Counter I enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps on 15 July 1963, after graduation from Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona in June 1963. I went to MCRD, San Diego, California by train and went to MCRD from the train station on a "six by" with two other recruits and joined Platoon 354. I recall the other two came by plane and one from Bonner, Montana was named Richard Nimmock.

After graduation I went to San Onofre area at Camp Pendleton for ITR and then joined K-3-5 at Margarita Area. K-3-5 left Text Box:  for Okinawa in 1964 to become B-1-9. 1st Bn. 9th Marines suffered our first Vietnam casualty in January 1965 when Gunnery Sergeant Robert W. Grove was critically wounded while working with ARVN forces.

I returned to San Mateo Area at Camp Pendleton in April, 1965 and joined K Co. 3rd Bn 1st Marines, 1st Mar Div, shortly thereafter we left for Camp Hansen, Okinawa to prepare for operations in Vietnam.

We participated in Operations Double Eagle, Double Eagle II, Utah, Texas, Wyoming. I returned to H & S at Mainside, Camp Pendleton then to Margarita Area 27th Marines where I was discharged Sgt. E-5 on 24 July, 1967.

I was admitted to the California Bar in December 1976 and am currently a Deputy District Attorney with Riverside County at Indio, California.

"Thundering Third" remained in Vietnam for many years after I left in June 1966. During the time I was with the unit, I served as ammo carrier, gunner, team leader (3.5 Rockets) and company driver.

Weapons Plt.

Above Weapons Platoon Okinawa 1965 Below K Company D.C. 2001

Left to Right

Row 1

Joe Daily, Lou Albert, Leroy Gonzales (Lt.Col. retired) Jim “Pappy” Weathers (1st.Sgt retired), Jim Keely (Mst GySgt retired), Tito Acosta (USMC/USA retired) Loring Triplett

Row 2

Ed Bartoski, Sam Murphy, Leroy Rodgers, Bob Oliver, Bob Allen, Bob Botkins, Tom Nowik, Herb Winston, (Lt. Col. Retired)

If you were a member of K-3-1 during a Vietnam tour, join us in 2009 at Camp Pendleton, Califorina. DOWNLOAD reunion letter or registration form, Joe Daily SEMPER FI!

NEXT KILO COMPANY 3-1 (1965-1966) REUNION in 2009 Late Jan or early Feb. Exact date to be announced soon. It will take place during the annual commemoration activities for the opening of Camp Pendleton.


It is time to prepare your field marching pack (don't forget your E-Tool and shelter-half) -- prepare to fall-out in formation outside the barracks... Once we have the exact dates they will be posted. The 1st Marine Division Association will have a block of rooms usually at the Best Western in Oceanside and one other hotel. Camp Pendleton also has great accommodations at Ward Lodge at Mainside and RV Spaces.


So far, Ed Bartkoski, Paul Burton, Jim Keeley Doc Novac, Jimmie Woods, Herb Winston, Garry Randel, are packing. Recently located Doc Stephen Vradenburg is interested and there's Lou Albert.

Please call me if there are concerns. Additional information will follow...

Semper Fi!

Joe Daily

cell 760.578.7011

EMAIL TO Joe Daily

The following former members of Kilo Company of the 1965 – 1966 Viet Nam era survived Camp Lejeune for 2007 reunion

· LtCol L. H. Gonzales and Beverly; CO March 3, 1966 - September 21, 1966

Col. Gary Randel and Sharon

· Lou Albert and Sherri, Headquarters Section, March 1966 – September 1966.

Tito and Ruth Acosta

Robert Allen

· Jim and Clair Weathers; Jim was with Weapons Plt 4/65 -66

· Bruce and Mrs. Novak; Bruce was 3rd Platoon Corpsman 4/65 - 6/66

· Joe and Barbara Daily; Joe was with Weapons Plt & Hdqrtrs Sect 4/65 - 6/66.

· Jim and Michiko Keely; Jim was with 3rd Platoon and Headquarters Section 4/65 - 5/66 then H&S S-4 5/66 – 11/67.

· Jimmie and Freda Wood; Jimmie was with Weapons Platoon and 2nd Platoon Sergeant 4/65 - 9/66.

· Doug and Carmen Deron; Doug was with Weapons Platoon 4/65 - 7/66.

· Sam and Geralyn Murphy; Sam was with 3rd Platoon 10/65 – 5/66.

· Ed and Rosie Bartkoski; Ed was with 3rd Platoon from 4/65 – 9/66.

· Tom and Dorothy Nowik; Tom was with 2nd Platoon during 3/66.

· Robert and Sally Oliver; Robert was with 2nd Platoon 4/65 – 9/66.

· Tito and Ruth Acosta; Tito was with 1st Platoon 4/65 – 9/66.

· Roland and Linda Bice; Roland was with 2nd Platoon 4/65 – 3/66.

· John and Deborah Manning; John was with 3rd Platoon 4/65 – 3/66.

· Garrett and Sharon Randel; Garrett was with 1st Platoon 4/65 – 9/66.

· Ralph and Mrs. Johnson; Ralph was with 3rd Platoon 4/65 – 8/66.

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