June 13, 1979                                                            24-79
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NIUE/TONGA  Commencing early in July, a team out of New Zealand will be working 
  several of the South Pacific stops, their plans including 5W1-Western Samoa, A35-
  Tonga and ZK2-Niue.  The group includes ZL1BCG, Ian Ridpath out of Auckland, ZL1ALE 
  Aola Johnston of Papakura and ZL1AMN, Dave Johnston, also of Papakura.

  The group expects to open on July 7th from 5W1-Western Samoa, then move on to open 
  from ZK2-Niue where they will be active to July 20th.  ZL1ALE and ZL1AMN will continue 
  on to Tonga to sign A35 from their arrival to July 25th.
  Aola, the XYL in the group will be looking to supply YL contacts from all three 
  stops.  ZL1BCG should be recognized by many DXers, he in the past signed KX6ZZ, 
  VR4AZ, 3D2DD, VK2BZM/VK9 from Norfolk, ZK1DD, and VE3EZM/C21.  Dave Johnston, ZL1AMN 
  was one of the operators on the last Kermedec operation when ZL1AA/K was signed.

  The frequencies to watch will be:

              CW:  3505kHz   7005kHz    14020kHz    21020kHz    28020kHz
             SSB:  3750kHz   7095kHz    14195kHz    21295kHz    28495kHz

  They will also be trying One-Sixty, the frequencies will depend on what might be 
  permitted under local regulations.  On the c.w. and SSB frequencies, the usual 
  listening areas will be around 20kHz up the band.  If there should develop need for 
  alternate frequencies, they say to watch 3850kHz/14280kHz/21380kHz and 28595kHz.  

  Watch the QSL information.  It is not the same for all the stops.

       For Niue, the W/K/Ves QSL to:      Canadian DX Assn
                                          Box 717 Station Q
                                          Toronto, ONTARIO M4T 2N7

       All others and for all other
       Operations, QSL to:                ISLANDS DX-PEDITION
                                          P.O. Box 263
                                          Papakura, New Zealand

  The group will also be found on various DX nets and generally will stick around as 
  long as the directions of the Net Controls are observed.  Efforts to by-pass the Net 
  Control or to fail to follow Net Procedure will probably result in some QSYing.  In 
  other words, listen to the Net Control and follow their directions.

  ZL1ALE and ZL1AMN will also appear on the YL-SSB System at 14332kHz at times, 
  possibly on both the regular sessions and the evening sessions.

  The callsigns may be available before their departure.  The itinerary is firm, the 
  call-signs a question.  The planning has been helped by 5W1AU, A35WL, ZK2AE and 
  ZL1BKX.  The Canadian DX-Association is sponsoring the effort in part and air travel 
  arrangements have been made with the Polynesian Airlines.

MANIHIKI  On the plans of the ZLs for ZK1HI-Manihiki operations early in June, these 
  have been slid back a month and are now aimed at the middle of July.

  There is also an effort out of the Mid-West also looking for some action in the South 
  Pacific, this starting in August with the Southern Cooks, YJ8 New Hebrides, FK8 New 
  Caledonia, KS6-American Samoa, 3D2 Fiji, A35 Tonga, ZK2 Niue and 5W1 Western Samoa 
  being possibilities.  Actually, their plans are loose and final decisions will be 
  based on what is need and what has been run through the DX wringer recently.

  The group will include Jim Blackman, K0EVE, Tom Lindgren, W0WP, Steve Towle, K0SVW 
  and Alan Cresswell, ZK1DR.  They are looking for both c.w. and SSB and QSLs will go 
  to W0WP, Tom Lindgren, 1260 13th Avenue, Marion, Iowa 52302.  There will be more 
  updating on these plans but at this time they feel rather firm on some August 

SAN MARINO  M1C may be hanging out the `No Vacancy' sign as two of the Deserving W/K 
  types plan to visit Antonio during the first half of July and run up a lot of 
  business for the San Marino station.

