May 11, 1976                                                                19-76
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BILL RINDONE  Bill was expecting to open from A6X-United Arab Emirates over this 
  last week-end and then move onto A4X-Oman later this week.

  At this point it would seem that Bill is winding up his Asian activities, he will 
  be moving on to the western part of the Indian Ocean including the stops on the 
  Persian Gulf, and then swing south towards Africa.  There are still a number of 
  choice spots on his itinerary and it may pay to keep a bit alert as he moves on 
  to new operating locales.

  In the VK9XX-Christmas Island operation, Bill made 5400 QSOs with 120 countries.  
  The 9N1MM-Nepal operation, practically all c.w. made over 3000 QSOs with 90 

  All of these QSL to his home QTH in Lake Oswego, Oregon.  Any support will be 

  There had been plans for a rendezvous with W4BPD in Bhutan in mid-April.  Later 
  these slid back to mid-May.  The matter would seem to be still up in the air with 
  the prospect lessening as Bill gets further west towards Africa. 

THE COLVINS  Lloyd and Iris opened from YJ8-New Hebrides last week, this time 
  they got off the plane and settled down to stay for the rest of the month.  They 
  were signing YJ8KG and you can look for them in or about their usual operating 

BAJA NUEVO  The plans for this one moved on a bit last week, the Northern 
  California DX Foundation agreeing to help with the boat charter and some other 
  minor expenses.

  Some matters had to be worked out but there was some indication that the 
  operation may include up to five operators.  Late word was being expected as the 
  bulletin was being printed and it may be found further on if something did arrive 
  on time.

NAVASSA  The Miami Herald newspaper last week had a news article that the Coast 
  Guard was was considering closing Navassa Island again due to it being used as a 
  trans-shipment point in the narcotic traffic moving up from the Caribbean.  It is 
  understood that some other government agencies may be looking at Navassa with 
  some plans aimed at next year.

N6V  The Cal-Tech Jet Propulsion Lab Amateur Radio Club has been given permission 
  to use the call `N6V' in the coming months and it will be used during the periods 
  which correspond with the landing of VIKING I and VIKING II on Mars.  The 
  probable days of operation are June 18th - 23rd, July 3rd - 18th, August 6th - 12th, 
  and August 31st - September 15th.  
  Look for them: 
                 CW  3530 3730 7030 7130 14030 21030 21130 28030 28130kc
                SSB  3810 3930 7230 14225 14325 21360 and 28630kc

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SUNSPOT LOUIE  Last week the chart for April 27th noted one sunspot visible.  On 
the 29th two companion spots showed, forming a triangle with the spots 
approximately 35,000 miles apart.  Two of the spots near the equatorial line 
diffused into one disturbed area which lasted until May 2nd, disappearing on that 
day.  The remaining spot rotated to the back side of the sun on May 3rd and no 
spots were visible on the date of this report.

Band conditions have reflected this activity with WWV coming up with some U-4s 
and W-4s.  May 3rd had six hour indices of 4344 and the following day, May 4th, it 
was 4455.  In short conditions were not good in the middle of last week.  

WWV expected conditions to remain unsettled through May 7th and to be quiet up to 
May 12th.  WWV looks for quiet conditions for about three weeks, figuring that 
geomagnetic conditions unsettled to the middle of this week and solar activity at 
a low level.  No ionospheric storms are seen by WWV to the middle of this week. 

In the 12 month moving average sunspot numbers, WWV seems to be seeing the bottom 
as it is certainly looking for some flat numbers from May to December . . .  9 in 
May and SSN of 8 in December.  Things seem to be getting to the point where the 
only way they can go is up, up, up.  You may not know the day or the hour, but 
the bottom is near.  As W6TSQ said last week:  "Look at it this way, it surely is 
a year closer than it was this time last year!!"  We had to think that over for 
sometimes these astute pronouncements on the Inevitable Truths are a bit hard to 
grasp.  So what did we do, what did we say?  "Say it again, Sam!  Say it again".

From the right bank of the Potomac, headed downstream of course, we get the word 
on what you can expect for the next couple of weeks.  Hold on one more week and 
you will learn what it might be like around the time for the JARL Oki-no Tori 
Shima trip.  If you have been reading your charts, you might suspect some 
recurrent high A Index figures.  Anyhow, peering into the far Pacific, seeking to 
pierce the veil of the future and to bring hope to the long suffering but still 
Deserving DXers, Ted says it will be:

    May 12th Low Normal                            May 19th High Normal
        13th High Normal   (Keep fingers)              20th Low Normal
        14th High Normal   (crossed . . .)             21st Low Normal/High Normal
        15th High Normal                               22nd Low Normal
        16th High Normal                               23rd Low Normal/High Normal
        17th High Normal                               24th High Normal
        18th High Normal                               25th Low Normal

And with that, Ted says:  "If I can't get things up for Oki-No, look what I did 
for those Iraqi plans.  The best possible at the bottom of the cycle . . . 

