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     July 18, 1979                                                           29-79  ******
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CHINA  JA6HOZ will be in Peking early in August to conduct some instruction classes at
  a unit of the Peking Youth Club. This instruction will include developing some proficiency
  in c.w. operations.

  There is hope that a station may possibly be put on the air by mid-August. They are taking
  an ICOM-701 plus a SWL receiver.

  What can you do as a certified Deserving DXer? Wait! There are more and more signs that
  something will come out of China before the end of the yea. As most DXers know, all things
  come to him who waits and many DXers have waited a long time for this one.

MARKET REEF  OH0NA plus a couple more of the OH-types will be at OJO-Market Reef for
  some activity starting the end of this week.  Look for them to open either Friday or
  Saturday, July 20th or 21st.  They plan to operate for about ten days over the coming two
  weekends, the plan is to keep one station on the air around-the-clock.  OJ0MA will be the

  CW action will be found 15KHz or so up from the lower band edge.  They will give some indi-
  cation of where they are listening. SSB will be at---

             3795kHz        14195khz        28595kHz
             7095kHz        21295kHz

  and again they will be indicating where they are listening for the SSB action.
  QSLs will go to OH0NA, Kee.  The full address is:

                          Karl Erik Eriksson
                          SF-22430 Saltvik

  Sase or Sae/IRC will be needed.  DX5XN is reported to be one of the operators for this effort.

KERGUELEN  The operator at FB8XV on Kerguelen says to look for him at 14037kHz on
  Sundays.  From 1200Z on might be the time to watch this frequency if you thirst for
  Kerguelen.  A lot do. The station has also shown up on Fridays on the same frequency.
  The operation seems to be on more than one day a week ad it may be well to check the
  frequency any day around the 120OZ time.

NEUTRAL ZONE There has been some indication for a couple weeks now that plans are
  being made for an 8Z4-Neutral Zone in September.  OE6EEG who steered the Abu Ail
  preparations to success has been mentioned by a number of sources as aiming for this one.

  9K2DJ/8Z4 has been showing on the Arabian Knights Net on Fridays, some say 1700Z, some say
  0500Z at 14250kHz.  On July lst JY3ZH advised that the station is expected to show on the
  Net but other reports say that he may not return until mid-August.
  WA4RJJ has been asked by the Net Control to pick up lists from the Stateside Deserving
  types.  You might listen for this one.  A check for cross-reference indicates that the
  0500Z might be the best time to watch, one east coast type found the station going at about

  If you don't catch this /8Z4, keep alert for the September action.  Something may be coming
  on that one.

Mt ATHOS  One prominent Deserving type was in June trying to line up permission for
  July activity from Mt. Athos.  There was some doubt as to whether things would fall into
  line and at this point it would seem that they are not falling right.

  However!!  However, there have been others looking including some who have previous run the
  course there in the autonomous peninsula in Thessalonika.  This one is aimed at September
  and the prospects are looking good on this one.

  September!  Remember!!

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                                                                     West Coast DX Bulletin
                                                                         18 July 1979

SUNSPOT LOUIE The provisional sunspot count
  for June as reported by the good Doctor
  Waldheim at Zurich was 150.5.  Putting
  this number into the 12-month smoothed 
  cycle, it makes the smoothed sunspot number
  centered on Decamber,l978 at 116.6,
  this up four points from November.

  Looking at the average time a
  cycle takes to rise to its peak,
  this is 4.1 years and the pres-
  ent cycle started its rise back
  in March 1976.  This would give
  a quick indication that we are
  getting close to the peak, some
  saying it may be in the final months
  of 1979, some say in 1980. Whoever
  you trust, you'll have to believe that
  the peak is near.  The coming winter
  should see some premium conditions for
  ten and six meters.

  Ten has not been especially good of late
  but it is still better than nothing.  A lot of
  of six meter activity is being reported and that
  band is showing promise.  Ten six may boom                                       W6RQ
  this fall so it time be think, as the                                         11 Jul 79
  Hero of Mafeking would often counsel  "Be Prepared!".
                                                            No. 1828         2 spots
  Anyhow, looking into the last weeks of July we find        N15o  W80o     140 millionths
  the HNs may be making a return. And from the south
  bank of the Potomac, deep in the July tomato patch,           1837         3 spots
  N4XX says it will be .... relatively speaking,             N07o  W38o      10 millionths