  Dennis Lusis will be visiting San Marino early in July, possibly around July 7th, and 
  will put M1C on the air for two or three days.  Then along about July 16th, W7KZE, 
  Larry Luchi, will come pounding up the road to Antonio's and Larry plans to put M1C 
  on the air for about four days, July 16th to 20th.  Before we forget it complete, 
  Dennis Lusis' call is W1LJ and he is out of Bristol, Connecticut.

  During K7KZE's travel in Italy, he will also visit the Vatican and Manual Calero, 
  I4CMF, has made arrangements for him to operate a Vatican station, either HV1CN or 
  HV3SJ.  This should be around July 14th.  QSL for K7KSE to his home QTH.....5007 West 
  Clearwater  Lot F, Kennewick, Wash   99336

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                                                              West Coast DX Bulletin
                                                                  13 June 1979

SUNSPOT LOUIE  We heard from W6RQ recently and told
  Al that some were wondering what the chart
  would look like when the solar activity
  was high.  Al said that he would work
  on it.
  This week Al shows up to declare:  "This
  is it!"  And there it is!  And the
  Solar Flux?  It was up around 224
  on this date!

  And while all of the DXers are De-
  serving, and some more so, Al says
  that it is hard to understand how 
  so many could be so deserving as to
  have had this.  "Never mind the
  questions," we advised Al, "get the
  flux up and get that Ap figure down."
  It was around eight to ten on the day of
  this observation and we are sure that this
  could be improved with a bit more effort.

  But it does look good.  But will it last?  It
  seldom does....long enough, and peering into the 
  days of the summer solstice, N4XX says:  "Repent!,                                 
  there are dire days ahead!!" And as we slide from the               
  euphoria of W6RQ to the forebodings of N4XX, all we                     W6RQ 
  can say is to enjoy the Good Days while they are here,               6 June 1979 
  tomorrow may not be the brighter day we've been promised.

  And what does N4XX promise?  A slide down to the depths    No. 1774      40 spots       
  Of LNs and BNs.  Maybe better you'd work in the garden.     N14o  W02o  550 millionths

                                                                 1781      33 spots
      June 13th Above Normal    Jun 20th Below!               N19o  E30o 1150 millionths
           14th High/Low Normal     21st Below!!                 
           15th Low/Below           22nd Below!!!                1782      10 spots
           16th Low Normal          23rd Low!                 S22o  E39o  590 millionths 
           17th Low Normal          24th Low!!             
           18th Below Normal        25th Low!!!                  1783       1 spot
           19th Low Normal          26th Low!!!               N08o  E40o  240 millionths

  The labels may be bad but keeping in mind that all             1786       1 spot  
  things are relative, including the categories used          S16o  E52o   90 millionths  
  in the forecasts, and what may be Low Normal next      
  week would have been unbelieveably good DX a few years         1788       5 spots
  back.  All of this is explained in the Propagation          S20o  E52o   80 millionths
  Handbook with every DXer in the know is buying these          
  days.                                                          1789       2 spots
                                                              N04o  E61o  240 millionths   
  But down I the border country K6EC knows when DX is
  good for Ev has worked most all of it.  And when Ev            1790       3 spots        
  comes roaring out of the south with the good news that      S09o  E46o   20 millionths
  he has the flux headed for the 200 mark, who can stop to
  argue that DX is not good these days.  Ev says to slap         1791       4 spots
  this on your charts!                                        S29o  W55o   10 millionths  

           Solar Flux Ap Index      Solar Flux Ap Index                     KH6BZF
    May 28th   145      10    Jun 1st    184      6                        4 Jun 79   
        29th   146      20        2nd    205      4
        30th   154      15        3rd    220      6
        31st   170       7

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                                                               West Coast DX Bulletin
                                                                   13 June 1979

BURMA RUMORS  Most have heard one or more, some have even worked a XZ station that 
  was full of assurances.  From the Warsaw Desk, we have some inside information from 
  SP5RX on the SP5AUC who was supposed to be the true blue.  Was Rolf, whose home call 
  is SM5MX writing about the Burmese situation? He was not!  We had been addressing his 
  bulletin to "Warsaw, Norway" and it was not arriving as fast as it should.  "Try 
  using Poland," he tells us, "it will get to Bagatela 3 in downtown Warsaw just a bit 

  Rolf, there in the Swedish Embassy at Warsaw, joined the local VHF to pick up some of 
  the local Warsaw information.  There had been hints that XZ2P was really SP5AUC in 
  SEAsia garb.  The locals there in Warsaw who know SP5AUC jumped into the fray to deny 
  the rumor.  Those who know him say that he is still there in the local scene and 
  studying hard on his school examinations.