Up from the south at break of day comes the word from K6EC and Ev has all the 
figures for those whose trust is in the charts.  Ev says it went thisaway . . .

           Solar Flux  A Index                    Solar Flux  A Index

 April 27th       75       11               May 1st      80        8
       28th       74       11                   2nd      76       22
       29th       72       12                   3rd      73       58
       30th       79       11                   4th      71        -

There's the whole lash-up.  CQ had another article on sunspots in their April 
issue.  We'd feel better if they were published in some other month than April.  
This is a time to try the hearts of DXers and we need reassurance . . . Sunspots 
will rise again!!  Maybe??

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                                                               11 May 1976

OKI-NO TORI SHIMA  With the JARL DXpedition able to operate only at low water, 
  most DXers will be wanting to plan their watch for the periods when low water 
  will be in that area.  Needing expert assistance, we consulted with our Maritime 
  Desk and Bob Harris, K6VY, came up with a lot of information.  First, the periods 
  of high and low water at Oki-no Tori Shima.  These were worked out from the tide 
  tables at Guam and at Naha, corrected for the expected times at Oki-no Tori 
  Shima.  All of these are in Greenwich time and you will have to correct the time 
  for your location if you are looking for local time.

       May 27th  Low   1500Z +1.5'        May 31st  Low   0510Z   -0.5'
                 High  2020  +2.5                   High  1230    +2.5
       May 28th  Low   0330   0.0                   Low   1740    +1.5
                 High  1030  +2.5                   High  2230    +2.0
                 Low   1540  +1.5          Jun 1st  Low   0545    -0.5
                 High  2055  +2.5                   High  1310    +2.5
       May 29th  Low   0400   0.0                   Low   1820    +1.5
                 High  1110  +2.5                   High  2310    +2.0
                 Low   1620  +1.5          Jun 2nd  Low   0630     0.0
                 High  2120  +2.5
       May 30th  Low   0430  -1.5
                 High  1150  +2.5
                 Low   1700  +1.5
                 High  2200  +2.5

From Hydrographic Office Publication 82, The Coast Pilot, we find the following 

    PARECE VELA (Douglas Reef)  20 25'N., 136 05'E.  A U.S. naval vessel examined 
    Parece Vela Reef in 1947 and reported that the first indications of the reef
    when approaching from seaward are the breakers, the distinct discoloration of
    the water, and, when near the reef, a large rock about 6 feet high on the
    southwest side.  Three small rocks break the surface on the west side of the
    reef, and another about 1 1/4 feet high, is located on the northeast side. 
    Because of the breakers around the reef the small rocks are nearly impossible
    to see from seaward.

    The reef is about 2 3/4 miles long, northeastward and southwestward, and about 
    3/4 mile wide.  A shoal ledge extends from 50 to 70 feet outward from the line
    of breakers around most of the reef, and about 1/2 mile northeastward from the 
    northeast end.  A small boat channel, about 50 feet wide and 20 feet deep
    leads into the lagoon from the southeast side of the reef.  The channel is
    easily accessible for a small boat.  The lagoon has 10 to 15 feet, but there
    are numerous coral heads of lesser depths throughout the area.

    It was also reported that a submerged reef about 3 miles long and 200 yards
    wide extends in a northwesterly direction from a position about 3/4 mile north-
    ward of the west part of Parece Vela.  Numerous rips were observed on the west
    side of this reef, and the depths on it were estimated to be 6 to 10 feet.
    Vessels should not pass closer than 5 miles northward of Parece Vela, for the
    length of the submerged reef is only approximately known. 

    In 1959 a helicopter reconnaissance survey of Parece Vela Reef indicated that
    the reef is pear-shaped in an east-west direction-with its greatest width at
    its eastern end.  No open channels were observed, although there appeared to
    be deeper water over the reef on its northwestern side.  A circular underwater 
    construction of quarried or concrete blocks, about 40 feet in diameter, the 
    highest part of which was barely awash, was observed in the southwestern part
    of the lagoon.  The aforementioned rock, about 6 feet high, was not visible.

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                                                               11 May 1976
SABLE/St PAUL  Reports have popped up from time to time about efforts aimed at
  St Paul or Sable.  VE1BFV is permanent party, more or less, on Sable and is
  being worked.  St Paul is something else and some information on the possib-
  ilities for either has drifted this way from a good source.

