Kayathyst & Tasyr
Xidaver Isle Darkling Dawn
The first thing she was aware of after breaking free of her shell was the sun. It was bright, almost blindingly so, and her blue-gray eyes blinked in protest as she squinted. Two forms were visible on either side of her, one dark blue, the other light blue with alternating dark blue stripes in a wave-like pattern. She wriggled her way into the sea after her sisters to find her first meal.
The sea was vastly different than the warm, sandy beach she'd hatched on. The hatchling sea dragon crooned happily, content to explore the underwater world she found herself in. Soon, however, her stomach got the better of her, and she began to feed on the schools of fish herded in by adult sea dragons.
She laughed happily to herself as she munched on her first meal, fish tasted good! Curious, she swam after some of her siblings who had finished eating already, and they were presented with a list of places that had offered to take care of hatchling dragons by a rider.
The hatchling looked over the list as she finished chewing her meal. One particular name jumped out to her, a place called Darkling Dawn. She crooned, that was where she wanted to go. Kayathyst quickly made her wishes known, before swimming back to explore the sea more thoroughly. Perhaps Darkling Dawn would have even more interesting oceans.
Unbonded female grey Kayathyst
As it turned out, Darkling Dawn did not, in fact, have any oceans at all. There was, however, a very large, icy lake fed by numerous smaller rivers and tributaries, which was just as much fun for Kayathyst to explore.
However, there were no other sea creatures, much less dragons, for her to play with, except for the air dragons. But they generally did not spend an overly large amount of time in the water, so for the most part, Kayathyst was alone.
She was not particularly social, but she was hardly an outcast, and didn't like being the only one of her kind. Perhaps one day, she'd be able to go off and find a suitable bond...
They knew where he came from. That was obvious; Cy Dragonstake's dungeons were the only place that had beta dragons, which this dragon clearly was. What they didn't know was how he got from Cy to Darkling Dawn.
The young male was a deep, crimson red color, with streaks of purple on his billowing fins. Quite a handsome dragon, though he was kind of preoccupied at the moment.
Eh, I don't suppose any of you could tell me where I am? He was basking in the shallow edge of the lake, where the water just covered his body and left his head exposed.
Amaya and her green dragon, Delpheith, were the first to find the beta dragon, and they were joined by the only current sea dragon at Darkling Dawn, Kayathyst.
"You're at Darkling Dawn." Amaya explained after Delpheith had relayed the message to her.
Oh. Is that on Dracania? The beta dragon asked hopefully.
Amaya and Delpheith shared a glance. "No, it's not."
I'm Kayathyst! What's your name? The female sea dragon asked suddenly.
Tasyr. The late dragon said rather shyly, and he looked as though he would blush if he wasn't already red.
Kayathyst swam over to him.
Well, She said. We don't have any oceans here, but we have lots of lakes and rivers. You can stay here if you want.
Tasyr seemed to perk up at that.
Oh. Really? It seemed he was quite taken with Kayathyst.
Time passed, and Tasyr spent all his time at Darkling Dawn with Kayathyst. Tasyr was happy because he had found a place to live, and Kayathyst was happy because she had finally found a friend who could swim with her.
One day, Kayathyst's gryphon friend Yeressssss perched by the water's edge, and jokingly, he asked,
Have you two bonded yet?
Tasyr stopped splashing around and turned to Kayathyst.
What's he mean by that, Kayathyst?
It means, um, finding a friend you really like, and then you kind of form a link between your mind and their's, so you can always be together. The sea dragon (origanally from Alskyr, and therefore well-versed in the idea of bonding) explained.
Oh. The beta dragon thought it over for a while. Will you bond to me, Kayathyst? He asked, almost shyly.
Kayathyst blinked in surprise, then giggled.
Dark Red Beta Dragon, Tasyr
(Birthday Gift from Sherra of
Cy Dragonstake)
Kayathyst and Tasyr found a new friend...
Name: Dysul
Race: Bettadragon
Gender: Male
Color: Blue w/ Red/Green/Teal
Abilities: Telepathy, teleportation, weather magic
Personality: Dysul is playful and somewhat childlike, but he can be mature and serious when he needs to be; he'd just prefer to let his inner child out and have a good time with life. He loves colors and art and has a particular fondness for rainbows. He often sits at the surface for hours during a storm to watch the rainbow afterwards.
Bonds: Kayathyst & Tasyr
From: Unyko Betta Dragon Giveaway