                                                                1840        24 spots
    Jul 18th	  Low Normal     Jul 25th  High Normal       N18o  W39o     150 millionths
        19th      Below Normal       26th  High Normal
        20th      Below Normal       27th  High Normal          1841         2 spots
	21st      Low Normal         28th  High Normal       S21o  W30o     330 millionths
	22nd	  Low Normal 	     29th  High Normal
	23rd	  Low Normal         30th  High Normal          1843         1 spot
	24th      High/Low Normal    31st  Low  Normal       N05o  W14o     160 millionths

                                                                1848         5 spots
  Down in the border country K6EC keeps propping up the      N24o  E05o     130 millionths
  flux but some days it slips just below the 200 mark.
  But Ev will have the formula before long, meanwhile           1849        12 spots
  put these in your chart . . .                              N11o  E11o     490 millionths

       Solar Flux Ap Index       Solar  Flux Ap Index           1854        11 spots
  Jul 2    195	     3	     Jul 8th   200      8            N13o  E42o     210 millionths
      3    207      17	         9th   193      8
      4	   211       7		10th   187     10               1855        12 spots
      5	   198	    10	        11th   181     10            S29o  E42o     110 millionths
      6	   210	    15	        12th   176     12
      7	   201	    18                                          1856         8 spots
                                                             S17o  W43o     130 millionths

                                                                     7 Jul 79      KH7BZF

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                                                              West Coast DX Bulletin
                                                                    18 July 1979

SINT MAARTEN/St MARTIN Out of New England is being aimed a double-barrelled operation for the 
  CQ WW Phone Test on October 27/28th.

  There will be fifteen highly skilled, technically competent and contest motivated operators 
  out to ran up a big score.  From Sint Maarten they will be signing KlCO/PJ7. From St. Martin 
  you're going to have to wait a bit for the callsign as they are not sure of it as yet.

  The Sint Maarten operation will be in the multi=multi category.  From St Martin it will be 
  multi-single.  Actually they expect to start warming up about October 23nd and to be active 
  until October 31st.  Same may be signing their own calls /PJ7 or /FS7 in the preliminaries.  
  One to watch for will be W1XK who will  be found in the c.w. portions signing WlXK/PJ7.

  The operation will be by the Yankee Clipper Contest.  Some may ask why the New England types 
  get so worked up for the contests, often several groups out of the northeast rushing off en 
  masse to run up big totals in contests, We asked one of these contesters and all we could 
  understand them to say was "La scrod le vert". What does that mean?  Son of a Gun! We forgot 
  to ask for the translation.

A LOT OF SHORT NOTES  Often one is puzzled by something which may happen repeatedly 
  but the reason is not evident.  There has been a good number of Slim operations in Europe 
  signing /EI something. Many wondered why the consistency.  What was the purpose?  Who is the 
  aggrieved party?  This has often puzzled us here.

  Word out of Central Europe is that there has been persistent jamming of DX activities, 
  jamming of DX Nets and that a good number of irate DXers in Europe set out to nail down the 

  As the jamming and interference has been going on for over two years, there was ample 
  opportunity to use the RDFs and the EI station was identified, the report says, as the source 
  of the problem.

  Some SM stations have been known to openly identify during on-the-air QSOs the EI station, 
  noting that the Swedish authorities have forwarded complaints through diplomatic channels but 
  no actions have been taken to correct the problem there in Eire.  Or if there has been 
  action, it is not known.

  SM5BBC was discussing the matter on the air a couple of weeks back.  Guess what happened 
  next.  ZA2BC shows and gives SM5BBC as the QSL route.  SM5BBC says he knows nothing at all 
  about any ZA-operation.

  All of this may start to make things fall into place a bit.  There are covert, operations 
  going on and Slim apparently is alive and well and looking for more activities.

  VR3AH was being worked quite easily by the west Coast Stations last Thursday morning.  The 
  operator was saying that the Great Kiribati had hatched and that they were celebrating their 
  Independence Day.  Some tried querying the station .... such as putting the question when did 
  you return to the islands?  All questions were deftly avoided.