  St Paul is ice-bound during the winter months and up to around the first part
  of May the only way one might get on to St Paul is via helicopter.  With a
  chopper it might be one thing to get to St Paul and another to get it set down
  with the wind usually found there.  There is a light-house keeper on the island
  who is reported to be as amiable as a bear with a sore nose and he pretty much
  has the say about the island.
  It does not seem feasible to expect to just head for St Paul and expect to 
  operate.  It may take a bit of doing and the way may be a bit rough.

  To land on Sable you need both the permission from the Canadian Department of 
  Transport and the Canadian Environment Agency.  The only ingress permitted is
  via air and one airline is reported to be the sole holder of landing rights.
  There are no lodging facilities on the island and Environment has indicated
  that they cannot handle nor be responsible for guests.

  The only possible shelter is a quonset hut for VIPs, this being about two miles 
  from the air strip.  If the Environment people do not offer to run over with 
  their tractor, an unlikely possibility, you are stuck.

  There have been a good number of requests for operating permission for these 
  islands, both from W/Ks and VE groups.  Undoubtedly there will be more operations 
  from St Paul and VE1BFV is supplying Sable regularly.  If one is thinking of the 
  summer months and possible operations from these spots, it may pay to do some 
  checking first.  It may not be as easy as one might imagine.

W6AOI-SILENT KEY John Ellison, W6AOI, a member of the Northern California DX Club
  became a Silent Kay on May 3rd while in a hospital for some surgery.  A retired
  Navy Captain, John was an Annapolis graduate and had also studied at MIT. A very
  pleasant and knowledgeable person, W6AOI was always a considerate gentleman.
  Burial was at Arlington National Cemetery.

MALPELO  Though there does not appear to be any action on this one in the near 
  future, reports are starting to come out of Colombia that some thinking is being 
  directed towards an effort in 1977.  There will be a celebration in that year of 
  Colombian independence and an effort may come in connection with that celebration.

EME-WA6LET  This will be coming via the big 150' dish at Stanford Research 
  Institute in another week, the time will be from 1000 to 1900Z on May 23rd. 
  WA6LET will transmit on the odd minute and listen on the even minute.

  Transmitting frequency will be 432.095mhz.  Listening frequencies will be:

         432.025mhz to 432.050mhz.     432.000 +/-

  Also, it is possible that 222.000mhz and 220.000 - 220.075mhz will be used as a 
  listening frequency, also.

** WEST COAST DX BULLETIN  Second-class postage paid at San Rafael, California **
**    Published weekly by the Marin County DX Group  Hugh Cassidy  WA6AUD      **
** $10.00 per year in the U.S/VE areas by second-class (newspaper treatment)   **
** $14.50 per year in the U.S/VE areas by first-class mail. $17.00 per year    **
** for airmail service to Mexico and all the DX areas around the world.        **
**                                                                             **
** The Sunspots Will Rise Again!!!                                             **
**                                                                             **

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                                                               11 May 1976

IRCs  It is often found that while DXers are well acquainted with IRCs, not too 
  many others are, even in Post Offices.  Demand for the coupons is generally 
  dependent on whether there is a DXer in the neighborhood and where there is no 
  DXer, the sales of IRCs is often non-existent.

  With coupons now costing 42 cents, James Spencer, W0FHE, wrote to the Post Office 
  Department on the matter and received a three page answer.  It would seem that 
  most everyone can learn something from the reply and there are reasons why some 
  things are done.  The following are excerpts from the long letter.

    1.  The U.S. is one of 154 member countries in the UPU.  The UPU is 
        established to facilitate the exchange of mails between countries 
        as well as to provide for some uniformity in postal service.  The 
        UPU adopts regulations on surface postage rates with a lower limit 
        and upper limit.  The upper limit is the basis for the minimum 
        charge for IRCs.
     2.  IRCs shall be on sale in member countries.  The value of a reply 
         coupon shall be 1 franc and the selling price may not be less than 
         this value.
     3.  Reply coupons shall be exchangeable in any member country . . for 
         the minimum postage prepayable on a unregistered letter sent abroad 
         by surface mail.  When a sufficient number of reply coupons are 
         presented, administrations shall be required to supply postage 
         stamps for the minimum postage prepayable for dispatch by air . . .
     4.  Notwithstanding, postal administrations shall be permitted not to 
         undertake the sale of international reply coupons, or to limit 
         their sale.
     5.  The UPU prescribed a minimum charge of one gold franc 
         (approximately 40 cents) for coupons because the upper limit charge 
         for a surface letter not exceeding 20 grams (1 ounce avoirdupois) 
         prescribed by the UPU is one gold franc.
     6.  Prior to January 1975 the settling of accounts for IRCs was handled 
         between countries on a bilateral basis.  Starting in January 1975, 
         the headquarters of the UPU in Bern, Switzerland, started settling 
         coupon accounts for all member countries.  All accounts are settled 
         on the basis of a coupon value of one gold franc.
     7.  The 2 cent differential is designed to cover part of the costs of 
         purchasing, transportation, distribution and accounting.  For 
         printing and transportation to the U.S., this alone costs 1 cent 
         per coupon.
     8.  The U.S. in 1974 proposed an IRC to prepay air letter postage from 
         all countries.  This was not voted upon favorably.  However, the 
         UPU did set up a committee to study the feasibility of such a 