  There was one bit of interesting information passed along.  You will not find any 
  listing for XZ2P in the Call-Book.  Those in the know insist that the call has been 
  issued to Dr. U No Him there in downtown Rangoon.  Those I the know are firm on this 
  point.  That's always a convincer.  Be firm in everything you say.

  As long as we are covering the Warsaw scene, it might be noted that SP-amateurs can 
  now work One-Sixty upon application to local authorities.  The maximum inpuut allowed 
  is 10 watts and they are allowed to work in the 1750-1950kHz segment.  There may be 
  sub-bands, but then again, there may not.  That's all we have...they can work One-

DON MILLER  We have had a number of queries on what has happened in this matter.  To 
  put it in a most succinct manner.....nothing.

  Our Mojave Desk advised that a check in downtown Indio shows that the case is set on 
  the Riverside County court calendar for June 22nd.  This will indicate that we 
  probably will have nothing until the issue of July 4th.

  As indicated in the last report, at the preliminary hearings the request for a delay 
  was asked and granted.  The late June date should see the matter before the Superior 
  Court there.

SHORTLY NOTED  Some weeks back we had some items on QSLs for PJ9JR and PJ9KK.  We had 
  most of it right but it is N4MM who is getting the cards for these and they are Sint 
  Maarten Slim for sure if they are not for October 1978.  This was the only time the 
  station was active.  Someone has been using the calls recently and they are not the 
  true-blue.  It was the cards for FM0FC for the October 1977 operation that goest to 

  On the QSL route for TY9ER.....Karl Renz cards can be sent to his brother W2TK there 
  in Jersey.  We got the wrong letter in last time out.  However, cards sent to DL8DC 
  are being honored.  Everything works out eventually including some of our high-speed 

  The DXAC sub-committee on writing guidelines for DX operating has about completed its 
  work and a draft is being circulated to the full DXAC for review and comment.  Look 
  for this to surface at the July Board meeting.

  There is a very good rumor that 8Z4-Neutral Zone may show during the Autumn Equinox.  
  We speak in hushed tones and obscure references in this one because the story is not 
  supposed to be out.  But September.......remember!

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                                                           West Coast DX Bulletin
                                                               13 June 1979

THIRD PARTY TRAFFIC  From time to time we have mentioned our continuing concern 
  because we note there are so many psychiatrists on the mailing list for the bulletin. 
  The nagging doubts that come in the night will not go away.....Is it them?  Or us?

  But in addition to all the psychiatrists, we also have one of those who works for the 
  FCC doing monitoring work.  It might be interesting to note what this one has to say 
  about some things that are dear to the hearts of many of the Deserving.....List 

  At time the finger has been pointed by those who are opposed to lists and the finger 
  is directed at Part 97.114 of the FCC regulations. This prohibits third-party traffic 
  with those countries where a third-party agreement is not in existence.  Some of 
  those with the finger say that monitoring stations should, or will, cite stations 
  passing such traffic.  Some have said that citations have been issued.

  What we Deserving types are up against is more form than content.  You can draw a 
  citation for passing a list, you will not if you watch your procedure.  The line is 
  whether the list is passed to a station in a country for which there is no third-
  party treaty, or are you passing the list to a stateside group.

  Now that all of this is perfectly clear, we will go even further with an example.  
  Say the List Master has a list for an 3V8 operation.  If the list is compiled and 
  passed directly to the 3V8.....or some other station in a non-Third-Party country, 
  you can be in violation.  If you as List Master say:  "3V8 call W6", you could be 
  cited.  But if you say:  "W6 call the 3V8", you would be okay.

