE  14013/1310/Apr 15m   UD6DLJ  14059/0320/Apr  7e    UI8ADR  14044/0120/Apr  7m
BV2A   14027/1205/Apr  5e   UF6FDI  14010/0245/Apr 10m    UI8GAJ  14027/0100/Apr 17m
CR9AJ  14206/1625/Apr 13m   UF6QAQ  14051/0325/Apr 13m    UJ8AE   14008/0120/Apr 10m
EP2IA  14026/0400/Apr 13m   UF6CX   14033/0405/Apr 13m    UJ8BQ   14013/0125/Apr 10m
UA9CO  14032/0210/Apr  6m   UF6FAG  14002/0230/Apr  7m    UJ8AC   14023/0135/Apr 10m
UA0YAD 14010/0120/Apr 17m   UG6GAE  14002/0000/Apr 16m    UK6DAD  21011/1820/Apr  9m
UA0ACE 14035/0020/Apr 16e   UG6AG   14025/1255/Apr 13w#   UK9AAN  14030/0150/Apr  8m
UD6DKW 14025/0305/Apr  8m   UG6AB   14001/0245/Apr 10e    UK9QAA  14016/1725/Apr  8w
UD6DFF 14020/0120/Apr 17m   UH8HCE  14026/0250/Apr  7m    UK0LAD  14043/1420/Apr 14e
UD6DKK 14040/0450/Apr 19m   UH8DC   21005/1655/Apr  9m    UL7JG   21014/1645/Apr  6e
UD6AI  14020/0240/Apr  7e   UH8HBR  14040/0210/Apr 16m    UM8MAG  14025/0125/Apr 17m

                                      [page break]

                                                                     25 April 1978

MORE RED EYED LOUIE      Oh! Lonely night, last forever
                         You have made me learn to live and love-
                         And work DX!


A4XGB  14204/2250/Apr 13m   JY5HH   14215/2330/Apr 16m   UK9YAZ  14210/0415/Apr 14w
A4XGY  21356/2105/Apr 16m   JY9EC   14257/2320/Apr 16m   UI8AAY  14260/0330/Apr  7e
BV2B   14222/1345/Apr 12m   HS1WR   14273/1430/Apr  9m   VU2LAE  14224/0015/Apr 17m
CR9AJ  14221/1430/Apr 13m   KA6RS   14214/1435/Apr  7m   VU2CP   14210/1215/Apr 15m
EP2TY  14210/0335/Apr 13m   UA9ABV  14265/0345/Apr 17m   VU2JNA  14201/1215/Apr 16m
EP2GJ  14223/1300/Apr 17w   UF6DZ   14260/0315/Apr 17m   VU2DK   21283/1920/Apr 17m
EP2PE  21360/1730/Apr 13m   UH8BZ   14240/0335/Apr 10m   VS6HG   14223/1525/Apr 11w
EP2LI  14230/2230/Apr 13m   UJ8SAJ  14245/0345/Apr 10m   OE5CA/YK  21355/1840/  10e
HZ1AB  14205/1300/Apr 17w#  UK7LAZ  14231/0505/Apr 19m   OE6DK/YK  14242/0500/   8e
JY3ZH  14210/0500/Apr 19w   UM8MBW  14202/0045/Apr 17m   OE2YJL/YK 14318/0240/  10e


DM2DLG 14015/0600/Apr  8w   LZ2KEZ  14002/0430/Apr  8w   PA0AWJ  14017/0610/Apr 10w
FC9VN  14008/2345/Apr 15m   LZ2JF   14003/0550/Apr  8w   SM3FVW  21046/1630/Apr 17m
GD4AM  21032/1850/Apr  8w   OE5MJL  14010/0530/Apr  8w   SP9ABE  14013/0550/Apr 10w
HB0BLC 14002/0040/Apr 17w   OK2SGW  14002/0430/Apr  8w   UA1DZ   21055/1600/Apr  9e
I3YEG  21011/1820/Apr  8w   OK1US   14010/0540/Apr  8w   UB5WK   21025/1915/Apr  8w
IS0LYN 14032/2340/Apr 16m   OK1PR   21016/1605/Apr  9e   UC2OCB  14025/2040/Apr  9m


CT2AK  21355/1845/Apr 17m   LX1GM   21321/1735/Apr  7w   SP9CV   14248/0450/Apr  7w
FC9UC  14214/1510/Apr 14w#  LX1SM   21386/2140/Apr  8m   SV1IX   14250/0410/Apr  7m
GW3CBA 21276/1845/Apr 10w   LZ1KPZ  14224/0500/Apr  7w   SV1KT   14202/0320/Apr 17m
HA9IARU 14220/0550/Ap 17w   M1D     14245/0630/Apr 18w   TF3CW   14230/0115/Apr 10e
HA8KZB 21295/1735/Apr  6w   OE1FF   21297/1700/Apr  7w   TF3CW   21290/2150/Apr  8m
HB9AHA 21322/1810/Apr  4w   OH3OU   14209/1535/Apr 14w#  UA3PA   14214/0515/Apr 14w
HV3SJ  21280/1730/Apr  6w   OH0JN   14202/0615/Apr  9e   UA6RD   14265/0335/Apr 17m
I0JX   14236/0045/Apr 17m   ON4UN   14210/0530/Apr 17w   UK3DAH  21303/1430/Apr  9e
LX1JE  14234/1855/Apr 12m   OY5NS   21300/2235/Apr 16m   UK2BAS  14212/0500/Apr 17e
LX1SM  14220/1100/Apr 13m   OZ8JW   21310/1625/Apr 15m   UK3ACM  21305/1745/Apr  7w