Somewhere, in all of that, you should have learned a bit more about IRCs.  
Costly?, Yes!  Essential . . . Yes!!  Often it is felt that possibly more IRCs 
are sold between amateurs than some metropolitan Post Offices might sell in the 
course of a year . . . 

**   WORLD QSL BUREAU  111 Farm Hill Way, Los Gatos, Calif.  95030             **
**   The World QSL Bureau will move QSLs at a price that you cannot ignore!!   **
**   The World QSL Bureau takes the drudgery out of QSLing!!  Try it today!    **
**                                                                             **
**   QSLs go for 6 cents per card.  Gather twenty or more and the rate is 5    **
**   cents per card.  Bundle up a 100 and they go for 4 cents each.            **
**   Absolutely Unbelievable!!                                                 **

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                                                               11 May 1976

SHORTLY NOTED This was a week when there really was no startling DX news but 
 there still seems to be an awfully lot to fill these sheets . . .

 We got no late word on the YI-plans of DL7FT, this being Friday evening, and 
 nothing further on the SP6-plans.  In other areas, the Baja Nuevo project there 
 is some checking of licenses, etc. of those who may participate and as of last 
 Friday it was shaping up but it probably will not show for another week or so.

 K5QHS, San Hutson, has also been working in that direction, his plans being tied 
 in with some HK-operators.  They have been leaning to an early Fall effort but 
 San would rather not be on a low reef like Baja Nuevo during the hurricane season 
 and he has been leaning the other way towards the June-August period.  Whether or 
 not these Baja Nuevo plans come off, San is also working on a couple of others 
 which will interest any Deserving DXer.  Something will come . . .

 It might be noted that some of the various nets meet . . .

         Arkansas DX Assn    Mondays and Fridays  3815khz  0100Z
         Pacific DX Net      Tuesday and Friday   14265kc  0600Z

 Last Friday, May 7th, the ARRL in Official Bulletin 588 noted that the FCC had 
 announced that during the duration of the earthquake emergency in Italy, that the 
 Italians had lifted its ban against 3rd-party traffic.

 In those tide tables for Oki-no Tori Shima, the COAST PILOT says:  "Heights are 
 reckoned from the datum of soundings on charts of the locality which is mean 
 lower low water".

 RSGB is looking to WARC 1979 and has asked Lord Wallace of Coslany if he would 
 stand for election for RSGB President in 1977.  Lord Wallace said he would.  It 
 might also be noted that " . . . Enquiries have been made to (RSGB) headquarters 
 as to the views of the Society on the so-called citizens band activity in the 
 segment between 27 and 28mhz.  At the present time the opinion of the (RSGB) 
 Council is that no support can be given to the establishment of a communications 
 band in this part of the spectrum.  In the UK all transmissions in this band 
 comprise the use of tones, i.e. for paging and location and for model control.  
 Reports of cb activities in the USA show gross violations of the regulations, 
 leading in some cases to heavy fines and prison sentences.  The Society has no 
 desire to see the spread of these practices to the UK, particularly as in many 
 cases press reports do not differentiate between the licenses radio amateur and 
 the 27mhz users, most of whom are unlicensed".  Son of a Gun!!

 TA1ZB often around 14026kc/2045Z.  A week or so back he was calling `CQ' and 
 could not get anyone to answer him.  Wallis may still be a possibility for the 
 Colvins after their tour this month at YJ8-New Hebrides.

 We are still looking for names and mailing addresses of DX Clubs in the US/VE 
 areas.  So far we have both the North California/Southern California Clubs, Delta 
 DX Assn; Twin City DX Assn; Southern New England DX Assn; Eastern Iowa DX Assn; 
 The National Capitol DX Assn and the British Columbia DX Club.  We know there are 
 a couple more and if your club is not listed, jiggle the secretary a bit to give 
 us the information.  We are also looking for DX repeater frequencies.  Somewhere 
 along the line we will publish the whole list.  Think of how you will feel if 
 your club is not listed!!