  KS6DV up to Canton Island for the change over has indicated that the KB6-call may continue to 
  be used until there is acceptance and ratification of the changes.  So do not be surprised if 
  you continue to hear some of the calls. On the other hand, a new prefix may be showing before 

#                                                                                 #
#  WEST COAST DX BULLETIN  Published every week by the Marin County DX Group      #
#   at 77 Coleman Drive,San Rafael,Calif.94901.  Second class entry and postage   #
#   paid at the San Rafael, California Post Office.                               #
#                                                                                 #
#   This is the final one for the West Coast DX Bulletin and the publication      #
#   is being suspended.                                                           #
#                                                                                 #

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                                                        West Coast DX Bulletin
                                                            18 July 1979

AND STILL MORE NOTES  There are reports that the VEs will again be on Sable Island 
  early in August but nothing definite.  CE0X still continues to be the object of a 
  lot of planning.  Getting the permission to land from the Chilean government is the 
  major problem.

  Vic Clark, W4KFC, continues to improve.  Vic is heading up the ARRL's Long Range 
  Planning Committee and is looking for input from all amateurs.  If you have any 
  ideas on how the ARRL's operations might be improved or where something is not 
  being done right, or any item that may contribute to the overall study, put it on 
  paper and send it to Vic at 12927 Popes Head Road, Clifton, Virginia 22024.  He'd 
  really like to hear your ideas,

  On another Virginia address, N4NW who handles some QSLs for S79MC has left the 
  Norfolk area and is now up in the Maryland country.  He also handles the QSLs for 
  S79D.  The new address for N4NW is:

                                  Thomas Gregory N4NW
                                  3429 Plumtree Drive Apt DX
                                  Ellicott City, Maryland 21043.

  Sase as usual.  As of June 1, 1979, the Seychelles government renewed the licenses 
  for S79RD/S79D/S79L/S79R/S79NLB and S79KK.  Though not specifically mentioned, it 
  is believed that the S79MC license has also been extended.

  Logs for S79MC for the period March 9th to May 6th have been lost .... or 
  something.  They were mailed from the Seychelles but never made it to Maryland.  If 
  you have a QSO on the hook for that period, be patient .... and hope the logs show.

  A couple of weeks back mention was made that the 7Q7AA QSLs were bouncing.  This 
  was error and it is the TG7AA QSLs which are bouncing.  Back up if you can and run 
  over that again so the error does not persist.

  On the DX Operating Guidelines, some have asked what is `Russian Roulette'. From 
  John Kanode, N4MM, who did the work on the guidelines, we got the straight report.  
  It is when a DX station blocks out a portion of the band, saying he will be 
  listening over twenty or thirty kHz and then answers stations by calling on their 
  frequencies.  All this to help understand things.

  7Jl continues to show up as a speculative item.....some reporting there would be 
  more activity in July, some say August.  Some a bit confused on the reports. Any 
  7JI operation will be formidable and don't expect anyone to jump into their kayak 
  and put it on the air.

  JF1IST who put on the recent effort did the whole operation by himself.  He is a 
  construction technician and is 32 years old.  He went on the first 7Jl effort to 
  erect the operating stands and kept thinking and planning of a return so he could 
  operate on his own.

  They did put up the stand for the operation, three antennas and made a lot of QSOs.  
  They had for gear a TS-120 by Trio out of Kenwood, some 12v batteries and a small 
  generator.  JF1IST was alone for four days on the operating stand, making about 
  6000 QSOs, 2700 of which were with the Deserving W/K types.  He laid out about 
  $20,000 of his own funds for the operation.  If any effort has been worthy of some 
  support, this one certainly does seem so...... and most of this information comes 
  from his JA-friends, he not having made any appeal himself.

#                                                                                    #
#                        What every DXer needs!    Towers!!!!!!                      #
#                                                                                    # 
#                        MADISON has eight each of the TRIEX THD7122 Towers.         #
#                        These things go up to 122 feet. They come with fibreglass   #
#                        insulators and guy wires.  Some of the units are            #
#                        base insulated.  They weigh approximately 850 pounds        #
#                        and range from six months to three years old.               #
#                                                                                    #
#                        Regular retail price on these is $2700.00 each - - plus     #
#                        another $600 for the insulators and guy cables.             #
#                                                                                    #
#                        MADISON HAS EIGHT!  Yours for $1000.00 FOB Houston.         #
#                        Call (713) 658 0268 and ask for Don!                        #
#                                                                                    #

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                                                             West Coast DX Bulletin
                                                                  18 July 1979

AND STILL MORE NOTES We ran things on the 7Jl operation to the bottom of the 
  previous page.... or somewheres....but did not get all the information in.  The band 
  breakdown went:

        40 meters   172 QSOs  10 Countries   103 JA   69 DX QSOs
        20 meters  2924	      70	    1100      1824
        15 meters  1818       26	     670      1148
        10 meters    98	       2	      97      1
         6 meters   476	       2             475      1

   Totals          5488       72	    2445      3043 (2225 W/K--818 others)

QSLs sent out by JALHQG are going to be a different QSL than the one handled by 
JA1NRH.  We had the latters address in a recent bulletin.  The CBA for JA1HQG is 
reported to be incorrect.

