Rrsee-I'm not who I was then...
Darkling Dawn
Xidaver Isle
Name: Rrsee
Species: Hippogryph (Half bird, half horse)
Gender: Male
Age: 5
Feathers: Black with starry markings
Fur: Grey
Eyes: Silver
Personality: Quiet, solitary, very suspicious and untrusting of those around him, but not malicious. He's just a bit confused at finding himself in a new place he's never heard of, much less in a new body. Very intelligent, but socially inept.
Past: Rrsee was a human on Terra. He was in an automobile accident, which presumably lead to his death. He was surprised to find himself hatching out of an egg, as a bizarre half-gryphon, half-horse creature. He has not trusted anyone else enough to tell them where he came from, and he keeps to himself as much as possible.
Pets: Female Green Myph, Crya
Enzan Shi
Bond: Delta Grey Star/Black Female Yareesel