 Some have asked about Bill Rindone's not giving his itinerary in advance so some 
 time off can be planned.  We had Bill's travel plan when he departed. It came 
 apart before he got to Christmas Island.  We have checked with one of Bill's 
 neighbors who relays messages to his XYL and he is at sea as much as we are.  At 
 this point it appears that Bill is flying by the seat of his pants, knowing 
 generally where he is going but the time and dates for any long-range 
 announcements are uncertain.  Generally, there are some `if's' and `maybes' in 
 his plans.  However, watch when he heads down into Africa . . . this was where 
 some surprises were to be!!

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                                                               11 May 1976

REPORTS FROM RED EYED LOUIE     Though the night was made for DX,
                                And the day returns too soon . . .


HC1XG/HC8  1805/0900 28e
PY1RO  1803/0320/May  3e

AH7EB  3806/1030 May  2w  PY2ELZ 3798/0525/May  3e   XL2ACW 3802/0525/May  2m
DF3KV  3799/0300/Apr 29e  PY3BDH 3785/0325/May  3e   YU2RTW 3502/0330/Apr 30m
DK6NN  3808/0055/May  1e  PY5AJ  3791/0320/May  3e   YU4EBL 3797/0425/May  3e
WA6EVX/KG6 3807/1045 30w  VE1BFV 3804/0530/Apr 27m   ZD8TM  3503/0140/May  2m
LU2FED 3736/0100/May 3e   VP2KN  3810/0335/May  1e   ZS6DW  3777/0350/Often
ON4LJ  3799/0450/Apr 20e  VS6DO  3806/1200/May  2w   9J2JN  3778/0350/May  2w

A35AF  7005/1025/May  3e  JC4AAC 7007/0500/Apr 29m   YC1YQ  7002/1400/Apr 30w
CX7AF  7012/0445/Apr 30m  KS6DV  7094/0910     24w   YU5FGF 7018/2240/Apr 27e
DK3SN  7003/0125/May  1m  LU8ADK 7003/2330/Apr 28m   YB0ABV 7008/110o/Apr 22e
FO8ER  7003/1150/May  2e  LZ2DR  7003/0045/Apr 30m   VK3MR  7005/2310/Apr 29m
FO8DR  7102/0515/May  2w  OX3ER  7113/0820/May  2w   9Q5QR  7012/0235/Apr 30w
FK8CD  7010/1025/May  3e  SP2IW  7012/2245/Apr 27e
KC4USV 7194/0930/Apr 28m  SP9AI  7005/0345/Apr 29m


EA8BF  14004/0045/May  2w  9X5PT  14020/2155/May  2e
ZD8TM  14037/2125/May  2e  9Q5QR  14017/2140/Apr 29E  

ASIA      CW               

KA6CN  14052/0905/May  4w  UJ8AC  14029/0300/Apr 29m  UM8FM  14024/1600/Apr 28w          
UA9LAX 14020/1150/Apr 27e  UJ8AG  14050/0150/Apr 29m  UV9AX  14033/0255/Apr 29e                                      .
UA9OBU 14049/1235/Apr 27m  UK9OAD 14060/0320/Apr 28m  VU2LE  14034/0150/Apr 29e
UA0SP  14049/0300/Apr 28m  UK9WAP 14030/1300/Apr 27m  4X4JU  14040/2300/Apr 28w
UA0RA  14030/0305/Apr 28m  UL7TAM 14049/0135/Apr 29m  4Z4RS  14037/2345/Apr 27w
UA0FAM 14027/1240/Apr 27m  UL7FAZ 14042/0135/Apr 29m  9N1MM  14029/0130/Apr 29e 
UI8AP  14035/0200/Apr 22m  UL7FAE 14030/0210/Apr 29m
UI8AG  14054/1110/Apr 29m  UM8NNN 14024/0120/Apr 28m 