K5VT has moved to Southern California and will be doing some medical research at 
UCLA.  We got a note that his sister is living in the family home down in Oklahoma 
City....the only problem being that the CB shows the old Baltimore address which 
was used while Vince was at John Hopkins.  Anyhow .... try 2201 Ocean Front Walk, 
Venice, Calif. 90291.  That should work.

Some of his luggage got misdirected during the recent DX trip and eventually is 
expected to catch up with him and QSLs will be answered for the recent SV5 and 5H3 

K4YT advises that all the K4YT/5T5 QSLs have been answered but the work is 
continuing on the K4YT/6W8 cards.  The XT2AE/9GlLM/TY9ER cards are being printed 
with the National Capitol DX Club working on the TY9ER cards as soon as they clear 
the print shop.  Also, if you need IRCS, Karl has a couple of bundles to go at 25 
cents per IRC in bundles of twelve or multiples thereof .... and include a sase.  
Karl will depart on another trip the end of July and his QSLs still go to W2TK, 366 
Rutherford Ave, Lyndhurst, New Jersey 07071.

The Northern Illinois DX Association will be holding its 27th annual meeting on 
Saturday, September 8th at the Hilton in downtown Arlington Park, this just 
northwest of Chicago.  This another of the big DX meetings held each fall and they 
even plan to have something for everyone .... including Don Miller.  This one being 
W9NTP the Central Division ARRL Director, often referred to as "... the other Don 
Miller".  Anyhow, they'd like to have visiting DXers and more information can be 
had from Howie Huntington, K9KM, 75 South Burr Oak Drive, Lake Zurich, Illinois 

The Northwest.  DX Meeting at Vancouver, British Columbia is only a couple weeks 
off.  They have an extensive program and if you have not made one in the northwest 
corner yet, this is your annual chance.  With a little bit of identification, 
crossing the border should be no problem.

The St Charles Radio Club out of Missouri will operate from Kasaksia Island August 
4th. Father Marquette camped there in 1675.  Once it was the capitol of Illinois, 
it became an island in 1805 when the river changed course.  Look for K0BM on August 
4th from 180OZ and QSL to WD0GSY.

KH6IJ continues to improve and has resumed his column in the local Honolulu paper.  
And this finishes the typing for this edition, this being the last page to be 
prepared.  We regret that so many are coming through the front door while we are 
splitting out the back door and most of all we regret leaving the scene.

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                                                           West Coast DX Bulletin
                                                               18 July 1979

               Sooner or later most of us learn that even the longest road has an end, that
         the most glorious day a sunset, the beautiful melody a final note and that even the
         most enthusiastic can tire.  Last week it was time to call the group together and talk
         about what had to come eventually, the closing down of the West Coast DX Bulletin.

They came up across the hill, Red Eyed Louie and his cousin Sunspot, the Old Timer, the Hero and 
the Leader of the Palos Verdes Sundancers.  They came asking questions.  "We thought that the 
meeting was called for early next month," they said, "why are we being called in now?"

The answer was simple, at least we thought so.  During recent weeks we have been having endless 
problems with printing the paper.  The last five or six issues have been printed over a three-
day period, this because of problems with the mechanical operation of the press.  It is old, 
tired and worn, just like others that we know, and it does seem to be having difficulty in 
turning out the better than thirty thousand sheets that have to be fed through it each week.  
Without reviewing the whole production set-up, it has been apparent for some time that we were 
over-extended, possibly rather badly, and that something would have to end somewheres along the 

All the crew had to go through that hand-shaking and querying that old friends have to engage in 
anytime they meet after a long absence.  It was a bit hard to hold their attention for mostly 
they wanted to call the good days they'd known in the past.  Those days when the mornings were 
bright, the sun warm and the call loud to see what was beyond the further ridges.  But they knew 
of the problems that had been growing with the bulletin.  "We had some good days," one of the 
QRPers said, "some really good days and some bad days.  But fortunately there were more good 
days than bad."