  The FCC Monitoring type said that he would issue a citation if he were to hear a list 
  being passed to a station in a country with which there is no third-party treaty.  
  This would be considered a violation of the third-party restriction.  However, if the 
  list was run by telling the stateside station to call the DX Station, everything 
  would be okay and the FCC Monitoring would be moving on to other things.

  It was also noted that some casual listening from the home station during the Abu Ail 
  operation found at least twenty-five and probably a good number more U.S. stations 
  calling outside the band.  Only the fact that the FCC type was at home rather than at 
  the monitoring facility saved things.

  And for some final useful information, the FCC no longer issues pink slips. They have 
  changed the form to yellow.

ANDAMAN ISLANDS  Jim Smith, P29JS, has been looking for an Andaman operation since 
  the Fall of last year.  He followed procedures, filing an application for a visa at 
  the Indian Embassy in Canberra, this ended up out in the Fijis.  He kept trying but 
  last week was up against the stonewall.  He had word from New Delhi.  They said...

           Mr. James B Smith
           Konebodu, Papua-New Guinea

           Sub:  Request for Grant of an Indian Amateur W/T License

           Sir:  I am directed to refer to your letter dated 11th April 1979 on
                 The subject mentioned above and to inform you that the new Amateur
                 Rules have come into force with effect from 1st January 1979 in
                 Accordance which it has not been possible to grant the license
                 For short periods of stay.
                                              Yours faithfully
                                               /s/ R K Kutar
                          Assistant Wireless Advisor to the Government of India

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                                                          West Coast DX Bulletin
                                                               13 June 1979

HEARD ISLAND  Since the last operation from Heard in 1970, this one has moved 
  steadily up in the `Needed Countries' list and if a poll were to be taken at this 
  time, it probably would end up about No. 5.

  The first operation from Heard was back around 1949 when a VK1 put the island on the 
  air.  Years back it was the site of an Australian cable station ad some of the 
  buildings are still standing there at Atlas Cove.  The cable station has been 
  abandoned for years and only occasionally does a vessel stop there.  The Antarctic 
  supply vessels out of Australia stop there every year or so, mostly to see that the 
  island is still there and the penguins and seals are leading an untroubled existence.

  With some of the rare countries on the DXCC list being low-tide rocks or dimunitive 
  political enclaves, it should be noted that Heard is a fair sized island, roughly 
  thirty five miles east to west and about twenty miles north to south.

  The dominant feature of Heard is Big Ben, a
  Massive ice-capped mountain in the center of
  The island. Mt. Olson is another snow capped
  Peak and there are other lesser peaks.
  Recent activity has included that of Don Miller
  in 1966 when he signed VK2ADY/VK0 for a brief
  run in the middle of what would be the winter
  time there on Heard.  The location of Heard is
  about 72oS and 53oE.  There often is a degree
  or so difference between some atlas' infor-
  mation but Kerguelen is the nearest land to
  the northwest, it and Heard being part of the
  same ridge rising out of the ocean.

  Don Miller showed some slides of his visit to
  Heard, Big Ben and the cable station buildings
  being prominently displayed.  The lack of snow in the mid-winter scene close to the 
  Antarctic Circle was notable.  Eventually this operation was disallowed by the ARRL 
  DXCC Desk, this adding to the volume of imprecations directed at Newington for having 
  such little faith in one who was bringing so much new, needed and interesting DX for 
  all the Deserving. 

  The USCG SOUTHWIND made a brief stop at Heard in early 1968, they timing their visit 
  for the late part of the Heard Island summer.  Bill Rohrer put the island on the air 
  briefly but the following year VK0HM was put on the air by Hugh Milbourn who was on 
  the island for several months making star-sights for the U.S. Coast and Geodetic 
  Survey.  It was this operation that put Heard down the needed list for some years, 
  the last activity being in the Spring of 1970.