CT1UM  14030/1750/Apr 28w  LA3HG  14022/1920/Apr 30m  UK6VAF 14030/1320/May  1e
CT2BS  14026/2325/Apr 29w  LA7HJ  14035/2240/Apr 28m  UR2RDI 14030/1130/Apr 29e
DL7BT  14023/1750/Apr 30m  LA9EF  14021/0020/Apr 29w  UR2RCU 14036/1230/May  2e
DM4NEE 14022/1830/Apr 30m  LZ2US  14030/1545/Apr 29w  UT5LF  14029/0445/Apr 21m
EA4CR  14023/1555/Apr 29w  OK1IBL 14022/1800/Apr 30m  UT5EG  14044/0400/May  2w 
EA6DF  14053/2200/Apr 30e  OK1MF  14026/1610/Apr 29w  UK2PAF 14037/2000/Apr 30E
EA6DD  14043/2045/Apr 29e  SJ9WL  14005/1400/Apr 24m  UY5YK  14037/0355/Apr 28w
GD4BEG 14026/1255/Apr 29m  SP9BBH 14022/1825/Apr 30m  YU2QZ  14022/1820/Apr 30m
GM3AWW 14004/1815/Apr 28w  TA1ZB  14026/2200/Apr 29e  YU2CDB 14030/1440/Apr 30m 
HA7MC  14031/1625/Apr 29w  UA3ABM 14040/0515/Apr 21m  YU3TXT 14012/1550/Apr 29w
HB9AFH 14022/1900/Apr 30m  UA6LLT 14033/0420/Apr 28w  ZA1AC  14023/2235/Apr 27???
I3GNQ  14036/1605/Apr 28w  UB5SF  14044/0400/May  2w  3A0FF  14018/1615/May  1e
JW5NM  14025/0210/Apr 27e  UB5NS  14026/1620/Apr 29w  3Z5KM  14030/1145/Apr 29e

(e = eastern states  m = middle states  w = western reaches  ja = japan, etc.)
(all times in gmt  # = long path  ??? = Zagreb Slim . . . active recently    )

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                                                               11 May 1976



A35AF  14021/0230/May  2e  FY7YE  14050/2000/Apr 30e  VK5FM  14040/0415/Apr 26m
CE0AE  14034/0625/Apr 27w  HC1XG/HC8 14025/2310  29w  VK6RJ  14020/1155/May  1e
CX4CR  14039/0435/May  3w  HK0BKX 14035/0150/May  3e  VK3BW  14035/0425/Apr 27w
DU1OR  14033/0630/May  4w  KC4USX 14025/1300/May  1e  VP2GLE 14012/0020/May  3e
FG7AT  14028/2130/May  2e  KX6MV  14021/2205/May  2e  VP2MB  14021/0310/Apr 30e
FG7AS  14006/1140/Apr 29e  KX6MJ  14032/0320/May  4w  VP2ST  14023/0150/May  3e
FO8AZ  14026/2350/Apr 29e  LU9DER 14030/0310/Apr 29m  VP9HY  14010/2230/May  2w
FO8EZ  14024/0225/May  2e  OX3NB  14012/0045/Apr 29w  ZF1JH  14036/2325/Apr 26e
FO8DN  14036/1610/Apr 28w  P29JS  14034/1410/Apr 25m  ZL1BOK 14056/0420/Apr 27w
FM7AZ  14030/2250/May  2e  PT2GLJ 14031/2300/May  2w  5W1AB  14025/0110/May  3w


C5AN   14205/2350/Apr 27e  VQ9R   14225/1125/Apr 30e  5Z4AA  14225/2200/May  2e
C5AF   14209/2235/May  2e  VQ9MHS 14265/2060/Apr 30e  6W8MW  14208/2100/May  2e
CN8BF  21297/2010/Apr 27e  ZD7SD  14202/2010/Apr 27m  9G1JL  14219/2220/Apr 26m
EA9EO  14205/2135/Apr 28e  ZD7SD  21276/1540/Apr 23m  9G1JC  14219/2220/Apr 26m
EA9FF  14265/2250/Apr 26m  ZD7FT  14205/2130/May  2e  9J2AP  14204/1315/Apr 21m
EL2JC  14255/0015/Apr 25w  ZS6PI  21280/1505/Apr 30m  9J2JC  21260/1600/Apr 28m
FR7BE  14215/1225/May  1e# 3B8CA  14218/1235/May  2e  9Q5DM  21350/1930
SU1MA  14201/2045/May  1e  5N2NAS 14333/1750/May  1e  9X5RK  14244/2100/May  2e
TR8RA  14207/1950/May  1e  5U7AG  14212/1930/May  1e        

ASIA       SSB

BV2B   14226/2345/May  1e  UK8MAA 14212/1245/Apr 29e  OE6DK/YK 14244/1720    2e
HS5AKW 14225/2330/May  1e  UK9ABA 14237/1230/Apr 30e  4S7PB  14216/1720/Apr 27m
JR6YAX 14205/2210/Apr 26m  UK9AAN 14223/1315/Apr 25m  4X4LO  14234/2120/Apr 27m
JY9CR  14216/2025/May  1e  UK0BAE 14208/0200/Apr 21e  4Z4BL  14234/2010/May  2e
UA0FCK 14208/0050/Apr 27m  UK0SAA 14204/0250/Apr 28m  5B4BK  14207/1850/May  2e
UA9OO  14205/1220/Apr 30e  UK0VZ  14220/1345/Apr 29m  9V1OI  14218/0530/Apr 27w
UI8FFF 14203/0140/Apr 29m  UM8FM  14201/1125/Apr 27e  9V1RD  14212/1515/May  1m
UK7LAH 14222/2120/Apr 27m  VU2ACD 14203/0140/Apr 29m  9V1SH  14207/1250/Apr 25m