FM7BA  14010/1250/Apr 13e   KH6AZ   14037/0650/Apr 16m   CP5NK   14024/0205/Apr 15e
FO8EI  14003/0535/Apr 16m   J3AAG   14002/0320/Apr 10w   VP8QE   14014/0115/Apr 10e
FO8AK  14011/0545/Apr 16m   KG6JIC  14009/1305/Apr 10e   YB7AAU  14034/1400/Apr 16m
HK0BKX 14040/0230/Apr 17m   KM6BI   14034/0700/Apr 11w   ZL1UT   14070/1200/Apr 11e


A35NW  14203/0355/Apr 12w   KG4OO   14316/1515/Apr 16e   P29JS   14220/0915/Often
A35NW  21284/0225/Apr 11e   KG6JHC  14233/1220/Apr 10e   TG8DX   14190/0525/Apr  6m
CE9AT  14204/0115/Apr 14e   KC6MM   14211/1245/Apr  8m   TG9DF   14316/1515/Apr 16m
CE0AE  21355/1845/Apr 17w   WB7OOV/KJ6  14283/0330 14m   VK6LK   14204/2320/Apr 11e
DU1MEL 14229/1545/Apr 14w   KX6BU   21326/0155/Apr 10w   VK5MS   14211/1240/Apr 17m
DU1EN  14251/1350/Apr 15m   KX6BU   14206/1215/Apr  9m   VK9RH   21300/0140/Apr 11w
WB8ULG 14203/1330/    16m   OX5AP   14230/0010/Apr 10e   VR6TC   21350/0100/Apr 12e
W7UUO/DU2  14239/1405/12m   P29MM   14220/1230/Often     VP2SQ   14212/0150/Apr 12e
HC8GI  21355/1915/Apr 14w   P29CC   14265/1225/Apr  9m   VR4BF   14230/1310/Apr  1m
HH2YL  14202/0325/Apr 13m   P29JD   14241/1445/Apr  9m   YN8ARC  14205/0050/Apr 17m
HH2HP  14202/0325/Apr 13m   P29DV   14246/1210/Apr 14m   YN1EGW  14316/1515/Apr 16m
HH2MC  14205/0300/Apr  5m   PZ2AC   14214/0220/Apr 15m   YB3AE   14232/1530/Apr 11m

LOW BAND LOUIE.......What's Left of Him!

CE0AE  7030/0515/Apr  4m    M1P     7012/0400/Apr 14m    VP2VEL  7009/0320/Apr 15m
EA3JJ  7004/0130/Apr  8m    TI8BP   7275/0115/Apr 15m    YU3DKR  7003/2310/Apr 11m
EP2IA  7003/0300/Apr 11m    UK3ABB  7010/0015/Apr  8m    ZS5A    7007/0315/Apr  9m
HR1MC  7275/0320/Apr 15m    UP2BAO  7005/0420/Apr  5m    ZS6AK   7007/0415/Apr  5m
LZ2LP  7012/0220/Apr  8m    UT5MD   7008/0315/Apr 11m    4X4BT   7005/0320/Apr 15m
M1C    7025/0220/Apr  3m    VP1KS   7007/0450/Apr  6e    8P6GO   7006/0115/Apr 16m

(e= eastern states m= middle states w= western reaches  kh= hawaii etc. all times in gmt)
(#= long path  ???= Slim .....an excellent c.w. operator but poor QSLer!                )

                                   [page break]   

                                                                 25 April 1978


IRAQ                On right now but signals weak.  Patience!
MALDIVES            SM5MX left for there a week back.  Listen!
NIUE                4Z4TT says he will be there May 5th to 19th
ICELAND             TP6M in July
ICELAND/FAROES      GMs there in July/August..all bands to 144mHz
COCOS KEELING       P29JS for a couple of weeks from May 30th
CHATHAM             ZLs looking for October effort
MELLISH             VKs looking for August effort
ST PAUL             VEs planning /VY0 from May 18th to 22nd
NAVASSA             N0TG and friends set to be there...Nov 26th to Dec 4th
DESECHEO            Stand by!  This one may pop up any time now.  Really!
BOPHUTHATSWANA      ZS4MG and ZS4JB signing /H5 from May 3rd to 7th
SOUTH SHETLANDS     CE9AT with a short list most nights...twenty SSB
GABON               TR8AC2 being reported and will be there for some time
GIBRALTAR           ZB2AV on twenty c.w.....May 10th and 11th
CHRISTMAS ISLAND    VR3AH returns!  June 1st
AVES                No late information.  But it will come someday.  Maybe...
MANASSAS HAMFEST    June 4th...downtown Manassas or nearby.  WB4HAV for info..
DXPO 78             Sept 15-16th....Tyson's Corners.  K3AO for information
W6AM's OPEN HOUSE   Sunday, June 18th.  Caper with the Paols Verdes Sundancers
W6FOJ's JA TOUR     Nov 3-18th.  See all the JA DXers!!  Plus some other things
SEANET CONVENTION   Singapore.....Nov 10-12th
PACC TEST           April 29/30th.....this weekend
USSR TEST           May 13-14th

