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My Little Corner of Cyberspace!

I am a Senior Analyst performing database design, development, and administration. My programming is done primarily in SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Tools, Perl, C, C++, Visual Basic and Unix shell scripts. I also perform some network and Unix administration. I specialize in Oracle database tuning and configuration.

Click here for my web page regarding UBE filters and anti-relaying in Netscape Messenging Server 3.5.

I am a licensed Extra class Amateur Radio operator. My call sign is K9SQL. I enjoy working 6 meters using both WSJT (meteor scatter) and, when the band is open, SSB (50.125 USB). I also do some HF phone, PSK31 and Slow Scan TV (SSTV) on 40, 20 and 2 meters. I am also a member of our local ARES and RACES groups in Monroe County and am vice-president of the Bloomington Amateur Radio Club (BARC).

I enjoy hiking in Morgan-Monroe State Forest. Click here for a trail map. I also am an avid windsurfer. Other activities include biking, fishing, and bowling.

P.S. Calls from head hunters are unwelcome and undesired.


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Here are my old bookmarks! (I know I need to update these.)

Below is a picture of me enjoying my favorite form of recreation
at my local sailing hole, Lake Monroe. (Click on it for a larger image.)
Bob Poortinga windsurfing on Lake Monroe (Bloomington, Indiana)

Bob Poortinga
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