EUROPE     SSB    

EA3JE  14209/1230/May  2e  OE9HAJ 14203/2235/Apr 26m  UK2GAB 14265/1220/Apr 29e
EA6BG  14215/1235/Apr 30e  OG8AA  14204/1755/Apr 28w  UK2BBB 14203/1340/Apr 29m
EI2CA  14246/2300/Apr 26m  OH5XO  14264/1200/Apr 29e  UK2GKW 14206/1805/Apr 28w
G2DF   14202/1810/Apr 27w  ON4IZ  14258/2300/Apr 26m  UA3WJ  14212/1315/May  2e   
HB9ALM 14209/1235/May  2e  SP9AI  14201/1945/Apr 27m  YU2YDE 14253/1150/Apr 29e
I4VEQ  14204/1605/May  1w  SP9CTW 14225/1725/Apr 28m  ZB2DN  14219/1930/May  2e
LA4ZC  14224/1345/Apr 27m  SV0WZ  14219/1945/Apr 30e  3Z5KMB 14210/1840/May  1e
LZ2VP  14225/1305/May  2e  TA1MB  14219/2005/May  1e  9H1EL  14212/2130/May  2e


CP1AP  14260/0125/Apr 27m  LU5HEN 28600/0015/Apr 28w  VR1AC  14309/1320/Apr 27e
DU1XKE 14219/0530/Apr 27w  LU7ACT 14216/2300/Apr 27m  VR1AF  14301/0840/Apr 27e
FG0GE  14245/1200/Apr 28m  P29CC  14223/1210/May  2e  VR6TC  21351/2335/Apr 27e
FO8DP  14225/0345/May  1e  P29BN  14214/1215/May  2e  YB0ACG 14260/1625/Apr 30e 
KG6RI  14301/0745/Apr 27e  P29MM  14218/1230/May  1e  YB0PG  14207/1250/May  1e
KS6DV/KB6  14309/1310 27e  P29GA  14219/1300/Apr 21m  ZK1CL  14144/0340/May  2e
KJ6CF  14335/0330/Apr 20m  P29PN  14211/1500/Apr 25w  3D2ER  14219/0510/May  3e 
KJ6DX  14301/0745/Apr 27e  VK6RU  14215/1300/Apr 21m  W3ZA/6Y5 14209/0150   29m  
KM6EA  14227/2345/Apr 28e  VK9XK  14214/1430/May  1w  8R1X   14294/1955/Apr 30e 
KS6DU  14255/1250/May  1e  VP2VBG 14207/0400/May  1e  8P6FE  14211/0000/May  3e 
KX6BU  14256/1245/May  1e  VP2SV  14206/1600/May  2e  9Y4UD  14280/1450/May  2w

                            [page break]

                                                               11 May 1976


BILL RINDONE               Expected to open in the United Emirates over last
BAJA NUEVO                 Looking good,  moving but no late word.  Mid-May to
                           Mid-June. . .
ABU AIL                    Nothing new to keep the hopes up . . .
EUROPA                     FR7ZL to open from this Juan de Nova spot in next
                           week or so
LORD HOWE                  VK2FT should be heard about this time.. Watch the
                           low freqs . . .
GRAND CAYMAN               ZF1BT from May 25th by W5UFF
LIECHTENSTEIN              HB0XAA from May 26th by the Wiesbaden Radio Club
IRAQ                       DL7FT said he would be on from this Monday . . .
FRESNO INTERNATIONAL       The Big DX Meeting.  This weekend at the Fresno
NZART GOLDEN JUBILEE       June 4-7th in Auckland.  ZK1BKL for details . . .
YL ISSB CONVENTION         June 24-2th in Long Island City.  W0UUE for details
NORTHWEST DX CONVENTION    Aug 7-8th in Vancouver, British Columbia
DXPO 76                    Sept 25th in the Washington, D.C. area.
USSR TEST                  May 22-23rd. A world-wide effort.  C.W. or SSB

SOME SHORT NOTES  Also at that IARU Region II meeting in April at Miami was 
  G3FKM, John Allaway, the President of RSGB.  G3FKM does the DX column in the RSGB 
  Bulletin, "The Month on the Air".  Also reported as being in attendance was Roy 
  Stevens, G2BVN, a former officer in the RSGB and presently a member of the RSGB 
  Council, PA0LOU, L. van de Nadort and Shozo Hara, JA1AN, of the JARL.