  Heard has moved up steadily in the wanted lists, it being No. 8 in the last poll made 
  by W1AM and the Great DX Computer.  By now it could be down to No. 5 with the recent 
  activity at Spratly, Bouvet and the Neutral Zone.  In the poll taken last year 75% of 
  those responding needed Heard.

  The VKs have been looking for a way to put Heard on the air and their feeling is that 
  anything will depend on transportation and their hope, slim as it may be, is that it 
  might be possible to get a lift on some of the Australian Antarctic resupply vessels 
  headed for the bases down on the Antarctic continent.  Nothing has firmed up as yet 
  but with the interest being shown, it is quite possible that one of these winters the 
  Deserving will hear some VKs enjoying the summer on Heard.  Enjoyment is relative.  
  As of now most of the action is hope.

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%    %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%                                                                                   
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%    Ana, Calif. 92707 (714)541 2114    %    %         Gulfport, Mississippi 39501  %
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%    %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

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                                                               West Coast DX Bulletin
                                                                   13 June 1979

THAILAND  On the matter of citing of amateurs reported a couple of weeks back, the 
  ARRL followed up on the matter and last week issued the following bulletin:

  The FCC Monitoring Station in Anchorage, Alaska, has been issuing notices of 
  violation to American amateurs who have been heard in communication with radio 
  amateurs in Thailand.  These notices have been issued in error. This is no banned 
  countries list.

  American amateurs may presently communicate with other amateurs in any country 
  without violating FCC laws.  Amateurs who have received these notices are urged to 
  respond in writing to the FCC within ten days, as required by Section 97.137 of the 
  FCC Rules and Regulations. They should return the notice, retaining a copy for 
  themselves, along with the letter which includes the date of the alleged violation 
  and the names of officials who signed the notice.

  They should add that they are aware that there is no banned list, and that therefore 
  no violation of the rules has taken place.  The reply should be sent via certified 
  mail, return receipt requested.

  That's the ARRL bulletin, the full text.

  You will note that the ARRL passes along the information that there is no banned 
  list.  Once in awhile someone comes along and says that communication with amateurs 
  in certain countries is forbidden.  As far as the U.S. amateurs are concerned, this 
  is not true and the W/Ks etc. are allowed to communication with any whom they may 
  entice into a QSO.

  However, there are countries which do not allow amateur radio by its citizens or 
  visitors.  In these instances, the U.S. and all other countries are on the banned 

FERNANDO de NORONHA  Some were looking for the recent operation and PY7APS passes 
  along word that things did not go all the way as planned and he had to return to 
  Brasil after only six days of operation due to a death in the family.  Gerson writes:

  After six days of operation; of Fernando de Noronha Island, I had to return to Recife 
  because of the death of my grandmother.  The conditions were not good and I was only 
  able to work 4300 stations.  PY0MAG, Paulo, worked about 2000 up to the time I left 
  and he planned to continue operating for a week after my departure. He would be found 
  only on c.w. and mostly on eighty meters.  The first week when we were together on 
  Fernando do Noronha, we worked all the bands except eighty.

  The first QSO of the DXpedition was with PY7ZZ and the first DX QSO was with HB9DX.  
  My own last QSO as PY0APS was with DJ6VM.  It is believed that we were `new 
  countries' for J7DD and VP2VI.

  During QSOs many stations said that they were unable to find PY1APS in their call-
  books.  My call, PY1APS, is in the 1979 Callbook.  Before 1979, I was PY7APS and that 
  was a long time 100% in the Call Book.  However, if a real old Call-Book is used, the 
  PY1APS listed is not me.  The former holder of that callsign is no longer a ham so 
  please do not send him QSLs.

  Also, do not forget the SASE/IRCs for your QSL card.  The DXpedition though somewhat 
  shortened, cost us over $1000.00 dollars.

