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Sketchs & Doodles

Sadly, I don't scan many of my doodles, but if any that I do that are worth scanning, I'll definatly upload them here! ;D

Some of these are really old.

Yuriko - Original

Tomachi - Gaiaonline

Tomachi w/ pencils - Gaiaonline

Mystic w/ COPIC pens - Gaiaonline

Akihito - My Gunslinger on Ragnarok

Bomb Woman - Original

Homework May Cause Insanity - Original

Icha Icha Yaoi - Naruto

Kakashi - Naruto
I don't like this one. His upper body is really werid. o__O

L - Death Note

Can't escape fate - Original

Lust Doodle - Full Metal Alchemist

KabuxOro - Naruto
Argh! Kabuto face is so ugly and grose! DX

Ritsuka - Loveless

Tsunade - Naruto

Yondaime - Naruto
Something just doesn't look right here...