Maebe & Moth
Darkling Dawn
Star City Personas
Name: Maebe
Rank: Holder Child/Wingrider
Gender: Female
Age: 21, 19 at Impression
Family: Parents are holders; Legitimate
Siblings: Older sister, 26
             Older brother, 25
             Older brother, 23
             Older brother, 23
             Older sister, 21
Mate: None
Children: None
Home: Baryuda Hold; a rugged, out of the way hold at the foothills of the Northern Barrier range, known for it's snowy climate.

Height: 4'10-Short
Health: Frail
Build: Muscular, as well as a bit pudgy
Skin: Light tan
Hair: Auburn, frizzy, to mid-back
Eyes: Forest green

Appearance: Maebe would certainly not win any beauty contests. In fact, many (shallow) people consider her to be downright ugly. Her frizzy hair goes everywhere but where it's supposed to, and is a nondescript copper color. Her skin is fairly pale, only lightly tanned in the summer time, and her eyes are a very dark, forest green color. Her body is too large to be considered attractive. Though muscular, she still is rather pudgy. Her clothes are rather plain and uninteresting in design or color. She doesn't stand out in a crowd, which is how she likes it.

Personality: Quiet and a loner by nature, Maebe has few friends and many enemies. A favorite among bullies when she was younger, she never quite got over her distrust of people her own age, so never made any close friends. She enjoys taking care of younger children, though, and would like to have children of her own someday. She is intensely focused when she's found a new project to work on, and sometimes works far into the night in order to finish. She's also rather clumsy and forgetful, and has a tendency to lose something if she's not paying attention to where she put it. Distrustful of people by nature, Maebe is a bit selfish and tends to think of herself first. She's very smart, but doesn't quite know how to react to other people.

Past: Maebe was born to two holders in a small hold in the beginnings of the Northern Barrier Range on Pern, called Baryuda Hold. She is the youngest of six siblings, and has three older brothers and two older sisters. Her siblings more or less ignored her growing up, so she often played alone. The bullies in the Hold often picked on her, so she never made many friends outside of her family either. She is very close to her parents, but rather indifferent to her siblings; they have their own families and lives, and she is more or less content to stay out of it.
At the age of 14, she discovered an interest in glass-making. Noticing this, her parents were quick to apprentice her to the local glass-maker. Despite the fact that he already had an apprentice, the old man accepted her anyway. Maebe got along well with both of them, and became good friends with her master's other apprentice. He eventually earned his journeyman status and left, so then it was just the two of them. She has not quite earned her own Journeyman status yet.
Her master once took her with him to watch a dragon hatching, and she has been in love with the creatures ever since. She doesn't see actual dragons or riders often, but she has memorised all the ballads by heart, even if she's not the best of singers. When the searchriders came, she was ecstatic that they thought her good enough to stand for the clutch, and gladly left her apprenticeship to go to the weyr. Her former master and parents wished her luck, and she left.
However, she didn't Impress at the hatching, or the next two after that. Discouraged, she was on the verge of going back to Baryuda, when one of the riders suggested another place they had discovered recently, where a queen dragoness had clutched. He told her about Star City Dragonry, and suggested she might be able to Impress a dragon there. Maebe was intrigued, not only with the dragons, but with the description of the floating metal city as well. She gladly agreed to go to Star City Dragonry and sign up for the clutch-but not before leaving with two fire lizard eggs, gifts from her dragon-riding friends.

Pets: Bronze Fire Lizard, Adaro
        Blue Fire Lizard, Lleche
Dragon: (Rainbow-Winged) Yellow Male Moth
No more of Undomissath's had hatched yet, but fully three of Kalturtinocth's had broken open in the time it had taken for those first bonds to take place, spilling out a dark red dragon with wings as bright and sparkling as his mothers', an opalescent white with more confetti-patterned wings, and a yellow male with rainbow-patterns on hers. Keum watched impassively as the yellow made his way to the candidates and choose a frizzy-haired off-worlder, surprising her into nearly falling over but winning a smile from her in the end. Through the radio she heard the woman introduce herself as Maebe, and her dragon as Moth.
Hatching Message: Don't worry, Maebe, you won't be disappointed this time around! Take me home with you... I want to watch you with your glass! Please? I'm Moth.
Name: Moth
Gender: Male
Colour: Yellow
Breed: Mutt
Size: Small
Height: 20'
Personality: While Moth is a dragon of the kind that typically gets flighty and easily excited, he also has the ability to refine his focus to very delicate tasks. He, like his name suggests, is drawn to fire and all processes that involve it... which is probably the prime reason why he has chosen Maebe as his bond.
Cyborware: Moth may redeem one minor cyborware token upon adult-hood.
Story coming soon...