  I forgot to mention that conditions were completely closed on six meters.  We tried 
  but did not work any station up to the time I left and Paulo, PY0MAG, was planning to 
  give it another try before he left.....
                                Gerson Rissin, PY0APS/PY1APS/PY7APS

  That's the report.  Considering the number of trips that Gerson has made to the 
  Brazilian Islands, you might expect that he will go again to most of them in the 
  future. The callbook lists him as:  Gerson Rissin PY1APS, Box 12178 Copacabana, 
  200000, Rio de Janeiro, RJ  BRASIL.

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                                                               West Coast DX Bulletin
                                                                   13 June 1979

OKINO TORISHIMA                Should be on right now and through the week at low tide.           
NIUE                           From about July 11th to 20th by ZL-group
MANIHIKI                       The June plan is now set for July.  Maybe even August.
SINT MAARTEN                   PJ8 action by the Tunnel DX Club...July 12-16th
TURKS & CAICOS                 AI5P there from June 24th to end of month.
                               WB4IYS, WB4OSN,N4UM and W4ZR there from July 6-9th
BAHAMAS                        AI5P there July 1st
FRENCH St MARTIN               North Jersey DX Group there next week.from July 20th
MONTSERRAT                     VP2MAY active during first half of July
AGALEGA                        3B6CD reported and will be there for several months
RODRIGUEZ                      July being mentioned as a possibility
GRENADA                        This weekend.The Texas DX Scouting Force there from
                                 July 17th
ATLANTA HAMFEST                This weekend.....downtown Atlanta...at the Marriott
SAN MARINO                     W1LJ there for a couple days from July 7th
                               W7KZE there from July 16th to 20th.....
PALMYRA                        WD6GHZ/KH5 sometime around or after July 1st.novice 
WEST VIRGINIA ARRL CONVENTION  Last weekend of month at Jackson Falls.June30/Jul 1st
ARRL NATIONAL                  Baton Rouge, Louisiana July 20-22nd.  All the DXers 
                               Making reservations at the Sheraton.  There's safety 
                               In numbers
NEW ENGLAND SCRODFEST          October 6th in downtown Waltham.  Hail the scrod!
ALL ASIA PHONE TEST            This weekend.....June 16/17th
VK/ZL/OCEANIA TEST             This weekend.....June 16/17th
VENEZUELAN PHONE TEST          July 7/8th
IARU RADIOSPORT TEST           July 14/15th
COLOMBIAN HK-DX TEST           July 14/15th
MARTS-SEANET TEST              CW goes July 21/22nd.Phone goes August 18/19th
VENEZUELLAN CW TEST            July 28/29th

   NEW - F A C T O R Y   S E A L E D   C A R T O N S   -   D X ` E R   P R I C E S

   HY-GAIN: 105BA  5 EL  10M . . . . $89.      DRAKE:  MN-7 ANTENNA TUNER 10-160M,
            204MK5 CONV. KIT .. . . .$75.             250W W/SWR-WATTMETER, COAX
            14AVQ 10 - 40M VERT .. ..$50.             SWITCH . . . . . . . $139.
            153BA 3 EL 15M . . . . . $59.             WH-7 SWR/WATTMETER . $ 69.
            155BA 5 EL 15M . . . . .$129.             B-1000 BALUN 4:1 . . $ 19.
            TH3MK3 3 EL TRI-BAND . .$159              AUX-7 (TR7 PLUG-IN). $ 37.
            18AVT/WB 10 - 80M VERT .$ 75.             1525EM TOUCHTONE MIC $ 39.
    ATLAS:  RX-110 10-80M RECEIVER .$189.      SHURE: 404C HANDHELD PTT MIC$ 19.
      NPC:  104R 4 AMP REG.13.6V PS $ 35.       K.E.: 80 & 40M TRAP DOUBLET WITH
            108R 8 AMP REG.13.6V PS $ 45.             BALUN . . . . . . . .$ 29.

   M - TRON   PO BOX 833, ALTAVILLE, CA. USA 95221 (209) 736-2612 DOUG-W6HVN

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SOME ENDING NOTES There has been some mail coming to the DXAC on the matter of DX 
  lists.  It helps to give them your opinion no matter what it might be.  At the West 
  Virginia ARRL Convention scheduled for Jackson Mills over the last weekend in June, 
  W8AH and W3AZD will be joined by N4MM from the DXAC to field the questions at the DX 
  Forum.  Here is a chance to hear the words first hand.

