Seven dragons with no bonds...
The Unbonded Clutch
Darkling Dawn
A'cuin and Rea's page
When Rea's green-white Sanglith rose to mate, it was no surprise that it was A'cuin's brown Manalith who caught her. Their riders, after all, had been weyrmates for turns.
Since Sanglith had never chewed firestone, she laid seven eggs, and seven appropiate candidates were found. But to everyone's surprise, not one of the seven candidates Impressed, and not one of the hatchlings chose to bond.
When the Weyrwoman was informed, she simply shrugged and had empty weyrs set up for the hatchlings with the other unbonded dragons, saying that they were welcome to stay as long as they liked, and perhaps go somewhere else to bond once they were fully grown. And that, it seemed, was that.
The seven hatchlings are full-grown now, and anxious to find bonds of their own...
Green Ziath & Brown-White Onlorenth (Ryslen)
Blue Setth
Brown Ranuroth
Blue-White Saveth & Green-White Strewth (Starburst)
Black-White Dreadeth (Lantessama Halloween Clutch)