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LOOK! STARS! heh heh heh I worked hard on this page.

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Somehow you have managed to stumble across to my webpage.... must be a act of the gods. Moogahahaha. So I will stop my insistant babbling and let you browse.

Watch Elmo dance to Hoobastank! Woot woot!

Jackass is a great show! (MTV - 8:00 Sunday's)

Likes:Music, guys, friends, rain, chocolate, talking, Shop, Home Ec, sleeping
Dislikes:Certain people, the 9th planet from the sun, badminton, gym.

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ICQ #: 154743990 (Not in use right now...:P)
MSN: soupyg_63@hotmail.com
Yahoo!: soupyg_63 or kaboom580

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