  Vic Clark had a heart attack a couple of weeks back but has come along well after a 
  stay in the local hospital.  He was at the Fairfax, Virginia Commonwealth Hospital 
  and responded well to treatment.  Vic has been very active in IARU Region II work and 
  the preparations for WARC 79. It has often been said that when Vic stands up to 
  speak, most all amateurs look up to him.

  The ARRL Board will be meeting in July.  You might recall that last January the Board 
  passed a motion calling for a review of the DXCC Awards program as to the present 
  level of services and the need for any changes or improvements.  We won't remind how 
  the word was spread through every Middlesex town the last time the Board was getting 
  ready to meet but it would not hurt to write the DXAC and your Director on your 

Tnx to W1AM, W1DA, WA1EOT, K1ER/4, W1LJ, K1MEM, W1MV, N1RI, K1UO, W1VV, WA1WTP, 
WEST COAST DX BULLETIN  Published every week by the Marin County DX Group.  Last week 
  one of the local QRPers was up the hill, this one to throw himself in a chair and 
  weakly complain that he was tired. "I've had it," he advised us, "I've had it with 
  DXing and with work and with this always rushing to catch something just beyond 
  reach. But most of all I'm tired of DXing.  I've worked them all and there is nothing 
  left in it for me.  Just nothing at all."  We had to listen carefully to all of this 
  for we know that even the most enthusiastic DXer can weary and turn from DX, but 
  usually for only a short time. "You really mean it?" we asked and the QRPer nodded.  
  "I sure do. And mostly with DXing.  I just don't understand these new type DXers.  
  Years ago all DXers were gentlemen, all of us, and always we were trying to improve 
  our station set-up and our DXCC score.  It took years for me to get all those 
  monobanders up on their own towers for ten fifteen and twenty.  And even longer to 
  get up those rotary arrays for eighty and forty. And when running my station I was 
  always most careful not to push too hard so I would not go over the legal power 
  limit. Always! It took years to get all of it together and then along comes these new 
  appliance operators who would have trouble recognizing an 807 but who run right over 
  you in a pile-up without regard for even the most common courtesies.  There's none of 
  them a gentlemen like we used to be.  Back then every DXer was courteous and more 
  than once they would stand aside to let me work them first because they knew that 
  with my high power and big antennas that I was the one to do it.  But things sure 
  have changed." We had to think this one over for a bit.  We were wondering how one 
  could find the words to assuage the hurts of one who worries because he may no longer 
  be secure as the local top DX dog. "Don't you think," we asked, "that maybe the new 
  crop of DXers may be good for amateur radio and especially DX."  We no sooner said 
  that than we had a bristling DXer on our hands.  "How do you figure that?" he said 
  hotly, and we began to wonder if we should venture in where angels might hesitate to 
  tread. "Look at it this way," we said, "any activity usually benefits from infusions 
  of new people.  They are the ones who bring the fresh willingness and the enthusiasms 
  that we need.  The new ones are the large body of doers and the everlasting workers.  
  They really pick up and carry things.  We old ones have been around the track so many 
  times that we still expect to be out in front of the pack though we know we cannot 
  run as fast as we once did."  We were seeing that we were getting no place with the 
  QRPer but we were not finished.  "And what is wrong with some of the newer ones 
  topping our scores.  We've been at the top for a long time and enjoyed it.  Why not 
  let those with the enthusiasms come up for their turn."  We had missed with our 
  pitch.  The QRPer was standing with hands clenched. "The longer I know you, the 
  harder it is to understand you," and with that he was off and down the hill, 
  unrepentant and unconvinced.  But things do change and DX does along with it.  And 
  those other days were not all robins and roses and `after you, Al'.  It was war!! But 
  for those who want to find out some other changes, ask about our moveable DX rates 
  for this DX bulletin.  Everything with our rates is slippery.....like the footing at 
  the top of the heap.....


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