Recent issues of the bulletin have topped the 3200 mark and during the last year the growth has 
been better than 30% annually.  A year ago it was obvious that we were heading into trouble and 
some tentative plans were started to get the bulletin into a position that would allow the 
cessation of publication if the situation indicated that this had to be.  This has been the 
reason for the August term on the subscription though many believed that this was in preparation 
for an increase in subscription rates.  It was a general target but one used to plan upon and no 
effort was made to dissuade the thinking that a subscription increase was the basis for the 
action.  However, it was not.

At this point in late July over 98% of the subscriptions are due within a short time.  Thus the 
plan to split the scene with a minimum of due subscriptions has been largely attained and it has 
been a difficult project.  For those who slipped in with longer subscriptions, we intend to 
refund from September onwards though this will not be a rush job as we intend to seek some 
relief from the constant pounding of the publishing schedule with one bulletin no longer out of 
the way than the rush to prepare another one was looming overhead.

"I can understand how you can grow a bit weary," the Leader of the Palos Verdes Sundancers said 
gravely, "down in the Palos Verdes country all the PV types worked so hard to get Cycle 21 
going that they seem to have lost all their bounce.  And you know what happens to a dancer who 
has lost his bounce?" Most of the group were nodding their head in agreement, most of them at an 
age where they have less of a bounce than they once did.

"How about the time when you had 800 subscribers and said you had enough?" one of the group said 
and we were nodding our head at that one.

"It really was all we wanted," we said, "but no one would believe us.  They figured that all it 
was a ploy to get more subscribers.  That DXers would rush in to subscribe before the door was 

Son of a Gun!  There did not appear anyway or any word that would be convincing.  When we topped 
the 1600 subscription mark we said that we had had it.  That a rubber band would only stretch so 
far before snapping and we were close to that point.  It hardly slowed things at all.  Even when 
we got QST and CQ not to mention the bulletin in the DX columns, the growth continued.  In 1978 
we knew we were in trouble and by late Fall we were working non-stop on the bulletin.  From 
November 5th to February 17th there was no day that we worked less than four hours on the 
bulletin, every week during the production period we would have two or three fourteen-hour work 
days.  The long stretch of non-stop working continued through the Spring of this year and up to 
the present and only for brief periods were we able to get away from work on the bulletin.  By 
late Spring it was obvious that the staff, as well as the equipment, was just wearing out.

At this point in July the bulletin has been published every week for over eleven years, it was 
started on May 1, 1968 and has shown every week since.  The total number of issues is just at 
the 600 mark and it has been a long string without a break.

                                 [page break]
                                                                      West Coast DX Bulletin
                                                                            18 July 1979

We will not deny that we found enjoyment in publishing the bulletin.  It was interesting and 
always engrossing.  It was never denied that we had our own ideas about DXing though these were 
often camouflaged by putting them into the mouths of any of the itinerant QRPers that came 
wandering up the hill. Eventually the QRPers, Red Eyed Louie and the Old Timer were far better 
known than anyone here and there are still a good many who are not quite sure just who has 
published the bulletin over the years.

The Marin County DX Group has never been more than two persons.  The XYL wrote the receipts, 
slapped on the ever-increasing list of address labels and helped with the fold and stapling.  
All of the rest of the work was done by the other member of the Marin County DX Group.  The 
writing, the sparse DXing, the printing and the record-keeping.  The writing itself was always a 
bit of a challenge as the bulletin was usually written straight out, one pass and that was the 
copy.  This eventually became more and more essential as the work load grew though it was at 
times embarrassing to note how a tendency had developed where word endings, or even parts of a 
word, would be dropped.  We knew what was intended to be said but with the high-speed typing 
there were times when it did not come out just as planned.

"Isn't there something that might be done," one of the QRPers asked and we shook our head.  
"Just accept the inevitable," we said.  "Most everyone knows that everything runs its course and 
eventually comes to the final day.  That's what we have done with the bulletin.  We've run the 
long trail, and we have ran it consistently.  But we have come to the end.  And that's it."

DX to us has always been an alive and continuing thing.  But it was always a bit amazing to find 
so many really old timers who have been DXing for thirty, fortv or fifty years and are still 
enthusiastic about the whole activity.  They seldom miss a day when they are not checking the 
bands and their level of interest has been sustained over the years.