  There were 23 countries from Region II present at the meeting, the only ones 
  absent were TI-Costa Rica and C6A-Bahamas according to the reports.  There were 
  both official and unofficial talks.  One good surmise is that the Oki-No Tori 
  Shima matter was discussed . . .

  The OSCAR satellite scheduled for launch in 1978 will be a far more complex unit.  
  The new one will carry two 144 to 42mhz transponders, a 2304mhz beacon and a 
  microprocessor set (RCA CDP1801) housekeeping unit.

  The new satellite will seek to correct some problems in the earlier OSCARS which 
  suffered from strong signals hogging the output.  It is felt that the problem of 
  handling multiple uncoordinated uses has been solved.  The new Phase III OSCAR 
  will have two 50w PEP transponders and will be lofted into orbit with the help of 
  NASA, probably with an ITOS weather satellite.

  The FRACAP, Central America Radio Club Convention, held on the April 23rd 
  weekend, had over 650 foreign amateurs in attendance.  Vic Clark, W4KFC, was also 
  there . . . 

                             [page break]

FCC  The FCC has issued a notice of proposed rulemaking, Docket 20777, that would 
  delete all references to specific emission types, such as A1, A3, etc. in the 
  amateur radio rules.  FCC proposes to replace the present provisions with 
  limitations on the allowed bandwidth which an amateur signal may occupy in 
  certain portions of the amateur bands.  Four categories of permissible bandwidth 
  are proposed.  These are:  Less than 350 hz; Less than 3.5 khz; less than 35 khz 
  and 35 khz or more.  CW and RTTY emissions would fall into the less than 350 hz 
  subbands.  SSB, FAX and conventional SSTV would be allowed in the 3.5khz or less 
  subbands.  Conventional a.m. and nbfm would fall into the 35khz or less category.  
  Comment deadline is June 23rd . . . reply comments July 23rd.  More details will 
  be in QST.


WEST COAST DX BULLETIN  Published every week by the Marin County DX Group.  This 
  being the tomato planting season, it is essential to watch one's competitors.  
  Last week we dropped in on one of the local QRPers to see what he was doing.  We 
  found him cultivating mint. "Look", he said, here is my spearmint.  Over there is 
  my peppermint plant and that tall one is my orange bergamont mint.  I am 
  expecting a hot summer and I am prepared.  "Be Prepared" I always say", he said 
  and we were on him fast.  "For what?", we asked and the QRPer smiled.  "Well, I 
  was thinking of some nice tall Mint Juleps for one thing.  Or maybe one of those 
  big Planter's Punch . . . all packed in that shaved ice.  Sometimes it is hard to 
  find fresh mint so I am growing my own. Be Prepared!".  You know something, we 
  had to stop and think this over for this QRPer was one of those dry ones.  Maybe 
  a small beer once in awhile but never nothing more.  "Whose leg you trying to 
  pull?", we asked.  "You never touch any of that stuff" and the QRPer started to 
  swell and bristle.  "Look", he said, "Who has been putting up that big tower with 
  the stacked monobanders?  Who has been up every dawn looking for Abu Ail?  Who 
  has been saying that all of this is to work a YI or a BY or a 3V or a South 
  Sandwich or any of those that have not been around for twenty years or more?".  
  We had to admit that maybe it did fit our pattern.  "But that's different", we 
  started to say and we were cut off.  "Look, Buster", the QRPer said, "what makes 
  you think that you are going to work any of those at all?  Tell me!!".  Son of a 
  Gun, we knew we had him there.  "But we might", we quickly interjected.  "We 
  might find one and we want to be ready.  "Be Prepared" like you say".  The QRPer 
  snorted at this.  "And what makes you think that the possibility of me working on 
  some mint juleps this summer is any longer than you working YI or Abu Ail or 
  something like that.  My plans are possible!!".  We were on a losing end of the 
  gig for anticipation is often the biggest joy of all.  $10.00 will bring you a 
  full year of joyous DX Anticipation by second-class mail in the U.S/VE areas . . 
  .  $14.50 brings it to you by first-class mail while $17.00 flies it to all those 
  DX lands down the curve of time and beyond the hours of dawn . . . One will learn 
  never to argue with a dreamer . . .


77 Coleman Drive
San Rafael, Calif. 94901

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