NIUE  You may be getting some conflicting dates on this but our understanding is that 
  Baruch has moved it up to next week and should be heard as the weekend of May 6th 

  Baruch has sent out notices that he would be there May 26th.  However, word sent after 
  this April 3rd letter indicates that because of a change in transportation plans, he 
  now will be there from May 5th and will operate until May 19th.

  This will be a SSB effort only and he does not plan to use c.w.  He will also try to 
  vary his transmitting frequencies to work the strong signals in one area and the 
  weaker ones in another.

  The stronger signals are considered to be the VK/ZL/WK/JAs etc.  He will be using, for 
  these signals......3795kc/7155kc/14280kc/21225kc/28600kc.

  For the weaker signals expected from Europe and Africa....and QRPers generally, Baruch 
  will be around 3795kc/7085kc/21245kc/28495kc.  You probably already have noted that 
  the 7mtr frequency is the same for both and this may be changed.  Initially he was 
  thinking of 3895kc but has been advised against this.

  He will be using ATLAS 210s but without outboard VFOs.  He will have a beam for 
  10/15/20 and dipoles for the other frequencies.  The call is not certain but could be 

  QSLs will go direct....Baruch Sheinberg, 4Z4TT, POB 22572, Tel-Aviv, Israel.  He asks 
  that IRCs not be sent but will QSL direct if $1.00 (US) is enclosed with your QSL.

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                                                                  25 April 1978

ARRL  Bob Booth, W3PS, General Counsel of the ARRL, suffered a mild stroke a week or 
  so back while in Alaska on business and presently is in the Naval Hospital at 
  Bethesda, Maryland.

  The ARRL at the first running showed a profit for the first quarter of this year.  
  With costs going up and more demands for services, and ARC 79 around the corner, 
  efforts are being made to get the bottom line showing a bit more in than out.

  ARRL is somewhat concerned over reports that industry representatives may be dropped 
  from the WARC 79 delegation.  The report is that the Justice Department has raised the 
  point as to whether industry people on trade delegations constitute conflicts of 
  interest.  Discussions on this are going on. 

  ARRL concern in this comes from the plan to have Merle Glunt, W3OKN, on the WARC 
  delegation as a consultant to the ARRL and spokesman for the amateur service.  If 
  industry types are not permitted, Merle Glunt will go as a member of the IARU group.

  ARRL notes that in the Second Report and Order in Docket 20282 that Technicians are 
  granted full frequency privileges above 50mHz but does not do the same for Generals.  
  Apparently an oversight, this is expected to be corrected before the effective date of 
  May 15th.

  Charles Higginbotham has left the FCC after thirty years of service and his place has 
  been taken by Carlos V Roberts who had been holding the office of Chief of the FCC's 
  Office of Plans and Study.  Back in 1973 he had headed a special enforcement group 
  charged with the enforcement of CB rules in the eastern third of the country.

  ARRL membership was a grand total of 165 326 at the end of March.  124 631 were full 


WEST COAST DX BULLETIN  Published every week by the Marin County DX Group.  One of the 
  local QRPers had been to the Visalia International DX meeting and made it home safely.  
  He was by to report and we expected that he would be telling of the program, the 
  seminars, the Clipperton operators and the always non-stop action at these meetings.  
  He surprised us.  "You know something?" the QRPer began with one of his always 
  original openings, "it was a good time but what I enjoyed most was to see Don Wallace 
  and his everlasting enthusiasm for DX."  We had to think this over for a bit for Don 
  is always at the DX meetings.  Some even say he invented DX and is there to protect 
  his child.  "But Don is always there," we said and the QRPer nodded.  "Sure he is," 
  the QRPer said, and maybe we tend to overlook a lot of things because of that.  But I 
  don't think that there will be anyone arguing when I say that Don is one of the giants 
  of DXing.  And just to see him and hear him talk should be a memorable event.  I do."  
  Son of a Gun!  We had to agree with this thinking for as far back as we could 
  remember, Don has cast a long shadow across DX.  Sometimes we have to stop and think 
  and remember that some of the legends of DX are right here among us.  And if you 
  should forget, a weekly reminder of the great things and great days of DXing will come 
  your way each week by second-class mail in the U.S. for $14.00.  To all the far 
  reaches of VE/US/XE areas, the drum-roll comes skidding down the track each week by 
  first-class mail for $18.00.  And to all the DXers far beyond the line of the horizon, 
  to those who greet each morning with the hopeful prayer......"Today maybe I will work 
  one of those elusive Ws, the weekly word of hope comes for $20.00  Keep hoping YI1BDG!


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San Rafael, Calif.  94901 

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