There have also been those who dropped out for awhile and then came back in.  DXing has always 
seemed to be a self-sustaining activity and though some grow old and tire and drop away from the 
action, there are always the newer and eager DXers coming to carry the action and continue the 
long line of DXers who have been active through the years.  Perhaps its apparent that we leaned 
to encourage the new DXer, the one with fifty or a hundred countries who was desperately trying 
to accumulate more but finding it a bit hard.  These we always welcomed and though we at times 
said that we had enough subscribers and wanted no more, there was never one of the Deserving 
turned away.  They were always welcomed for they would be the ones who would bulwark DX in the 

"Do you think that perhaps sometime in the future they may recall us," one of the QRPers 
asked and almost immediately a couple of the others were shaking their heads.  "Actually at 
times it was difficult to find anyone who really knew we were here," one QRPer said but 
there was not agreement on that point.

"Perhaps it was because we published so regularly," another of the QRPers said, "but you must 
recall that a number of clubs did move to recognize us.  And it was more than one or two."

We pointed to the wall to back this point and everyone had to stop and read the certificates.  
Honorary memberships had been extended by the Twin Cities DX Club, The Southeastern DX Club and 
the SP-DX Club.	And at the Fresno International in 1977 K6HTM from up in the Sierra foothills 
had come down carrying a plaque that we have always valued highly, and the Southern California 
DX Club went to a lot of work to prepare another for the 1977 Fresno meeting.  The expressions 
by the Southern California DX Club and by K6HTM and the actions by the DX Clubs in extending 
honorary membership probably will always be remembered.

But there was never an effort to seek the notoriety and only once a year, and that because of 
Postal regulations, did our name show in the bulletin.

"Maybe they will remember us," another of the QPRers said, "Perhaps like the sound of a distant 
song that will be filtered down through the years.  I wonder what it might be?"

We had some ideas on that one, "Maybe it will be something like Strauss'  'Artists Life,", we 
said, "those opening bars have always seemed to be loaded with nostalgia. But it would be nice 
to hope that the long years will have a continuing echo of our song and many ran imagine all the 
old DXers in some far valley sawing away to keep the old memories alive." 'Everyone was quickly 
agreeing to this and it was evident that the meeting had about run its course.

The talk started to run down and one could expect some to start getting a bit maudlin so it was 
time to chop off the meeting.  For awhile they stood around shaking hands in the way that often 
comes when it is known that things may be different in the future and it may be a long time 
before they meet again.  These expressions of sincerity often noted at high school graduations, 
the end of basic training in the army and retirement parties.  But under all it the realization 
that things will not be the same again ever.

Finally they were leaving.  One QRPer, the one always dragging in Bartlett's and the abridged 
version of DXer poetry, hung back a bit and slipped us a note.  "I knew what was happening and I 
wrote this for the group.  I hope you'll like it." And then he was gone.  The note read....

                          Let us go then, you and I,
                          To where the evening meets the sky
                          To where the yesterdays have gone,
                          To where the words are always song.

It got us.  When we looked again the group was down the hill, about the place where the road 
enters the trees.  They paused there and raised their hands and from down the hill drifted the 
shout - "DX Is !!" And then they were gone.  And we doubted that we would ever see them again.  
Things had run their course.

And thus it ends ........

                                         [page break]

                                                     West Coast DX Bulletin
                                                          18 July 1979

                               8A4-NEUTRAL      9K2DJ/8Z4 on Arabian Nights Net
                                                   Fridays .... 190OZ
                               WAKE ISLAND      WD6CDU currently active
                               SAN MARINO       W7KZE from July 16th
                               NIUE             ZLs should be finishing up....
		               SABLE ISLAND	VEs said to be aiming at August 
                               DODECANESE	Action...first half of August
                               MARKET REEF      OH0NA going July 21st
		               HELL             One day only. . . .  August 15th
MANIHIKI	      Nothing definite but ZLs reported as delaying again
TUNISIA	              3V8AA reported as going again possibly late this month
NORTHEAST DX MEETING  Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia . . . .August 4/5th 
ARRL NATIONAL	      Downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana.. . this weekend.July21/22
WARC 79               Downtown Geneva . . . ten week run.  Stars September 24th
NEW ENGLAND DX MEET   Scrods everywhere! Downtown Waltham .... October 6th
MARTS/SEANET TEST     CW goes this weekend Jul 21/22 ... Phone is.... Aug 18/19th
VENEZUELAN DX TEST    CW . . . July 28/29th
EUROPEAN DX TPST      CW August 10/llth. Phone September 6/9th
CQ WW DX TEST         Phone. . . October 27/20th.. CW November 21st . 25th
KASKASIA	      Rare island in the middle of the Mississippi River.....Aug  
                      4/5 Island only at highwater . . . otherwest Illinois west of 
                      the Mississippi.

SOME FINAL NOTES It has been a bit more difficult to get out than to get in.  If you 
  think we overlooked something, drop a line.  If you want to engage in offering 
  suggestions how things should be done, keep in mind that we've had well over a year to 
  think things over.

  If you have any of the business-reply envelopes, do us a favor and dump them.  Do 
  not send them back as we still have a couple thousand on . . . which we will dump.  
  If you have any stamped envelopes, steam off the stamps and use them.

  Exhaustion is the main problem.  We've worked too long and for too many hours at a 
  stretch.  There is deep regret in breaking the weekly ties with so many DXers that we 
  have come to admire and appreciate it but the size of the task has grown beyond our 
  ability.  Initially we aimed for early August.  The last couple of weeks have convinced 
  us that we'd better go while we can still explain things a bit.

  We did some checking on the LU3ZY QSLs.  One reported receiving one recently but it did 
  not come from the LU2CN.  One LU-type has promised to check things out and see if they 
  can get the QSLing back on track.  A new QSL card was ordered early in the spring and all 
  the problems started developing about then. On the 8Q7 QSLs, they are coming out but 
  slow.  They came home to be staggered by the amounts on hand.  The Desecheo cards are 
  coming but rather slowly.  Some plans to get them out in a big bunch did not jell but 
  they are cutting into the stack.  They say don't send a second request . . . . . the 
  first will do nicely.


                                [page break]

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC  Those who worked TH8JM should not give up hope.  There are 
  some who are close to the picture who think that this one will count.  Actually it 
  seems that W3HXO, Ron Sebol, and K3ICP, James Winde, have been close to the matter 
  from the start and are working to get the whole thing straitened out.

  On that TH8-prefix.  The report that back a decade or so, the Central African Republic 
  issued a TH8 license to the U.S. Ambassador and this delegation contained the 
  stipulation that the ambassador could  reissue a TH8-license to any member of the 
  embassy delegation.  However such licenses were not to be issued to visitors.

  TH8JM is the communications officer for the embassy and a part of the embassy 
  complement.  Thus, the old delegation to issue licenses, which has never been 
  rescinded, would seem to apply and that the TH-8 license was proper.  Thus the hope, 
  is still alive that the TH8JM activities will be considered proper and accepted for 
  ARRL DXCC credits.

  Anyhow, another license, this being TL8JM, was issued on June 22, 1979 and there 
  should be no question on this one.  A telegram was received in the U.S. on July 2nd 
  that such a license had been issued.

  The original TH8 authorization required a yearly renewal.  This has come through every 
  year.  Thus it does appear that there is good reason to continue clutching those TH8JM 
  QSLs...or to look for them as the possibility that they will be acceptable appears 
  good.  The Delta DX Assn is working to get a YAESU rig and TL8JM promises plenty of 
  action, and plenty of c.w., once everything is in line.  Listen for a vibroplex, 
  anything else probably will be Slim.


WEST COAST DX BULLETIN  Published every week by the Marin County DX Group.  One of 
  the local QRPers, somewhat disconsolate, was up the hill last week to visit the 
  Old Timer.  "I guess we won't be seeing much of you in the future," the QRPer 
  said.  "I would like to remember some of the things that you have told us over the 
  years.  Is there any final thing that you might want to say before all of have to 
  say our good-bye?" The Old Timer thought for a moment and then spoke.  "I, too, 
  will be missing the QRPers," he said, "but we have had some good times together. 
  Let's try to remember them.  But for all the QRPers, those here now and those to 
  come, I can say only say what has said before .... Stand Tall!!  DXers have always 
  been the top echelons, the leaders and the doers. And wherever you may go in the 
  future, in any crowd in which you may find yourself, always, remember that DXers 
  Stand Tall! Always !!" The QRPer was smiling at these words.  "I was hoping that 
  you'd tell us that," he said.  "Years ago I heard you say those same words and 
  they have never been forgotten, I will always remember to stand tall and I will 
  help other DXers to also stand tall.  All of us should." And thus it ends perhaps 
  to be remembered at times and never completely forgotten.  DXers always stand 

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